Ubuntu –
    The best Desktop/Laptop/Netbook OS I’ve found. I like that it’s simple to install, use and update and well documented.

    FreeBSD –
    The best server OS I’ve used. It runs all off my servers.

    Exim 4 – Exim 4

    Dovecote- Dovecote

    My Phone Explorer –
    The best (by far) way of managing a Sony Ericsson Phone.
    Works fantasticly with my k850i. Syncs with Google Cal. What more could you ask for…. oh and it’s FREE!

    CCleaner –
    This shows just how much junk is stored on your PC. Cleans all kinds of rubish and scans the Windows Registery.
    Secure file deletion (Gutmann 35 Passes) – Very nice for the security consciences people out there.

    Secure Tray Util 395
    Nice simple application. Few diffrent options to configure. But it works well.