Had a very stupid lady from BT tell me the reason I can’t access a website on my iPad (but can on my laptop) is because my iPad has a VIRUS

She recommended taking to a shop. Shall we examine this… (For fun)
I take my iPad to a shop pay them £50 ? To have a look – they find nothing. It works fine on their wireless… Get it home only to find it don’t work. AGAIN

I have work in IT since I was 15 and know this lady is talking out of her ARSE

The only difference between iPad & Laptop is the DNS set to aka Google’s DNS Server and shock horror – IT WORKED

Tip to BT

Your support people really should know HOW your products work to be able to provide support!


I never asked BT to enable parental controls.


Spoke to a very unhelpful tit at BT who can’t help.

I’m always worried by HELPLINE numbers that
can’t help! The clue is in the title.

also the parental controls suck! its blocking access to but allow both adult sites.


So after waiting 4 hour I called BT back! Again spoke to a very unhelpfully lady who keeps calling me Mr Daniel
After unsuccessfully trying to explain as a disabled man I’m unable to “reset” the home hub – I gave up banging my head against a wall would have been more fun.

The problem! when using my iPad I get a stupid message about DNS!
“You’re seeing this page because BT Parental Control is active and you are attempting to connect to a DNS server outside of our network”

When accessing the same site on my laptop – it works fine.

I’v reset both home hub and iPad. I’m using DHCP from the home hub. Is the home hub
Whats annoying is i’ve been using aka Google DNS Server for months on my iPad, meaning this “changes” i because of something BT have done!


So the biggest mistake was using these cowboys, second was Rebooting my BT “Smart” hub. It died and would not come back!

Every few minutes it would reboot, wifi would come back but no internet. It would then reboot!
When it was on the Admin Panel would not work.

As a quick call to 100.

Are you calling from the number you want to discuss?Yes
Select Internet fault but still can make calls Am told their is helpful info online.

After a 10 minute wait, got through to an idiot who needs my number. But I said I was calling from the number.

Sorry Sir can't help

Call back. With the number. another 10 minute Will send engineer to the exchange on Friday I’m a priority care customer. Wednesday

Now I’m priority care as my disability could require assistance at any point. As I’m a geek most of this runs over the internet. Without WIFI Amazon Alexa x2, CCTV x3, Netflix & Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, My Home automation (Smartthing & Hue) and Automatic Fans x2 stopped working.
Simple thing like turning off the bedroom light are impossible for my bed!

I literally had nothing to do.

I’m viewing this as a Breach of Contract. And am leaving.

XXX: Hello I’m XXX, thank you for chatting with BT. I’m reading your enquiry, please give me a few moments I’ll be back soon.
I may need to ask you for some further details, if you would like to use this time to grab the account number, the account holders full name, address and postcode that would be really helpful.
XXX: I will certainly look into it.To proceed may I know are you the account holder, the home address & post code.Have you got an alternative contact number I could take just in case we need to call at any time or in case this chat disconnects unexpectedly?
Daniel McMorrow: 110 A Sylvan Av. N22 5HY 07725586509
XXX: Please allow me 5 minutes to review the account.May I know are you the account holder ?
In regards to deadlock letter we have to follow the escalation process.I am going to lodge a complaint and will own it until it’s fix.If we are not able to able to fix it then we will sent you the deadlock letter.To know more about the deadlock letter please go to .May I know in brief the exact problem you’re facing with the broadband connection ?
Daniel McMorrow: My internet died yesterday, despite being a Priority care customer you could not fi till Wednesday.
XXX: I do see that was the earliest engineer appointment slot available.As I sense the urgency of the service and you’re disappointed with the fact that service is not working as expected so I am going to put you through to my supervisor.Please be on the chat.
XXX: Hello I’m XXX, thank you for chatting with BT. I’m reading your enquiry, please give me a few moments I’ll be back soon.
I may need to ask you for some further details, if you would like to use this time to grab the account number, the account holders full name, address and postcode that would be really helpful.
XXX has left the chat.
XX: Daniel I am the available supervisor and its indeed disappointing that you are without an Internet connection since yesterday but I would request you to wait for the engineers visit and we are also raising this case to our level 2 team who will get in touch with you once the engineer has visited .
Daniel McMorrow: the internet is back!
XXX: That’s great could you please check hows it working?
Daniel McMorrow: it’s working fine.
Daniel McMorrow: That’s not the issue! Priority care for my disability. 48Hours in unacceptable
XXX: Daniel really sorry to hear that however we will take it as a feedback and try to improve the services , so as of now with your consent can I go ahead and close the complaint?
XXX: Are you there Daniel?
Daniel McMorrow: no you can’t close the complaint.
Daniel McMorrow: either you look at it or send me a deadlock
XXX: Okay so as discussed we will raised the case to our level 2 department and they will get in touch with you for further improvement on the connection on 13/07/2017.
Abhinash: This is your complaint reference number VOL013-225522670286 for future reference . This will be it for now Daniel and will request you to wait for the callback from the level 2 team.
XXX: Are you there Daniel?
Daniel McMorrow: on 13th June i call my lawyer


So VOL013-225522670286 was closed because I’m told the due date had passed! BTs Complaints Helpdesk can automatically close complaints when the hit the due date. So how many unresolved complaints are their!
On page 5 says

• your complaint has been going on for eight weeks. We’ll write to remind you about your
right to refer the complaint to the Ombudsman.
• we’ve sent you a ‘deadlock’ letter which means there’s nothing more we can do to solve
your complaint. You can ask for a ‘deadlock’ letter at any time but please give us the chance
to try and fix the problem first.

If the complaint has been close this reminder letter won’t happen!


I have worked in IT for 15+ years. One thing I know when testing stuff don’t change the environment you are testing! Doing so Is stupid.

Speed Test

Speed Test

Photographed in Wood Green, North London

BT’s response
2. Your computer is directly connected to your modem/router via an Ethernet Connection (i.e. not via a wireless or powerline adapters).
So this instantly means faults with WiFi or Powerline adapters will not be checked. Most home based users won’t have elaborate Cat5 setup’s and will most likely use Wireless.
4. Close any programs that may be running on your computer. This includes any background programs such as anti-virus software, corporate VPNs, peer2peer clients etc. (Please ensure you re-enable any anti-virus software after you have finished testing)
This is abnormal. Making such changes to test environment voids the result. As people should not be turning off AV software to get a good internet speed.

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