Wheelchair Services

Before we begin, you need to know…

 I've had a Roho cushion for 10 years.

In mid October 2020

My cushion for my wheelchair, was becoming a pain (The center was dipped in).
Due to covid19 I didn’t make a fuss as It was not totally broken, just painful.

By November 2020

It was unusable, however had found a cushion but different type.
My Roho is full of air. The spare is essentially a bean bag chair chousion.
I tried the spare cushion, but was extremely uncomfortable.
To overcome this, I was sitting forward, this lead to Low back pain. So I gave in and called he Wheelchair Service.

In their quest to become the centre for bureaucratic nonsense, The Wheelchair Services need a referral from my Dr. to help.
Now had this been a new request for a wheelchair or a medical based change, i could understand the need for referral, however this was due to a part of the wheelchair breaking.

So I faff with my Dr. get the referral.
Now the Wheelchair Service needs me to attend for an assessment.

I've not been out of my flat sine June/July 2019. Several reason mostly because I get extremely travel sick. The idea makes me anxious, Add in risk of Covid19 and I become a mess.

So an appoitment was made for Wednesday 6th Jan 2021.

On Tuesday 5h Jan 2021

Wheelchair Service call and canclle the appoitment, as the staff are being redeployed to help with Covid19 In hospitals. I was told It would likley be Feb befor I could be seen.

On Monday 11th Jan 2021

I get a phone call offering me an appoitment for next week.

Staff where redeployed to help with Covid19. We asume they have had contact with people n Hospital. These same staff have now been sent back to handle their normal workload.


Thomas Mitchell
Responded.However the Ref LBH-10838421 is the same As the first complaint, where I complain about 3 people including him. Haringey feel it's acceptable to have sbject of a complaint invistgate the complaint.

Dear Mr McMorrow,
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to investigate your complaint. Our reference: LBH-10838421 In response to the above query I would like to confirm that the service first came to know of your difficulties with your shower room floor on during a visit with an assistant team manager to your home.

kerine Smith, Assistant Team Manager was sent by Marsden Anita, because I had concerns with my OT Brenda McCoy.
Please explain email of from Brenda McCoy, with alterations to the closomat. To allow me to use the comode.

She later agreed to discuss with the head of service, who agreed that works to increase space in your bathroom would appear the best suited option,

So the idea of expanding the wetroom was floated but was not presented until A major adaptations panel later occurred on
However I was not aware of these plans until late 2020.
Also She (I asume Kerine Smith) discussed tthe home visit with Head of Service. Did the head never have any follow up questions? A “jobs” not managed?

following on from this it was agreed that the assistant team manager would allocate your case to a surveyor to visit. Unfortunately it appears that the case was not allocated to a surveyor as that assistant team manager left the service shortly after. The service would like to apologise for the delay that occurred during this time.

Kerine Smith visited on
she left when? Was their a hand-over?
An email exchange with Anita Marsden, suggest she was aware

Your case was later allocated to an Occupational Therapist (OT) in February 2020 following your follow up call to the First Response Team in January 2020.

Yes I Remember that phone call Jan 2020

It is understood that at the during a home visit in February 2020 your difficulties within the bathroom were discussed with you and a resolution to the difficulties were proposed and agreed; relocating the toilet to the left hand side.
It was not until that the service was made aware that you no longer wanted to proceed with the recommendation of relocating the toilet.

Karen White Sent DFG Forms on The DFG was rejected on
So Your saying my rejection was not acknowloged until 7 Months later?

Following on from this site visits were required with the OT and Surveyor to complete risk assessments and explore alternative options to resolve your difficulties which we understand took place on .

A rick assessments on the Hoist, provided by Haringey. For the purpose of my transfers.

At this stage you noted that you would like a permeable tray, whilst the OT and surveyor explained that if a permeable tray is not possible and extension to the bathroom could also be explored.

My email echange between Karen White on Suggests the permeable Idea had beem rasied and dismissd.

A major adaptations panel later occurred on where the option of an extension was explored. Panel declined this proposal and requested that the OT look at the equipment being used to get to the toilet would alleviate the difficulties and for the. Panel also queried whether the floor being completely relayed would alleviate the difficulties.

No assessment of my Wetroom floor hav every been down. At this point trust of the builders seams to have been accepted.
The gradient of the slope may be greater than it needs to be.

