Being geek has it’s advantages. When I became disabled I knew technology would bridge the gap between things I wanted and things I could no longer do!

    The general term for this is Home Automation.

    Home automation is the use of one or more computers to control basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely. An automated home is sometimes called a smart home

    This technology gave me something back, when my illness had taken everything away.

    When I can home my interest in Home Automation grew. I purchased several device in the Philips Hue range and some in the Samsung Smartthings range.
    The Philips Hue is mostly lighting. For example when entering my kitchen the Light’s are automatic, after 5 minutes they go off.

    Recently I thought about my central heating. Along came Tado

    Philips Hue, Smartthings, Tado all integrate with Amazon Alexa

    Philips Hue
    The Philips Hue requires an Internet Bridge. A small-ish white device that has a Cat5 connection to your router & power. The Internet Bridge is the link between internal service such as Alexa and external service like to the Hue Devices.

    Philips Hue Light Strip
    Is a LED based multi-coloured strip of lights. These come in 2m lengths can be extended or cut (at marked points) to fit your needs.
    They are self-adhesive and require a UK Plug for power.

    Philips Hue Light Bulb
    Is an LED based multi-coloured standard bayonet Light Bulb.

    In my search for Home Automation, I’ve had to accept a few annoying things. Hue needs a free Cat5 port on my router, the automatic window opener makes a sound when it opens.

    Tado has been a nightmare from the start. I was unclear what I needed so ask Tado.

    Hello,I’m disabled and need a quote for a thermostat, and 4 radiator valves.
    I also need info n warranty and support.

    A “custom” quote comes back, with everything, as I’m disabled I add “Profissional Install” I Buy, It arrives. But no Install date, so I Call. To be told you set everything up first then get an install date.
    Now I disabled, my manual dexterity is poor. I told them I was disabled, they only said to add “Profissional Install”

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