On night I was left. With a confident feeling, after a very helpful gentalman from Ao ( was super friendly and professional!

I was buying my mother a cooker after Argos having sent weeks giving the her run-a-round -The young man from ao setup a 3 way call between me,my mum and himself so we all understood what was happpining. I was very impressed (as a disabled man I buy ALOT online) 

On morning I thought I should tweet ao about the impressive service. Thankfully I forgot.

Because (Day of delivery) my mum was told the order was cancelled

Apparently as the billing address and delivery address are not the same it failed security.

A. They had taken the money from my account, so presumably my bank think the transaction is ok. It’s a large amount so I understand having extra security but would these not be better placed before the money is taken? If it was a scam you’ve now taken my money, this caused me to go overdrawn and I got fined by my bank. 

B. Why when we placed the order , where we not told. They had both addresses at the start so why not inform us at the start?
As a geek I know writing a computer program to do this is trivial.

I currently waiting for a manager to call me back (by 12:30)
His excuse is the system cancelled the order. They have know way of knowing if it was the dirrences in addresses that stop the other. In other words and oder can be cancelled for any reason.

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