As a Housing Association, I honestly believe they don’t know what they are doing. I rate L&Q about the level of incompetence as the DWP


You would think after causing me major distress with my Damp & Door
L&Q would act like they cared, You would be wrong!

I return home yesterday to an alarm ringing in the shared hallway.

– I called L&Q Contractor has 4 hours to attend

Alarms been ringing all night I called L&QContractor, they will attend

It’s a low beep, so does not matter! I can hear it in my flat!


Back in MAY I reported this to L&Q via twitter.

Few WEEKS later someone came and had a look..
It would appear that L&Q think a new paint job will fix the issue!

Water Damage

A leak have caused damage to an electrical cupboard door

Photographed in Bromley, South London

The door to the cupboard is rotten, the floor by the cupboard is swollen (meaning the underlay is damaged)
The REAL issue is the leak in the cupboard next door, you can feel the cold.


Again. With all this rain I could hear the running water when I went to check the mail. I can’t see the leak as L&Q only answer was to lock the door.
While out of sight might work for L&Q I’m sorry to say I’m a bit fussier.


@LQcontactus: The job I raised for you in August was closed and referred to a diff contractor as a roofer was reqd. I’ll update you asap. @danielmcmorrow

@LQcontactus: Jobs can be closed without being complete- in this instance, it was because we sent to a roofer, under a new job. @danielmcmorrow

This is an absurd practice, a ‘job’ should only be closed when it’s been fixed. If a new contractor needs to do something the ‘job’ should be reassigned. Creating a new job will restart the clock!

Under Right to repair scheme There is a time limit for repairs with a new call you lose the original date.


So… I’ve had…


Mold growing in my wet root

Photographed in Bromley, South London

Dry Rot

Dry rot

Dry rot growing in my wetroom as untreated wood was used in my wet room

Photographed in Bromley, South London



Fungus growing in my wetroom

Photographed in Bromley, South London

On , I got this from complaints@lqgroup.org.uk…

Dear Mr McMorrow,
Robert Clegg has kindly included us in the email below so that we are aware of the issues you are experiencing.
I have checked our database just this morning, and cannot see that your most recent concerns regarding damp in your home have been reported to us. Due to this, I have referred your email directly to your Area Surveyor Simeon Thompson, and have requested that an inspection is carried out. Following this inspection, Simeon will be able to confirm to you if this is, in fact, an issue with damp in your home, or condensation.
Please do ensure that any concerns regarding maintenance in your home, are reported directly to our L&Q Direct Team on freephone number 0800 015 6536. This way, we can arrange for the necessary works to be carried out for you without you needing to seek external advice.
Kind regards
Kerry Smith

On I responded. Have not got a response by 3rd November 2014 I sent this…

As expected no response from complaints.
If your contractors arrive before the surveyor I will not let them fix the issue. This has been going on for 3 years my next email will be to my lawyer!

No Response, contractor turned up he did not have a clue! He had no idea why he was here or any understanding why you don’t put untreated wood in a wet room. According to him it just needs paint. Again no talk of mould treatment.


L&Q have booked in to come have a look. I responded with dismay at this – got the response…

That’s brilliant we will see you next Wednesday
Thank you

I’m going to count to a million, calm down and respond.
L&Q Letter 2014-11-06



More Fungus

2016-08-25 11.01.43

Photographed in Bromley, South London

This is now the THIRD case of mould/fungus.


@creatingplaces: If you missed it before, take a look at our Chief Exec’s video diary as he goes undercover as a caretaker #housingday http://t.co/ECF7NFWMPI

@danielmcmorrow: @creatingplaces wow more unqualified tits at L&Q. I’m not surprised.

Daniel, you’ve crossed the line with your last comment. I’m blocking you from @creatingplaces & will not respond to any more of your tweets.

My personal experience of their Chief Exec is that he’s useless. He’s an unqualified at being a caretaker. This is a fact. L&Q sent the WRONG contractor. For SIX weeks to fix my toilet. The sent a contractor the other day who did not understand why you don’t have wood in a wet room. So my experience is that L&Q don’t know what they are doing.


