Being geek has it’s advantages. When I became disabled I knew technology would bridge the gap between things I wanted and things I could no longer do!

    My first experience was at the RHN was with the incredible eye-gaze system.
    This technology gave me something back, when my illness had taken everything away.

    When I can home my interest in Home Automation grew. I purchased several device in the Philips Hue range and some in the Samsung Smartthings range.
    The Hue is mostly lighting. For example when entering my kitchen the Light’s are automatic, after 5 minutes they go off.

    Recently I thought about my central heating. Along came Tado

    These all integrate with Amazon Alexa

    Two things always confuse me with Home Automation

    • How little the disabled community knows about this technology. Given the practical benefits.
    • The lack of disability awareness these companies have.

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    Daniel McMorrow

    34 Year old disabled geek,