Royal Mail – 1-4850768158 4/15/19, 3:22 PM

Royal Mail - 1-4850768158 4/15/19, 3:22 PM

Royal Mail – 1-4850768158 4/15/19, 3:22 PM

Dear Mr McMorrow
Thank you for your email to Caleb Carter and also your time on the phone last week.
As mentioned, Caleb is currently out of the office, therefore I have been asked to pick this up on his behalf.

Firstly, I have fully read through the history of your complaints as well as your most recent email. I am so sorry you have been informed of action being taken to enforce reasonable adjustments, however this then being followed with mail being left in the communal area again. It is so important this is sorted for you indefinitely and I am confident after receiving feedback from Sunday Chimbo, that since his visit to your address this will be resolved.

Sunday advises that since his visit on Friday, he has recognised a permanent solution that can be put in place moving forward. He will ensure the mail is delivered directly to you to allow you to have access to your mail and parcels. Additionally, he has taken the decision to ensure all items for your address are delivered by the regular delivery driver and not any support or covering staff. This will mean the adjustments we have put in place will be understood and not lost through other members of staff picking up the duty.

Sunday mentioned you are able to see the Delivery Officer when they ring your bell, therefore if in the unfortunate situation one of your parcels is not delivered, you are able to contact Sunday directly on his mobile phone or by email to enable him to quickly identify the individual to resolve the issue a in a timely way.

I am very hopeful Sunday’s interventions will be effective in ensuring you experience no further issues. Please do not hesitate to contact Sunday or me if you have any concerns.

Kind regards
Emma Frankham
Royal Mail – Chairman and Chief Executive Office