A home visit later occurred on and it was concluded by the OT equipment being used is suitable to be used to transfer on to the toilet and that the slope would continue to cause difficulties with your transfer.
At the visit on the the OT explained that a permeable tray would cause a lip to get in to the shower which would not meet your long term needs. The surveyor also determined that if the floor was relayed the slope may still be an issue due to the overall size of the bathroom.
A telephone contact was later completed to you by the Assistant Team Manager,

By Assstant Team Mnager you now refre to Mitchell Thomas Yourself

where you provided a link to the style of drain are referring to. It was later determined that this was an ACO style drain, and to achieve this style of drain in any case, the floor would have to be relayed.
The Major adaptations panel later resumed on 04/03/2021 where the extension was presented once again. It was determined that your preferred style of drain or similar could be achievable however the space within your bathroom continues to remain an issue therefore whilst making amendments to the floor, extending the bathroom would be best suited to your long term needs also. Panel later agreed the extension in principle, subject to landlord permission and costings of the alteration being obtained.
It is understood that the surveyor contacted you to complete a site survey on 04/03/2021 however you declined this visit as you would like a response to your previous emails to the assistant team manager.

The same day I filled my Formal Complaint

It is understood the assistant team manager responded on

Yes I remember The email, and my response.

and a further email from team manager followed on 09/03/2021 to apologise for delays and explain the next aspects of the process; contact your landlord for permission and site survey to be completed
The surveyor later contacted you 17/03/2021 to arrange a site visit however you also declined to proceed with a site visit at this stage.
The service understands that adaptations to your home are taking longer than we would have expected but I would like to assure you that it is not our intention to delay this any longer than is necessary.
The service would like to apologise for any delays and would like to move proceedings forwards by completing a site visit to your property with the OT, Surveyor and Assistant Team Manager. The surveyor will contact you by Friday 9th April to determine which dates would be suitable to visit week commencing 19th April where all diaries permit.
Yours sincerely
Mitchell Thomas
Assistant Team Manager – Occupational Therapist
Assessment Services Team

Dear Mr McMorrow,
Thank you for your email. We have asked the service to provide a further response to your complaint within 10 working days from your initial email received on .
Thank you,
Corporate Feedback Team

Did a complaint get logged?
7 days for a response in unacceptable

Nxxxxx Mxxxxxxx

Responded. 7 Days after my coments.

I was expecting some kind of excuse or reason for the delays
Is it haringey just don’t care?
I’m still not sure that the document I sent was received!
Can a complaint be logged as to lackt of action on this. I’m being left in the dark. The response failed to address the issues and failes to provide a way forward.
The LGO could take 4 – 6 weeks to determine whether my case is something they can investigate.

I Responded.

Dear Mr McMorrow,
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to investigate your complaint. our reference: LBH/10xxxxx1
For ease of reference, I have summarised your complaint below:

constant delays in fixing my wet room floor. This issue was raised in late 2018. Since then, there has been very little action I have asked several times for formal complaints to be logged and never got a response. I keep getting conflicting answers from people.

This is not the complaint

I have spoken to the allocated Occupational Therapist (OT) Bxxxxx Mxxxx who has provided me with an update as to the delay in the works being progressed. A provisional agreement on the recommendation for the extension of the bathroom was made.
Both the surveyor and OT are awaiting permission from your landlord, London and Quadrant in order for the Surveyor to draw up plans for a schedule of works and costings. On receipt of your landlord’s permission, the recommendation and schedule of work can be presented to panel for authorisation. Unfortunately, we are not able to move forward until we receive the permission from London and Quadrant. I have requested for the OT and Surveyor to write to your landlord in order to receive their permission.
I hope that you are satisfied with my response to your complaint and that I have resolved your issues of concern to your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with my response, please let me know why and I will consider if there is anything else, we can do to make things right for you.
Alternatively, you can approach the LGO, who may be able to help you.{SNIP}
Yours sincerely,

Nxxxxx Mxxxxxxx

You are responding to an email 5 days later and you have again changed what I thought was the plan. The last change done for my best interests was a track hoist in the bedroom.
A. What was installed was different to what was requested.
B. Has never been used You say Best Interests but this would actually be physio to help delay any deterioration for as
long as possible, the word you want is cheap.
Extension to the wetroom would take an estimated how long?
Last rebuild was 3 weeks. I can’t live in a house for 3 weeks without a wetroom. 3 days I could use the
commode on the Hoist.
I would also remind you that in 2017 I removed permission for you to talk to my landlord.
I would also remind you that a DFG has an upper limit of 35k.
So we are going to wait for my complaint with the very likely outcome of me seeking help from the LGO.
Is Anita Marsden still with Haringey ?