I’ve been accused by L&Q of “constant abuse”…

I’d like to address that. Firstly my aim is not to abuse anyone. But if anyone been abused it’s me, they left a disabled man without a toilet for a weekend! The damp/fungus in my bathroom has been ongoing for 3 years. Reported to L&Q

L&Q are working to fix it – and I am grateful for that. But it should not take 3 years.


So after the chaos cause with my wet room (witch I’ve had no apology for) Dump you would think L&Q would want to look good.

You would be wrong.

The Communal Door is a security door that is opened by a blue key fob. When I moved in a key-safe was installed for…

  • Cares
  • Care Link

If I have an emergency Care Link are to provide me assistance, however if that can’t get in, then what?

The Communal Door was first reported the L&Q on
as of this morning () it’s still broken!

The repair was raised in accordance with our policy and the target priority of the job requests that the contractor completes the job by (I had 2005 that was a mistake)

So clearly they take the responsibility of providing me a SAFE home very seriously

On our communal repair section of the system, a Mrs XXXXX (resident) reported the repair on the , Claire in Customer Service

It was raised under an urgent repair priority, which allows 5 working days to complete the work.
Tomorrow, when the appt is booked for, is the last day in which they have to repair the issue.

so urgent now means 5 days. We also find out the contractor NADC WAIT till the last minute to fix things.So after the chaos cause with my wet room (witch I’ve had no apology for) Dump you would think L&Q would want to look good.
You would be wrong. The Communal Door is a security door that is opened by a blue key fob. When I moved in a key-safe was installed for…

  • Carers
  • Care Link

If I have an emergency Care Link are to provide me assistance, however if that can’t get in, then what?

The Communal Door was first reported the L&Q on
as of this morning () it’s still broken!

The repair was raised in accordance with our policy and the target priority of the job requests that the contractor completes the job by (I had 2005 that was a mistake)

So clearly they take the responsibility of providing me a SAFE home very seriously

On our communal repair section of the system, a Mrs XXXXX (resident) reported the repair on the , Claire in Customer Service

It was raised under an urgent repair priority, which allows 5 working days to complete the work.
Tomorrow, when the appt is booked for, is the last day in which they have to repair the issue.

so urgent now means 5 days. We also find out the contractor NADC WAIT till the last minute to fix things.


On I moved to Wood Green
My Flat has two Intercoms.

  • The main one in the Living Room was broken.
  • The Second one in the bedroom is unusable in its current location.

Bedroom Intercom

2016-08-25 11.01.43

Photographed in Bromley, South London

This was reported to L&Q on it was fixed within a few weeks, However, L&Q response to this fix shows the lack of sympathy and an ability to offer a safe environment.

Our Property Services Team have confirmed that the door entry handset was functional at the time of the void works, and that this was tested at this time. You reported this repair to us on , and this has now been completed by our specialist contractor NACD. Our contractor reported the following to L&Q subsequent to their visit to your home:

The handset in the lounge was found to be not working, as the cable to the handset, which used to run underneath the carpet, is now exposed and running across the doorway to the lounge, as the carpet has been lifted. The cable has therefore been damaged by the wheelchair running across it. A new cable was run around the door frame, and joined to the old cable within the cupboard, in order to complete this repair.

Upon reflection of this report, I cannot verify that the handset was not working when your tenancy commenced on 29th August 2016.

I understand that you would prefer to have a video door entry system installed in your home, so that you can see who is visiting you before you let them into the property. Whilst I fully appreciate the reasons you may want this Mr McMorrow, this would be seen as an improvement and not a repair. As we have already discussed, I encourage you to contact your Occupational Therapist so they may undertake a review of your needs and the property itself. They can then make any recommendations to L&Q, and we will of course action these once a full report is received. In the meantime, the door entry system in place is fully functional.

While true my tenancy commenced on I did not move in until so if it was the wheelchair it broke the cable in < 24-Hours! Furthermore running cables (that have been exposed by YOU removing the carpet) is a trip hazard!

