Haringey OT/Adult Social Care

I’ve been saying for awhile now Haringey Adult Social Care are going to kill someone.
They are rude, inhumane and unaware/don’t care the harm they are doing. They refuse to listen to the service user aka me. I’ve been disabled for 11 years I’m the expert in what I can and can’t infict.

This case involves my wetroom. A standard wet room the floor slopes towards the drain to aid the water run-off.
This ‘slope’ has a secondary problematic effect. It’s such as my Hoist and Shower Chair a not stable.


My Home LAN setup is Over Kill.
For this project We deal with two networks. My DHCP Server hands out with a subnet of (so class b)
I have 3 x Pi4 B+ 8GB I plan to used as nodes (node-{a,b,c})
I have 1 x Generic Laptop I plan to use as master node. (jupiter)
All are…

  • Running Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
  • Connected via eth0 (1Gbps)
  • Docker Client & Server Version: 19.03.8

The Docker Hosts have a physcial IP from DHCP in the range of 192.168.0.X with a subnet of
I very mush like the Docker Containers To be in the 192.168.44.X Range.

I also love if the Containers could use my existing service aka DNS ( and SQUID (


Mailman3 or MM3 is devoloped by sadists! The most awaked software I’ve attempted to use!
My Main Server hades is an AWS EC2 m3.mediam instance. It has been running exim for SMTP for years.

I installed mailman3 NOT milman3-full as the website is hosted on another server

sudo -u list mailman info
The above should INCLUDE "Config file" output 
config file: /etc/mailman3/mailman.cfg

At the top of

## -_-_-_ MailMan
# Assuming a typical source installation in /usr/local, with
# links to the Mailman bin directory and so on from MM3_HOME.
# The path to the list receipt (used as the required file when
# matching list addresses)
.include_if_exists /etc/exim4/conf.d/transports/10_mailman.conf
#_-_-_-_ MailMan Transport
  driver = smtp
  protocol = lmtp
  hosts = localhost
  port = MM3_LMTP_PORT
Now restart exim
sudo service exim4 restart
Now we need to create a list
sudo -u list mailman create -nd list@lqresidents.uK

Wheelchair Services

Before we begin, you need to know…

 I've had a Roho cushion for 10 years.

In mid October 2020

My cushion for my wheelchair, was becoming a pain (The center was dipped in).
Due to covid19 I didn’t make a fuss as It was not totally broken, just painful.

By November 2020

It was unusable, however had found a cushion but different type.
My Roho is full of air. The spare is essentially a bean bag chair chousion.
I tried the spare cushion, but was extremely uncomfortable.
To overcome this, I was sitting forward, this lead to Low back pain. So I gave in and called he Wheelchair Service.

In their quest to become the centre for bureaucratic nonsense, The Wheelchair Services need a referral from my Dr. to help.
Now had this been a new request for a wheelchair or a medical based change, i could understand the need for referral, however this was due to a part of the wheelchair breaking.

So I faff with my Dr. get the referral.
Now the Wheelchair Service needs me to attend for an assessment.

I've not been out of my flat sine June/July 2019. Several reason mostly because I get extremely travel sick. The idea makes me anxious, Add in risk of Covid19 and I become a mess.

So an appoitment was made for Wednesday 6th Jan 2021.

On Tuesday 5h Jan 2021

Wheelchair Service call and canclle the appoitment, as the staff are being redeployed to help with Covid19 In hospitals. I was told It would likley be Feb befor I could be seen.

On Monday 11th Jan 2021

I get a phone call offering me an appoitment for next week.

Staff where redeployed to help with Covid19. We asume they have had contact with people n Hospital. These same staff have now been sent back to handle their normal workload.

Legal Ombudsman

About as effective as a chocolate teapot.
They are bureaucratic and ultimately unhelpful organization.


Trustpilot reviews of LeO.

Trustpilot Review

I sent…

Couple of WEEKS? Are you joking? This complaint was made in October 2019. The LeO seam to be happy to allow as many delays as possible. The 12 week General Enquiry team should have already seen new evidence is presented and should have put a mute on 5.7 (d) claims.
Mr McMorrow 

I received

Dear McMorrow
The matter has been progressed to the ombudsman pot. This will be picked up by an ombudsman to make a decision.
I am unable to give you a specific time but it could be within the next couple of weeks.
Kind Regards


The caseworker sent me The Terms of Investigation and said

As the agreed outcome wasn’t fulfilled and you had new information, these complaints will the basis of my investigation.