Dear Mr McMorrow,
Thank you for your email.
I would first like to apologise for the delay in responding to you with an update.
I did indeed arrange a meeting with the relevant professionals to discuss the Occupational Therapists
recommendation however arranging that meeting took slightly longer than we would have liked due to a clash of diaries.
The Occupational Therapist (OT) allocated to your case, Brenda McCoy, has proposed a revision to your shower room floor with an extension to the rear of your bathroom to meet your long term needs. I understand that this option was discussed with you at the last joint visit with the OT and Surveyor.
The OT has concluded that a revision to the floor and extension to the rear of the bathroom would be in your best interest o meet your long term needs and assist with any future deterioration by allowing increased circulation space should a second carer be needed. The professionals present at the meeting have provisionally agreed to the recommendation however this is subject to your Housing Association’s agreement and a site visit by our surveyor.
The OT will be making contact with your housing association to determine whether they are happy to proceed.
The Surveyor, from what I understand, has attempted to make contact with you to complete a site visit to measure up.
I hope that the above information finds you well and you are happy to proceed also. Where so, we can ensure that the alterations are pursued as soon as possible.
Kind Regards,
Mitchell Thomas

I asked

Complaint Against Mxxxx Bxxxxx , Mxxxxxxx Txxxxx and Axxxx Mxxxxxx
For constant delays in fixing my wetroom floor.This issue was raised in later 2018.
Since their has been very little action has occurred I have asked several times for formal complaints to be logged and never got a response.I keep getting conflicting answers from people.
Mr McMorrow

Ok so being nice ends.
Please log a formal complaint against adult social services policy. Please add an explanation of the delays experienced.
Mr McMorrow

My email to Thomas Mitchell
His email of . Where He asked for a WEEK that was almost a month ago!

At what point is it acceptable for me to completely lose it and demand heads ?
No response from you or action on finding a comfortable commode/shower chair.
Mr McMorrow

Dear Mr McMorrow
Thank you for taking the time out to speak with me earlier this morning.
It was beneficial for me to understand some of the difficulties you have been experiencing and troubleshooting the way forwards.
As advised I have looked at the website you’ve suggested and will be in consultation with our adaptations team manager to determine whether the flooring and drainage system on this site is suitable for floors such as your own.
To ensure we are both referring to the same style of flooring I have copied the link below:
In addition to the above, although it may not be of any immediate remedy to your overall difficulties, I also believe it would be beneficial to continue to explore more comfortable seating / cushioning for your shower chair. I understand that there have been attempts to resolve this before however I recommend that Brenda determines if there are any alternative options on the market that can assist, particularly as products are continually evolving and changing.
I will endeavour to meet with the above mentioned professionals next week and get back to you with an update.

Kind Regards,
Mitchell Thomas

I’d like an update on the issue with the floor in my wetroom
Mr McMorrow

Please log a formal complaint.
I asked for encrypted emails not to be used. Despite my request encrypted emails are still being sent. nothing in the three emails could remotely be sensitive data
You’ve closed my case but nothing has been resolved.
The wetroom floor is uneven and the use of my hoist is dangerous. when was this first raised?
Mr McMorrow

This was an "encrypted" email"

Hello Daniel

It's Mr McMorrow. We are not friends.

Thank you for your email.
As there is no further OT intervention required at present your case will closed to me. However, if you need further services in the future, please contact the First Response Team on 0208 489 1400.
Kind regards

No I always been unsure about it.
My fix seems to have been dismissed without discussion.
As me signing DFG is a binding agreement I’ll sign when happy with the plan
The Recent DFG mantaince issue was raised few months ago.

Dear Mr McMorrow,
Please see your DFG application form attached and covering letter. If possible could you please sign and return by email all the forms attached so that your adaptation can be processed.
Kind regards,
Karen White
Advice and Assessment Officer

Still waiting for an OT! Keep getting the run around from IAT.
Having spoken with an assistant manager I’m now convinced haringey don’t have a clue what they are doing.
I’m told the bed causing me a bad back is a district nurse issue however I’ve never been told this each time I called. I’m told the bathroom/wetroom floor could be weeks on a waiting list.
My OT has left so apparently I needs to be assessed again!
I am about to scream.

Thank you. I will ask the Manager to review and advise me, I believe Kerine was able to identify the issue.
Kind regards

I don’t have the persons name.
The wetroom issue has always been the floor. The wetroom design plans where never seen by my OT. (Was Bxxxxx Mxxxx)
So the floor slopes towards the drain the helps keep the floor free of water.
But the slope happens to be at back left wheel of my hoist, so its unsteady and has pulled me off the toilet. (You need to see it to understand, E.g if I need to shift my weight when on the toilet)

Hello Mr McMorrow
Can you advise me with whom you spoke with and what the wet room issues are?
Kind regards

Just wasted 30 odd minutes trying to get an OT referral with IAT.
They are telling me my wetroom floor issues is new and needs a “new form”
When Kerine Smith, came in October we agreed the track hoist dfg was need and I should contact her when approved. This has got the go ahead and should be completed in January.
We now need to re examine the wetroom floor.
Mr McMorrow

Dear Mr Morrow
Thank you for your email. I am pleased to hear the hoist is working.
I have asked Kerine Smith, Assistant Team Manager to make contact with you and visit to discuss your concerns.
Kind regards

Sent to following request to Marsden Anita anita.marsden@haringey.gov.uk. She is Head Of Integrated Care.

