Hello Daniel,
    My name is Katherine, I am part of the Management team here at, we spoke on the telephone earlier, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today.
    Firstly, please accept my sincere apologies for the unfortunate issues you have experienced with the delivery of your order. I am sorry to hear of the poor service that you have received from us and in particular, the delivery service from Amazon Logistics.
    Thank you for taking the time to inform us of this matter. Please know that it is very important to us that our customers receive their orders as expected and we understand the disappointment and inconvenience caused by these events.
    I can assure you that I have informed senior management in our Transportation Department of your experience. This matter will in turn be highlighted to senior management in Amazon Logistics to ensure that this is fully investigated. We truly value this kind of feedback, as it helps us continue to improve our website and provide a better service to our customers.
    I’ve requested a refund of £4.50 to your Gift Card balance. When you use a gift card to pay for an item, we refund back to your gift card. This amount will be processed to your Gift Card balance within 1 business day. The original expiration date will still apply to the gift card funds.
    I’ve also applied a Gift Card in the amount of £10.00 to your account as a gesture of goodwill. You can use this towards a future order on the website.
    You can check your Gift Card balance at any time by going to the “View Balance” in the “Payment & GC” section of Your Account
    We understand that this was not a perfect transaction and regret that you are dissatisfied with our service and we see no justification for providing you any further goodwill gesture or compensation.
    I appreciate that this is not the answer you were looking for, but I will not be able to make any exception on this occasion.

    The above it total rubbish. I’ve made endless complaints and not once has a senior management in Amazon Logistics called me to discuss the issue.

    Its would take a special kind of stupid to mess up a compensation order. Amazon are special.

    Firstly this £20 offer is insulting. I spend £000’s and you make this “offer”
    However I knew Amazon wouldn’t have fixed a thing.
    MY CARER used my dash button to order mouthwash. It was delivered and once again left on the doorstep!
    Amazon doesn’t have a clue what they are doing. A senior director calls me to resolve this or I take legal action for breach of Equality Act 2010

    This email was rejected as the From address does not match that on the account.
    Now I’m a geek, the From line of an email can be forged! and is not sufficient verification of the account.

    – Part 3

    Another voicemail! again no contact info!

    – Part 2

    Message From Executive Customer Relations

    Dear Mr. McMorrow, My name is


    and I represent Executive Customer Relations within and in this capacity, your social media post has been brought to my attention.

    I tried to call you on 077XXXXXXXX today but I was not able to reach you so I left a voicemail message. I am sorry to have missed you. I am sorry to learn of the issues experienced in relation to the delivery of your order #026-26XXXXX-2018752 via Amazon Logistics. We continually monitor the service provided by our carriers and take complaints of this nature very seriously.
    We have raised the incident with the senior management of the carrier in question.

    When investigations are made, it can be necessary to contact you for
    further information. These investigations are undertaken by the carrier who handled your shipment. Can you please confirm that you give consent
    to us passing your contact details to the carrier for investigation purposes.
    Please reply directly to this email ([4], marking the subject line for my attention.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    sent me an email. Can’t respond tho getting

    554 SBRS score too low 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

    funny thing I use AMAZON AWS SES

    The Item was reported as Parcel was handed to resident
    so not only are Amazon Drivers useless, they LIE.

    Parcel was handed to resident

    One again. Amazon suck. I ordered
    tesa 05395 Draught Excluder P Profile Aaccording to the Amazon Website, it was handed to the resident. I can assure you it was not.

    As a result of Amazon Logistics inability to do any job I’ve removed my Payment Info from the amazon website. In the past month I’ve spent £678.78 with Amazon, mostly as it’s simple! The simplicity is lost having to fight with the stupidity of Amazon Logistics I have made complaints. I had “{DISABLED}” added to my address, so drivers knew I was disabled. Nothing worked.

    Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS) –

    To Director John Tagawa

    Our Reference Number: 170125-XXXXXX
    Subject: Mr McMorrow, XXXX Sylvan Avenue, London, N22 XXX
    Dear Director Tagawa, I am writing on behalf of Mr McMorrow who contacted our service, the Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS) for advice on discrimination due to his disability. The EASS provide advice and guidance to individuals on matters of possible discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.
    Mr McMorrow is a disabled wheelchair user, who previously contacted our service on 25/01/2017 regarding the issue he has been having with parcels delivered from Amazon. He advised us at the time that when he has parcels delivered from Amazon the parcels are left on the floor between two doors, due to being in a wheelchair Mr Mcmorrow cannot bend down to pick the parcels up. Mr McMorrow uses Amazon frequently and gets 2 to 3 parcels delivered a week. Mr McMorrow is also always in his home, so he is there when the parcels are delivered.
    When he contacted our service on the 25/01/2017, he advised us that he has contacted Amazon on numerous occasions to inform them that he is a disabled customer who cannot physically pick up his parcels from the floor, due to him being in his home when the parcels are delivered he wanted the delivery person to wait until he reaches the door so that he can be handed his parcels personally. We advised Mr McMorrow in January to send one of our template letters to request this has a reasonable adjustment under the Reasonable Adjustment Duty. Mr McMorrow sent the template letter and,as of yet, as not received a response.
    On 14/08/2017, Mr McMorrow contacted our service again to advise us that the last time the parcels were left on the floor was on the 12/08/2017, he contacted Amazon and was told that the complaint will be raised internally, which he is always told and nothing ever happens. The time previous to 12/08/2017, he spoke to a Amazon advisor who put a disabled flag on his account so that it comes up on his account disabled in brackets, this was in the hopes that it would inform the driver that extra time may be needed for Mr McMorrow to reach his door. So far, having the disabled flag as not worked either. Due to not receiving a response from the template letter he sent, and also the continuation of leaving the parcels where he cannot reach them, I am now writing to you regarding this matter with a view to resolving this issue for Mr McMorrow.
    Within the Equality Act 2010, a service provider has a duty to make reasonable adjustments for an individual who is at a substantial disadvantage due to their disability compared to a non-disabled individual in the same or similar situation. Under the Reasonable Adjustment Duty, service providers are required to comply with the following adjustments:

    * Provision, criterion or practice (PCP): this is not defined by the Act but should be construed widely so as to include, for example, any formal or informal policies, rules, practices, arrangements or qualifications including one-off decisions and actions.
    * Physical Features: for example, steps, stairways, kerbs, exterior surfaces and paving, parking areas, entrances and exits, internal and external doors, gates, toilet and washing facilities, lighting and ventilation, lifts and escalators, signs. This is not an exhaustive list.
    * Auxiliary Aids and Services: which provide support or assistance to a disabled person. It can include a special piece of equipment, extra staff assistance to disabled people, induction loops or infrared broadcast system, audio-visual alarms etc.

    The duty to make adjustments requires service providers to take such steps as it is reasonable to have to take, in all the circumstances of the case, in order to make adjustments. The Act does not specify any particular factors that should be taken into account. What is a reasonable step for a service provider to take will depend on all the circumstances of each individual case.
    If it is reasonable for the service provider to make an adjustment then it must be made. A failure to comply with this duty could be unlawful under the Equality Act.
    If you are able to look into this matter, at your earliest convenience, with a view to a resolution for Mr McMorrow, we look forward to your reply. Alternatively, you may wish to contact Mr McMorrow yourself to discuss this issue.
    Equality Advisory Support Service (EASS)

    Close Amazon Account –

    I closed my Amazon Account

    Close Amazon Account

    a few item where left again on the doorstep.
    So again I call Amazon and closed my account. The convenience of Amazon is destroyed by having to call them for each delivery.

    Amazon charged £6.00 to my card. This means Amazon had kept my account details after I closed my account.
    Whats more annoying my Kindle will no longer update.

    Last few weeks I’ve used amazon a lot for a number of things.
    Last week despite having problems I placed a number of orders for > £400 of stuff.
    I’m constantly on the phone to your customer services as the drivers
    constantly leave the items on the doorstep!
    As I’ve explained I’m disabled and need the driver to hand me the item.
    Today the supervisor tried to brush me off with a limited time the driver has to make deliveries. I open the door In < 1 minute, hear them outside
    messaging with paperwork. They have 3 seconds to open my door and hand me the item. I purchased prime for deliveries,
    you’ve failed to do this properly as a result I’d like a full refund and you can close my account.
    Any item left on the doorstep will be returned

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