Andrea Leadsom

Andrea Leadsom

Newly appointed British Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary Andrea Leadsom leaves Downing Street in central London on July 14, 2016, as cabinet appointments by new prime minister Theresa May are made on her first full day in office. Theresa May began her first full day as British prime minister July 14 under pressure to implement Brexit, after stunning observers by picking gaffe-prone “Leave” campaigner Boris Johnson as her top diplomat

Andrea Leadsom: Male carers might be paedophiles
So first we have comments about parents and now paedophiles. This woman has made “Putting your foot in it” an art form!
In I had this misfortune of being in ICU. I was looked after by everyone but primarily two Male nurses at The Princess Royal Hospital. These two nurses constantly showed compassion & a professional manner.

In I was move to the Royal Hospital for Nuero-disability, again all the male staff both medical and non-medical support staff where amazing, supporting and professional. 


 Andrea said…

Now you can call that sexist, I call that cautious and very sensible when you look at the stats. Your odds are stacked against you if you employ a man.

These comments are sexist & more important discrimination. To not employe someone based on there sex is discrimination as outlined in the equality act.

Update 1 –

Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told

Basic Income

I’m getting very depressed at the current flurry of “Basic Income” posts on Facebook. I’ve seen figures from £100 to £155 bounced around but with a serious lack of insight and sensible discussion.

I disabled as result I don’t work. I’m in receipt of Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support And Employment Support Allowance – These are means tested meaning if I had saving or a job I’d not qualify for them.
I also get Disability Living Allowance is not means tested.

I hate benefits, I had a huge legal battle with my former employer for my job. Over three years I was constantly told I was unfit – After a while you start to believe it!

Side Note. The benefits of working are not just financial.

So let’s take a simple example. Rent. We all pay rent.Currently my Housing Benefit pay towards my Rent. Due to the Bedroom Tax I have to contribute towards my rent.
Without Housing Benefit (as I understand a Basic Income, would replace it) I have to find £146.29
Council Tax is the same I still have to contribute. I’m in band d, so £19.01 – I assume I still get my discounts.
Care is the same I have to Contribute. £62.55 a week

Care– Without my home based care I could not function. They are needed in everyday tasks. I get 4 single handed visits a day.
I then have Gas, Electric and food.

Internet/Mobile These would not be seen as needed but without my social network goes bye bye. Along with my ability to shop. (online shopping is a life saver)


Am I cursed with stupid carers that lie or is part of the job?

So after a rather refrained email yesterday and a insulting phone call this morning I sent this…

1. & 2. Meals/Heinz-Beanz-with-Pork-Sausages
3. Tin says 3 minutes carer put on for two.
Ringing me up at 9:21 saying you don’t have a carer is really not my problem your contracted to provide my care I expect the people you provide not to openly lie to me.
If they do I feel I’m perfectly justified in asking them to to come again. 
I’m in the process of sourcing a new care company until then I’m afraid I’m stuck with you.

It would appear a carer has become available at 17:30


So carer could not understand why my dinner was not cook. maybe had something todo with her not reading the ‘oven’ instruction but the ‘grill’