Now the intercom was fixed the big issue starts. When it would ring it would scare the stuffing out of me.
L&Q said an Occupational Referral was needed. Letter

I asked my OT for the above referral

Now my previous dealing with L&Q have meant I expect a very slow response, so did not Chase up this referral (this was a big mistake)

On date the bell rang, I jumped and banged my knee on the desk.
I contacted my OT to get an update on the Intercom Referral I was horrified to learn the referral had been made on Letter – OT Recommendation Video Intercom

On date I submitted L&Q Complaint – 1 – Intercom –

On date I got a response. L&Q Letter The response say an order have been placed with NACD and has been fast tracked. It also apologies but does not explain the delay.

On date I submitted L&Q Complaint – 2 – Intercom –

On date I submitted L&Q Complaint – 3 – Intercom –

To make things more difficult the floor in my Wetroom was cracking.
Mr D McMorrow – Complaint Response As you can see this response covers the Wet Room Floor (AM/2972888-1) and the Intercom (Referral for Aid & adaptation)

It states…

This is a formal response to your letter sent on

My request to move to stage two was made ; these simple mistakes make it extremely hard for me to follow what’s going on and causes me considerable anxiety. I spent an hour reading everything before releasing it was a mistake.

In L&Q Complaint – 3 – Intercom – I ask

First a request can you please respond to future complaints individually. It helps me keep things in order.

They respond with

In relation to your request to separate the repair complaints into individual cases; this has also not
been accepted. The reason being, all the components of your repair complaint are related to
reactive maintenance repairs which is managed and overseen by Property Services. Our responses to
each item are clearly set out in a sub-headed format and segmented, making this simple to follow.

My disability makes reading and understanding long letters really hard. Recommendations made by my hospital where
“The main recommendations for anyone working with Mr McMorrow are to:

  • Present information at a slow, more ‘relaxed’ pace”

As this is a disability requirement I’d point out the Reasonable Adjustments section in the Equality Act 2010.
As a client of a “Service Provider” I’m being put at a disadvantage in the complaints process by not allowing this request. This would in my opinion be a breach of the act.

In L&Q Complaint – 3 – Intercom – I ask

Under L&Q complaints procedure I would like to raise a formal complaint at stage two
regarding the issues detailed below.

They respond with

Firstly, we note your request to escalate to stage two and have taken this in to account. However,
our investigation shows that there has been no failure in handling the stage one complaint and the delays you have experienced are not a direct result of our handling of the complaint. Therefore, we are currently unable to accept your request to escalate to stage two of our complaints procedure.

Nothing in the L&Q complaints policy give them discretion over the stage of a complaint. It says
If the issue remains unresolved after Step One

In Mr D McMorrow – Complaint Response
I was asked to email Insurance@lqgroup.org.uk

On I submitted L&Q Complaint – 3 – Intercom – This was CC’ed to Insurance@lqgroup.org.uk

On NACD attended (The visit on that had been fast tracked)
NACD moved the Intercom in the bedroom, but don’t do a portable intercom. So clearly had not been given a spec or the referral

On I sent Housing Ombudsman – 1 – Intercom – to

Housing Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square,London, E14 9GE

On I received Housing Ombudsman – – Response – DR2 General Letter Complainant

L&Q’s position is that you have exhausted its complaints process and your complaint is now closed. You asked that I forward a copy of L&Q’s final response letter of 01 December 2016 to you. Please find it provided. I note that the step two complaint decision addresses renewal of the Geberit AquaClean toilet and the intercom system.

I asked as for the Final Response Letter as how it was described seamed wrong.
And never let it be said L&Q ability to look stupid has a limit. The Attachment 01-12-2016 LL final response ltr L&Q have a working time machine, It’s the only explanation how L&Q Could have written a Final Response Letter on to a complaint raise on

On I submitted Physio Letter because I’d had no response from Insurance@lqgroup.org.uk

On I had Mr D McMorrow – Complaint Response – In L&Q fansion it’s the wrong attachment!
The email helpful informs me Insurance@lqgroup.org.uk only respond to emails TO not CC. Now I’ve worked in IT for 15 odd years. There is no functional difference between TO and CC. The difference would be Personal and/or Procedural.