So accepting of a Scheme Rule 5.7 (d) seams to be a contriduction.

On a deadline was set for today. So I ask?

You’ve had my response. I assume payment evidence has been presented. When will decision be made ?

I received…

Dear Mr McMorrow
Further to the firm’s email and their opinion that the complaint has been resolved, please find letter attached
In addition, in respect of the questions asked, we do not have powers over the Legal Aid Agency and we would not investigate a complaint between you and the Legal Aid Agency.
Please respond by .

Kind Regards
Israr Nabi

Attached Letter
We can see from the attached letter. Mr Nabi mis-quotes Scheme Rules 5.7 (d)
it should read

The complainant has previously complained about the same issue to the Legal Ombudsman or a predecessor
complaints scheme (unless the ombudsman considers that
material new evidence, likely to affect the outcome, only
became available to the complainant afterwards); or

I received…

Dear Mr McMorrow
Please accept my apologies, the information in my previous email was not correct.
Before we can deal with a Stage 1 complaint about the investigators failure to respond to your questions, it will need to be first dealt with by Mr Nabi’s team leader.

I have passed the complaint to them and they will respond to you within 10 days.

This is very confusing. the complaint was made on . We then have your so-called 5-day response. We then have the 10-day response from the Manager. Mr Nabbi should have informed his manage on so 10 DAYS from then? so

I received…

I have also spoken to Mr Nabi about the questions that were not answered and he acknowledges that he agreed to, but did not. He asked me to pass on his apologies and he will respond to you directly on Monday.

So below my former lawyers have stated the had made payment.
I have provided my bank statement to the LeO that don’t support their assertion

Dear Mr McMorrow
I just wanted to provide you with an update.
I am currently waiting on evidence from the firm in respect of the additional concerns you have raised. They have initially responded to say that the remedy previously agreed had been paid. In this instance, i have asked them to provide evidence. While I understand you are deeply dissatisfied with how we handled the first investigation in to your complaint about the firm, and also our own service complaint procedure, I have not been involved in either of those matters. As I see it, there a still significant matters in dispute between you and the firm and my focus and priority is to get to the bottom of that and bring about a final resolution, enabling you to move on from this matter.
I will be in touch with you shortly. Kind Regards
Israr Nabi


So we agree to use the previous investigation terms.
At the time evidence was supplied by my former solicitors. So if new evidence is submitted then serious questions need to be asked.

So LSB apperantly monitor The LeO performance.


There were a total of 183 service complaints received by LeO at Stage 1 of the service
complaints procedure; 45 were referred to Stage 2 for consideration by a senior manager, and 28 were referred to me. I have investigated 25 complaints (one was open at the start of the year, one was withdrawn, and three were open at the end of the year). The table below provides information about the number of service complaints received at each stage over the last four years.



So based on these statistics show the LSB are not holding the LeO to any standards.

I received the outcome of my Service Level Complaint. Stage One.
Can you hurt yourself, laughing?.

I asked Question 2.

I asked Question 1.

I received…

Dear Mr McMorrow Further to our last conversation, please find letter attached. As discussed, my investigation will be into the five previous complaints our offices looked into. As the agreed outcome wasn’t fulfilled and you had new information, these complaints will the basis of my investigation. I understand that the new information you received revolves around complaints 1 and 5. Please review my letter attached and confirm by 20 March 2020. Kind Regards Israr Nabi

Dear Mr McMorrow,
Thank you for your email and your time over the phone yesterday.
As discussed over the phone, I appreciate that our deadline of 8 April 2020 to respond to your service complaint at the first stage of our process, is outside of the one-month timeframe listed on our website. Please accept my sincere apologies regarding this, I can confirm that as an organisation we are putting steps in place to reduce the length of time it is taking us to respond.
Prior to starting the stage one service complaint investigation, either myself or an alternate Customer Experience Specialist, will contact you to confirm the complaints we are able to consider. I am aware that we previously completed a service complaint investigation for you, under reference SC-0400. Please be aware that we will be unable to reconsider any service complaints that we considered within that investigation, we will however ensure that we take into account the overall effect of any failings identified within both investigations.
I can confirm that whilst the service complaint is pending, I have liaised with the investigator, Mr Nabi, who has confirmed that they will contact you to ensure they have a full understanding of your complaint against the lawyer. Mr Nabi has confirmed that he will contact you by 11 March 2020 regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely
David Johnson
Customer Experience Specialist


My Your complaint about our service SC-0519 Was logged So the deadline sould be I was told by the Customer Experience Administrator who logged the complaint…

He will issue his response to you on or before 8 March 2020.

