Basic Income

I’m getting very depressed at the current flurry of “Basic Income” posts on Facebook. I’ve seen figures from £100 to £155 bounced around but with a serious lack of insight and sensible discussion.

I disabled as result I don’t work. I’m in receipt of Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support And Employment Support Allowance – These are means tested meaning if I had saving or a job I’d not qualify for them.
I also get Disability Living Allowance is not means tested.

I hate benefits, I had a huge legal battle with my former employer for my job. Over three years I was constantly told I was unfit – After a while you start to believe it!

Side Note. The benefits of working are not just financial.

So let’s take a simple example. Rent. We all pay rent.Currently my Housing Benefit pay towards my Rent. Due to the Bedroom Tax I have to contribute towards my rent.
Without Housing Benefit (as I understand a Basic Income, would replace it) I have to find £146.29
Council Tax is the same I still have to contribute. I’m in band d, so £19.01 – I assume I still get my discounts.
Care is the same I have to Contribute. £62.55 a week

Care– Without my home based care I could not function. They are needed in everyday tasks. I get 4 single handed visits a day.
I then have Gas, Electric and food.

Internet/Mobile These would not be seen as needed but without my social network goes bye bye. Along with my ability to shop. (online shopping is a life saver)

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