On I received Email 2017-07-12

We have reviewed all relevant documentation and can confirm that our Client first received the report from the Occupational Therapy Service when you wrote to them on 02/03/2017. There is no previous record of this report. Our Client was therefore not able to take any action before you sustained the unfortunately injury on 01/03/2017 as they were not on notice that any works were required.

The info I’ve got
The original email sent by my OT Holly Walker Email

Haringey’s enquired about the delay in March 2017 Email

With regards to the delays in acting upon the OT’s referral which was sent to L&Q on the 7 th December 2016. Once again, we can only but offer our sincere apologies for the service failure here. As explained this was due to an oversight by our Housing Management Team. I have noted that you do not accept our response for the delays. However, I would like to assure you that the relevant departments have been spoken to and our management team have taken steps to ensure lessons are learnt from this service failure.

And a the final nail in the coffin receive on

A report was received by us in December which only related to changes concerning the telecom hand-sets

On I got Email

We have had the opportunity to undertake a further full review of all the evidence available in this matter.
Unfortunately, we must advise that our position in respect of formal liability remain unchanged. We are of the opinion that this incident was
simply not foreseeable and that there is no causal link.
Whilst we can appreciate your frustration in respect of the delay in installing the new system, we would consider this a customer service issue and not relevant as an insurance claim.
In the circumstances, we must advise that no offers in respect of settlement will be forthcoming.
Kind Regards,

Let’s examine this. Intercom goes off, I jump. L&Q where asked to change the Intercom, L&Q did not.
It appears to me that had L&Q changed the intercom in December when asked, I’d not have been injured.

now we have

My reaction to my intercom going off. My Landlord London and Quadrant where asked in December 2016 To change this, but lost the report. This is one of three innocents L&Q do not feel is their fault. In one incident I was burnt as I had just made hot coffee.



When you threaten most people with legal action, You get a remarkably better service. L&Q approach is to get worse (If that was possible)
Because L&Q are incapable of fixing the intercom. It was added to my DFG Application. I have had approval for my DFG, L&Q Need to give permission for the works. and MY OT asked L&Q for permission Email
I am taking this delay as retribution for my legal action.


My conclusion is L&Q is run by idiots, with a CEO who is useless.
On L&Q Threatened legal action. Because Mitie had not got a response to letters I’d never received.
On The wrong address issue came to light. I received a letter address to the previous tenant. I only opened it as I could see the L&Q Logo.
Since I’ve been trying to rectify this with Richard Plummer but I’ve not had a response since

On I was given 7 day notice! The works where due to start on .

On I made a formal complaint L&Q Complaint – 1 – Mitie –
L&Q Complaint policy gives them 10 working day. That expired

On I got Email It fails to comment on the formal complaint I made.


On I raised Stage One formal complaint. In this complaint was several things, one was My Geberit Toilet L&Q Complaint – 1 – Toilet, Intercom, Water –
The response was recived on Email
As with all L&Q communication the response raises more question than it answers.

On I submitted my objection is L&Q Complaint – 2 – Toilet – 2016-10-05
It was written with the advice of Citizens Advice Bureau and Shelter.
Accourding to L&Q Complaint Procedure https://www.lqgroup.org.uk/comments-and-complaints/complaints-procedure/ their is no time frame for a response. With my stage one complaints I give ten working days. 10 Working day from would have been 28th October 2016.

On I submitted L&Q Complaint – 3 – Toilet – 2016-11-04

L&Q ended up having to buy me a whole new toilet as the parts where not available for the old one.

On I raised Stage One formal complaint.
L&Q Complaint – 1 – Toilet 2 –

On The manufacturer (Geberit) cameout Geberit – Report –
This was the referral HSM had made on

The response was recived on Email Again the response raises more question than it answers…It states

I am sorry to hear about the delays you have encountered following the report of the Wc pan showing intermittent faults,

This is an apology for the delay not an explanation of the delay.

As discussed earlier, following an initial call-out by L&Q’s contractor HSM a referral was made to the manufacturer of the Aquaclean Wc pan. Their assessment confirms there is no fault with the installation of the toilet and it is being affected by water spillage from the shower use. As shower use s not constant, I am advised by the manufacturer it works as intended at other times when the shower is not in use. The manufacturer has recommended we install a screen between the shower and the Wc pan, however, as discussed with you we cannot proceed with this until it has been authorised by an OT.