I'm getting 30 days from Unhappy with our service

Was sent a Confirmation email with the caseworker understanding of my complaint. He had two points. Neither raised by me!

Assigned to a Case Worker. Who asked for a phone.
During this call, it became painfully obvious he had not read the background to the case. He had no clue what my complaint was about.

I submit a second complaint about Tyrer Roxburgh Solicitors.

My first Legal Ombudsman complaint was concluded. A year after it was submitted.

My first Legal Ombudsman complaint was made

The Legal Ombudsman. Are in no position to teach anything!

Monoprice Select Mini V2

3D Printing is not a newbie-friendly activity! You can’t just buy a
printer, and print stuff.

Cura 3.6

Setup using the defaults.

Trying to print Configurable hard drive mount
Dimensions 118.0mm x 75.0mm x 24.5mm
With the Monprice Select Mini V2 having a flatbed of 120mm X 120mm X 120mm
the item should fit.

Nothing to slice because none of the models fit the build volume

Index of e-mail’s

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "utils/", line 108, in 
    msg = email.message_from_string(Imap_Fetch_Data)
  File "/usr/lib/python3.6/email/", line 38, in message_from_string
    return Parser(*args, **kws).parsestr(s)
  File "/usr/lib/python3.6/email/", line 68, in parsestr
    return self.parse(StringIO(text), headersonly=headersonly)
TypeError: initial_value must be str or None, not list


Tado are useless! They don't have a clue about customer service or use oh home automation.

In my search for Home Automation, I’ve had to accept a few annoying things. Hue needs a free Cat5 port on my router, the automatic window opener makes a sound when it opens.

Tado has been a nightmare from the start. I was unclear what I needed so ask Tado.

Hello, I’m disabled and need a quote for a thermostat, and 4 radiator valves. I also need info n warranty and support.

A “custom” quote comes back, with everything.
As I’m disabled I add “Profissional Install”
My Tado kit arrives. But no Install date, so I Call. To be told you set everything up first then get an install date.
Now I disabled, my dexterity is poor. I told them I was disabled, they only said to add “Profissional Install”

Ever since I installed tado every few weeks the batteries in each unit need to be replaced.
I am physically unable to do this.

During the summer the heating never comes on, but recently when my Wet room comes on, the radiator in the Loung as gets warm as well.
Trying to contact Tado Support is impossible!
The Tado system was miss-sold it is not fit for purpose.

Legal Aid

They are bureaucratic and ultimately unhelpful organization.

The cowboys

They caused this nightmare and are true idiots. They won’t take responsibility for it.

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

is a very bad model. The aim is to help with legal fees so justice can be available to everyone. However you apply for legal aid, Lawyers do work on your case. If you are assessed by the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

as not being eligible you become liable for the Costs of your lawyer. If like me you’re assessed but have to contribute and had not been informed properly of this, you are still liable. said …
It is, therefore, my decision that the firm’s handling of Mr McMorrow’s Legal Aid has been poor
Yet the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

found nothing wrong. The invoice was for work done between and . So On I fire your firm as I have lost faith in your ability. You issue me a bill acknowledgment 147 days later on and finaly submit to the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

On . 250 days from submitting to myself

Comments likke the above enrage me!

The USB Key with the audio recordings of my phone calls came. With a letter! I was supprised as the Letter that was posted with the USB Key contained a password
The posted the "password" to the usb key with the usb key. 
Like locking your front door and leaving the key in the lock.


Unencrypted files with an “encrypted” zip File

Subbmitted Legal Aid Agency (LAA) Complaint-2020-02-04
I am again asked to explain what I feel is missing. I am unaware of the data The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) holds on me. I have request my entier-case file The files below are only noted as The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) have referred to them.

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

expect me to know the data they hold on me!


Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

disclose and addational 3 files.



finaly relase the inverstgation report, into the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

handling or my SARs. My feeling on The


are not something I am shy of expressing.

Phoned the

The Legal Ombudsman

to check they had my complaint. As I was given no notification. I was told it could be 12 weeks! before it get allocated.

