Anniversary Games

Im no alone when I say the Olympics & Paralympics Olympics  where a massive hit. With the world focused on London, we pulled it out the bag. 

With the Paralympics Olympics we demonstrated an understanding of the challenges facing a disabled person every day. 

During the games “Disabled” access became a hi light – a week later it disappeared. I’ve used Southwesten Assisted Travel – It’s amazing. The concept of turn up and ride is amazing but I see no problem with a few days (Recommended 24 hours) noticed (on a planned journey)  

However why Trians seam to have thought about it. Pubs, Cinemas, Restaurants seam to lack the basics.  

As Violence  towards disabled people is on the rise, education and myth busting is needed. I was talking to a friend who was embarrassed by asking a personal question. I explain with my disability this was not the case, but depending on the disability it can be. My real problem was him feeling embarrassed.

Embarrassing would has be making an assumption asking a question no matter how bizarre should be actively encourage.

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