This is not true. The manufacturer (Geberit) said Geberit – Report –

The manufacturer has recommended we install a screen between the shower and the Wc pan, however, as discussed with you we cannot proceed with this until it has been authorised by an OT.

Now this is the fun part..
The manufacturer (Geberit) make no recommendations in the report. The engineer that visited me was reluctant to make recommendation as he had no knowledge of my disability or my use of the toilet.
My OT made the recommendation on L&Q have once again lost the report! Letter 2016-12-08 – OT Recommendation Shower Spec

On (According to my Google Calendar) City Build attended to move the shower and install a shower curtain, that the OT recommended on

On I wasted 19 minutes explaining the issue to a very stupid person at L&Q who despite my objection said HSM had to attend as they where the appropriate contractor.
On HSM had not turned up so I submitted L&Q Complaint – 1 – Toilet 2 –

On The toilet was not working so again called L&Q Again stupid lady said HSM would be out in 24 hours. Shortly after another lady called back, saying L&Q would call me and no one would be out over the weekend.

On Had a voice mail From HSM. They are being asked by L&Q to come out and take photos of the toilet. Spoke with L&Q was told the lady I wanted worked with Gas not toilets! So I looked up HSM. They appear to be a Heating & Hot water company. Not qualified to install a toilet!

On I had a phonecall from L&Q. They once again have asked HSM to attend.

On I had another voicemail from HSM. No one seems to understand the problems have been caused by HSM installing the toilet wrong in the first place. Geberit – Report – outline the wrong installation
Geberit – Report – details the consequences.

On I Submitted L&Q Complaint – 3 – Toilet 2 –

On I received Geberit – Letter – In this we see on Gebrit told both L&Q and HSM the toilet was installed wrong. But nothing was done.

On I submitted L&Q Complaint – 4 – Toilet 2 – This is my last attempt to resolve this outside of court.

I have never got a response or The Information asked for in the letter.

On L&Q sent Email 2017-08-21 1545 about an investigation on
I responded with Email 2017-08-21 1604 My understanding was the Geberit – Report – 2017-04-25.pdf Was the investigation

On L&Q Responded with Email 2017-08-22 1506
L&Q explanation of another investigation is bizarre. Apparently an investigation done by the manufacturer needs assistance from L&Q

On I received Email Because of the Disrepair Notice my complaint has been closed and move to the disrepair team. They have yet to contact me.

On The inspection arranged on Was conducted. Several “quick fixes” were proposed by Geberit for L&Q to action, including installing a Shower Curtain across the bathroom. These ‘quick fixes” have not occurred.
The L&Q rep was fully aware of the Disrepair Notice and the expiration date. We agreed ‘minutes’ of the meeting and an action list would be exchanged. This has not happened.

This disrepair notice has now expired no work has been done or scheduled to be done.No one for L&Q has contacted me.

We have offered our assistance

Hi Daniel, we appreciate your frustration however, we have offered our assistance many times the best we could within our policy. If you have anything further to discuss, please DM us. Fehim

Photographed in Wood Green, North London

Lets for fun look at the “assistance”…
So in And L&Q lost two reports.
HSM Install an electric toilet under the shower, this has broken the toilet. This was reported on and has still not been fixed!
On I issued a Disrepair Notice.
On I had a meeting with Geberit and L&Q Technical Engineer,

Trevor Hennessey

He was aware of the Disrepair Notice. Was given a list of actions by Geberit. These and The Disrepair Notice have expired and nothing has been done.

The assistance i’m getting is from My lawyer, Homes & Communities Agency, Housing Ombudsman and MP. I’ve also approached Haringey Healthy and Safety to look.
Can L&Q explain the assistance?

The more I look at this the more I’m convinced L&Q don’t have a clue!

British Gas

Gas wrongly charges disabled man approximately ₤2000 and won’t refund it

In my previous flat, I was a British Gas customer since 2013. I happily paid my bill by Direct Debit. As I’m disabled I never physically checked the meter. In Mid September 2016, I Received a huge bill. Turns out there was a cross meter situation in my old flat. Turns out it was all the flats we each had other people’s meters and were paying each other’s bills! British Gas won’t refund me the payments I’ve made on the wrong meter!!