Submitted my second complaint to

The Legal Ombudsman

Gave up waiting for

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

have made a Formal Complaint to

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Submitted my formal complaint, with a valid reason to expedite.

– Can you advise what files you believe are missing?

I currently have an outstanding debt so if I got to the

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

this debt need to be paused You have given me notes about phone calls. When I asked for communication. The notes are not even transcripts but a summary. They also fail as they use acronyms that are not explained. A breach. You provided me “7 Solicitor’s claim.pdf” this appears to be only part of civ claim 1 As I am using my SAR to make a complaint against my lawyer for a bill Claim1 is important. This complaint is for the Legal Ombudsman and Solicitors Regulation Authority. I am happy to inform them you won’t cooperate. You refer in my complaint response to “substantive amendment” But no substantive amendment was disclosed in my SAR response of 12th August 2019 so having it and not disclosing is a breach of GDPR.. Mr McMorrow
Can you advise what files you believe are missing

Phoned the MOJ about the poor service for Legal Aid Agency

Our complaints process has now been exhausted.

Dear Mr. McMorrow, Our complaints process has now been exhausted. If you are dissatisifed with this response and wish to pursue the matter further then you have the right to make a complaint to the

Parliamentary and Health Service (PHSO)

through your local Member of Parliament. The Ombudsman is a free service; it makes final decisions on complaints that have not been capable of being resolved by a government department or Agency. By law, the Ombudsman service can only look at complaints about UK government departments and agencies if they have been referred by an MP. There is further information available on the

Parliamentary and Health Service (PHSO)

website It is important that you take the matter to the MP as soon as you receive our final response to your complaint, as there are time limits for the Ombudsman service to look into complaints. If you don’t know who your local MP is, go to for more information, or contact the House of Commons Information Office on
Our complaints process has now been exhausted

1.6: Revocation of the certificate

When a certificate is revoked the client must be given 21 days to consider the bill and make any representations, as they have a financial interest in the costs. Therefore, if the certificate was revoked either less than 21 days before or any time after the bill has been submitted (to us for assessed bills or to the court for bills where they are the assessing body), the claim will be rejected unless there is documentation confirming the client has seen a copy of the bill and has no objections. This will be a priority reject unless there is another valid reject reason.

For assessed bills the date the Claim1/1A certification is signed should be used to determine whether the provider would have had the opportunity to send the client the bill and allow 21 days to pass. For taxed bills, the financial interest certification at the back of the bill will need to be completed to determine whether the client has been sent a copy of the bill. This will not apply where the client already had a financial interest by virtue of the statutory charge applying or contributions paid, as the client should already have been provided with the bill

Revocation of the certificate

An Extremaly early respons to my Stage Two Complaint. This was not due till

I got an SMS asking me to contact LCS. They have recieved my stage two formal complaint and ICS should be suspended.

First letter about this debt.

Stage two Formal Complaint.

The below extracts from the response that highlight the incompetence for the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

As you are aware, your emergency cover was date limited to the period and The date limit was imposed because your solicitors did not submit a substantive amendment when required to do so. Following a ‘reinstate certificate request’, submitted by the solicitor on , we reopened the certificate and the required substantive amendment was provided.
A final bill was then submitted by your solicitor . Please note, there is no time limitation for providers to submit a final bill. The work they successfully claimed for was undertaken between the dates of your emergency cover only. We did not pay the solicitor for any work outside of these dates.
Following the payment of the final bill, we then referred this matter to our debt recovery unit (as explained in your original offer letter). At that stage, you were informed that your solicitor’s claim had been paid and you would have to set up a payment plan to address the liability.
With reference to your Subject Access Request: You have asked why you were not provided with copies of your telephone calls after you were informed that all calls to the agency are recorded? Copies of your calls were not requested in your SAR correspondence so were not provided in response.
See comment above.

We’ve not sent the response, it’s with the complaints team.

We sent the response, we just don’t know-how.

– Response from Costs Draft Person Ms E Harper

Thank you for your letter (undated). The work undertaken was clearly set out in the bill sent to you on 18th July 2018. Any query regarding the bill should have been raised within 21 days of it being sent to you as clearly set out in the letter sent, however we received no objections. When you did not accept the offer of Legal Aid work relating to your matter, work was discontinued. We trust this answers your query. Any questions relating to the payment of money due should be directed to the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

as our involvement in this matter has now concluded.
Costs Draft Person

Stage One Formal Complaint.

SAR Response of 13 files

Submitted a SAR Request.