Thank you for organising the new hoist it’s wonderful.
The reason for my email. I would like a new OT. But not Bxxxxx Mxxxx. I need someone to discuss the logic of some of the decisions made that really have never worked.
Mostly why an order was made for a track hoist in my bedroom where the issue is with the floor in my bathroom

Hi Daniel
The current shower chair has a clearance of 500mm, in order for the shower chair to fit over the closomat, the Closomat needs to be sited on a 75mm plinth which will give a rim height of 485mm. This would enable the shower chair to be used safely. As I did not have an opportunity to view the specification of the to the bathroom adaptations, I was not able to convey any recommendations.
Kind regards
Brenda McCoy


When Amazon they f*ck it up they really go all out!

I’ve wasted enough time complaining to Amazon the convenience & the simplicity of buying from Amazon is then wasted on their often pointless customer services.

Issues from 1st January 2021.

Had a phone call from

Executive Customer Relations (Department)

it was mostly pointless as they did not fill me with confidance she could see my point,
However I dd learn that the Email managingdirector@amazon.co.uk is/was working.
The question becomes now why have the ignored 60 of my emails?
Examples: One

They respond, then go slient.

Twitter Message

Dear Daniel McMorrow,
My name is


and I work within Amazon

Executive Customer Relations (Department)

Please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused with regards to the delivery of your Order 204-2253092-7819539.

I have checked the above order for you and confirmed that there was no delivery instructions added to your above order.

As per latest tracking on the order it say that it was delivered on . (

Yes, I have the picture of driver without a mask

Could you please confirm if you have received the above order if not then we will take appropriate action.
Should you require any further assistance kindly contact us back we will be more than happy to assist you.
I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Mritunjay J

Delivery Instructions still not being followed.
At best you could claim stupidty, at best balled-face-lies! On my MP was told

We have worked with the Delivery Station team which manages the deliveries for Mr McMorrow’s parcels and have ensured that Mr McMorrow’s requirements have been relayed to the relevant teams to ensure that his delivery will be compliant with his specific requirements.

Package on the floor

Dear Mr McMorrow
Thank you for your email below.
We understand that a member of our

Executive Customer Relations (Department)

team is coordinating a response and will be back in touch again shortly to confirm how you can proceed with your data subject access request and also address the other matters raised.
For and on behalf of Amazon UK Services Ltd Legal Department

Before I sue Amazon and Amazon Logics into the Ground for disability discrimination any final words.
Mr McMorrow

I was talking on twitter and…

mY ORDER was delivered. Not only was the driver not wareing a mask. He haded the item dirctly to my career.

Thank you for this update.
I’m sad to say no one has been in contact with myself.
The claims made by Amazon are simply not true. 24×7 customer service is pointless as each section of Amazon is independent. So my case was being locked after by ECR Executive Customer Relations but when you call the published help number they can only email ECR. Who when they respond do via email not phone as requested.
See www.mage-net.net.net/amazon

Dear Daniel,
Further to my enquiries with Amazon on your behalf, I have now received the response copied in italics below. I am pleased to hear that the Customer Service team have been in touch with you directly, and I understand the Delivery Station team managing deliveries to your home have ensured your requirements are relayed to the relevant teams.
I do hope this update is helpful and am glad I have been able to assist.
Best wishes,

Dear Catherine,
Thank you for your email on behalf of your constituent Mr McMorrow. I lead Amazon’s public policy team in the UK and Ireland. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you.
I am sorry to hear about the problems Mr McMorrow has experienced with the delivery of parcels. I wanted to provide an update on the matter since bringing this to your attention.
Customer obsession is one of Amazon’s core principles and it is at the heart of everything we do. We are grateful for all customer feedback we receive and continually make improvements to our services.
We have very high standards for our delivery service providers. The vast majority of deliveries are received without issue. However, in the rare case where something occurs we work hard to investigate and Amazon Customer Service is available 24/7 to help customers with any matters related to their package delivery.
We have worked with the Delivery Station team which manages the deliveries for Mr McMorrow’s parcels and have ensured that Mr McMorrow’s requirements have been relayed to the relevant teams to ensure that his delivery will be compliant with his specific requirements. The team will be able to monitor the situation and to ensure no further issues are encountered. The Customer Service team has also been in touch with Mr McMorrow directly to update him on the matter.
Best wishes,
Director, Public Policy UK & Ireland
Amazon UK