I’ve been in contact with www.ombudsman-services.org/sectors/energy After being impressed by their helpful attitude, however having the the report this was misguided and they are useless.

On I moved out of Flat 64 Rosing Apartments, Bromley, BR2 9FN (reference as BR2)

On you (British Gas) sent me a bill (Electricity_Bill_22Sep16) I’m in debit by £667.66
It appears in my bill (Electricity_Bill_03Aug16)
I was in credit by ₤12.48 You billed me ₤999.41 (3)

The bill covers until

On you read the meter as 07534
On you estimated my meter reading as 12143
This results in an estimated kWh usage of 4789.00 (1)
(see page 4 of bill dated )

On you estimated my meter reading of 12143
On you read the meter as 14950
This results in an actual kWh usage of 2807.00 (2)
(see page 4 of bill dated )

You used estimated reading in this calculation. It can not be referred to as actual

Both 4789(1) + 2807(2) Gives a kWh usage of 7596. This gives a cost of £908.48 add service charge and vat gives a final bill of ₤999.41 (3)
(see page 4 of bill dated )

What makes this reading extra special is (see page 4 of bill dated ) You (British Gas) included my usage from the same period the previous year and I only used 534 kWh
As a disabled young man with most large appliances as gas (Central heating, cooker, shower) I was surprised to get this bill. I call you for assistance, after a lot of hard work I was asked to provide current meter readings from BR2

On I asked my landlord to confirm my meter reading.
On they confirmed the reading, but the meter serial number they quote is different to what you (British Gas) quote.
On I asked the Landlord to confirm the meter serial number.
On the landlord responded confirming my serial number is Z10N019515 You have it as Z10N019509
If wrong you’ve been billing me for the wrong meter for 5 years.
After a very unhelpful conversation with your Customer Support Representative and her equally unhelpful manager, I discovered there is no simple way for you to fix this. According to the representative it’s my responsibility to conduct the “Burn Test” with the assistance of my landlord, the new residents of BR2 and the owners of Z10N019515
Firstly I have no legal power over my landlord or the new tenants.
Secondly, the ground floor residents of Rosing Apartments and myself are all vulnerable adults with a range of disabilities that may not allow for a power interruption. I myself am on your “priority fix” list due to my disabilities.

What’s more annoying is page one of the bill dated You (British Gas) say my account is fine and you’re not changing my payments! I’d say you failing in your duty to keep the customer informed.

I was beginning to feel this was a lot of effort but I received a letter from Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited – I realized you’re incompetent.
I have been discussing this debt with you since September. I’ve said many times I can not conduct the “Burn Test” and have been ignored when giving my reasons – as above. If there is a mistake with the meter serial the compensation will have to be substantial to acknowledge the five-year mistake and the bullish attitude you’ve taken. If the serial Is correct you’re going to explain how I could use 7596 kWh of electricity.

On the bill dated on page 1 it clearly shows a direct debit
Of £212.00

On After a very rude Customer Service Agent at British Gas, I switched my provider.

After a quick google, I see this is a common tactic. Until you provide me with and accurate bill and explain the usage I will not be paying. Your welcome to take me to court.


The final report from the Ombudsman is repetitive and incomplete!

Following the investigation, my decision is that British Gas should:
• apply the Energy UK Code of Practice for Accurate Bills (often referred to as The Code) to the account, and remove charges for unbilled energy usage that are dated more than 12 months from the date of the first accurate bill;
• re-bill the account using the correct electricity meter serial number of Z10N019515 using the closing meter reading of 15035 on 1 September 2016;
• confirm in writing that if you identify British Gas has added any adverse payment information to your credit file due to these issues that have occurred on your account, on receipt of written proof of this from you, it will remove such information and confirm to you in writing on completion of this; generated
• issue a written apology for the inconvenience these issues have caused, which includes an apology for any inconvenience caused by referring the account to external debt collection agencies;
• offer you a payment plan which takes into account your ability to pay;
• credit the account with a £100 gesture of goodwill.

The report disagrees with my assertion of being a British Gas customer for five years. British Gas claim I’ve been a customer since 2013. This fails to acknowledge that I moved into BR2 in 2011. The account would have been in my partner’s name but would have been for the same address. I, however, have lost the will to argue. So will accept 2013

The report talks about Energy UK Code of Practice but fails to provide either the code or a link. A google provides The Code

On Page 10 of The Code we have

5. Back billing

If your supplier is at fault and has not sent you an accurate bill, they will not ask you to pay any extra for the energy you used (and for which you did not receive an accurate bill ) more than one year before they issued the bill.

If we accept I’ve had an account since 2013 (i don’t) and if we accept i’ve been paying £21 a month.

We have to conclude
£21.00 * 96 = £2058 The amount I’ve potentially paid on the wrong meter.
£21.00 * 12 = £252 The amount my Direct Debit has paid for the last year.

That a difference of £1806. British Gas have offered < £30 as a refund.
The “Back Billing Code (above)” says nothing about limits on refunds or ignoring payment made due to the error.

The report also states 15035 on . Is the closing meter reading however it does not explain how a bill was generated from this.

The report fails to comment on

  • The wording of the Bill in
  • This in my view is a breach of The Code
    “Suppliers will use all available information to produce accurate and clear bills, on time.”
  • The Code also states… 3.5 Your supplier will make sure that they check unusually high or low bills before they send them out.
    The bill had me list as using 7596.00 kWh (£999.41) given the exact year prior I used 534.10 kWh
  • The unauthorised taking of £212.00 on the bill dated
  • A breach of the Direct Debit Guarantee
  • The instance of British Gas I perform the Burn Test despite telling them I was disabled.
  • This in my view is a breach of the Equality Act 2010 As a Reasonable Adjustment

British Gas Electric Meter

British Gas Electric Meter. Showing the correct meter number

service complaints

Lack of service from the Ombudsman Service

On I contacted the ombudsman (as above) so far I’ve had no acknowledge of my complaint, as such my assertion of them being useless stands.


I got Letter 2017-05-08
I attempted to call the 0800 number and was promptly cutoff by the automated system. So i’ve given up.


On I contacted the ombudsman (as above) with the help of EHU the ombudsman responded. The person I was complaining about looked at the complaint! And surprise surprise found nothing wrong.


I got Call Us 2017-05-17. I initially believed this was due to Leaving these cowboys and was the final bill for my current address. However it’s for BR2 9FN!
Despite the several complaints, the Ombudsman and EHU being involved British Gas feel Harassing a disabled man is ok.


After a very unhelpful call with British Gas I was told several times I did not have an open complaint!
Yet found it with the address, not the Customer Ref Number.
When asked why I left British Gas, it’s due to this level of incompetence.


British Gas will not longer discuss the complaint with me

My aim now is to go public. All correspondents will be published.


UK Energy (the people who wrote the code) have give me Billing code scenarios
This document is weak it explains nothing. However…

7. I have received an unusually high bill. What should I do?

There are many reasons why your bill is higher than expected.
This could be due to a change of use, or your supplier receiving actual readings which are higher than their previous estimated readings. Remember there are significant changes in energy usage between summer and winter, which can result in your bills being higher than expected as can a change in your circumstances. Check that the details on your bill are the same as the details on your meters and that you have accurate meter readings. If you are still concerned, contact your supplier

Again had British Gas followed 3.5 of the code 3.5 Your supplier will make sure that they check unusually high or low bills before they send them out. and checked with me about the 7535 kWH usage this issue would have been discovered in August 2016


If their was a theme to this saga it’s that British Gas are incompetent
Email 2017-6-07 from this we see.

This matter has already been before the Energy Ombudsman, and you did not accept their decision. For the avoidance of doubt, back billing credit was already applied to the account in the amount of £620.17, leaving a small balance of ₤24.07 for you to pay. As per our earlier telephone conversation, I confirm I wrote off that amount as a gesture of goodwill leaving the account with a nil balance.

So the ₤24.07 has been written off. We also see they have provided a bill detailing how this ₤24.07 was reached.
Statement 2017 04 27

& both have an estimated reading of 15035
The reading of 15035 would have been from the wrong meter serial number.


The 15035 on the wrong meter

The 15035 on the wrong meter


The 15035 on the new meter

The 15035 on the new meter

The reading of 15035 has never been explained

It appears on the bill dateed so must be from when the meters where crossed.


My MP catherine west www.catherinewest.org.uk is a star! I got the following… Letter 2017-06-16 – From MP

As you can see British Gas repeat the lie that this has been to the Energy Ombudsman. They give some dates The Energy Ombudsman Ruled on The bill (with the ₤24.07 debt) was produced on and not given to me until
So this bill has not been referred to the Energy Ombudsman.

We now have… British Gas – OS Complaint 5 – 2017-06-19

The crossed meter issue has been investigated by the Energy Ombudsman this bill produced on has not been looked at by The Energy Ombudsman and Citizen Advice Extra Help Unit.
The Back Billing Code was applied to my account and the bill of was the result.

This Bill resulted in a £24 debt on the Account. British Gas have written off this debt.

If we look at the statement, on page 2 under section 4. We can see two readings
1 Sep 2016 – we read your meter = 15035 (Meter S/N Z10N019509)

1 Sep 2016 – we estimated your final meter reading = 15035 (Meter S/N Z10N109515)
Statement 2017 04 27

Now 15035 is the same final reading you gave on both bills.

I did not approach British Gas about the possible cross meter until I received the bill dated 22nd September 2016. So they are using the wrong meter reading again.

You have never explained where 15035 came from and why it’s on both bills.

British Gas are refusing to Engage on this say I need to ask the Ombudsman or seek private legal help.
As a disabled man on benefits, legal action is so far out my reach it’s funny.

Daniel McMorrow

Move – Bromley to Haringey

I called Bromley Social Care (First Response), I was moving from Bromley to Wood Green.
As a disabled man I have a lot of equipment from Bromley. A bed (with air mattress), Hoist & Shower chair and Care Package that provids me with 4 calls a day 365 days a year.

I was informed it was not their responsibility…

I made a formal complaint via phone.

This was a major mistake.

This complaint was confirmed by letter Complaint 2016-07-28
As you can see the crux of my complaint has been understood.

You state you will be moving to Wood Green but say that you have equipment that needs to be moved to your new address. Your complaint is that the council has no procedure in place for service users who move

The not responsibility comment was confirmed in email…

and we expect the new borough to work the same.

Good morning,


The advice that was given to you over the telephone yesterday from my colleague obtained from our OT team is that our process is to assess once somebody moves into the borough, and we expect the new borough to work the same.

You expect but don’t know.

We suggest speaking to your GP for a referral to their borough, or indeed if you already have arranged a new GP in the new borough, to ask them to refer you for assessment.
With regards to Housing Benefit & Council Tax benefits you will need to reapply in your new borough.
Kind regards

Susan Initial Contact Worker – First Response

A response to my complaint was received.

You will notice it totally avoids the question that was confirmed on .
It ignores the obvious lack of a procedure and appropriate training as the answer given by Susan on and supported by OTs was totally wrong.

It however, agrees to assist in the move.

From the until (my move date) Bromley made more and more mistakes.

I was informed by Haringey that they were still not aware of me and my needs.
I again spoke with Bromley Social Services and was assured

Monica Blake

who was dealing with my move would call me back in 5 minutes.
At (10 minutes after

Monica Blake

was due to call) I called again and made another complaint with

Mario Giannini

He was very apologetic about the lack of action and appeared to understand the urgent requirement and was going to raise the issue with someone one other than

Monica Blake


This never happened, no one from Bromley has called me to Discuss the delays and lack of support from Bromley.

Monica Blake

spoke with my mother (Mrs Pauline McMorrow) it transpired Haringey where informed on Of My care needs.
Effectively giving a Haringey Council three working day (due to being a Bank Holiday)

XXXXXX Care are the care provider picked by Bromley to look after me in Haringey

I’ve seen an email to XXXXXX Care dated providing them with the wrong address.
Again this would appear to have been rushed. As such XXXXXX care had very little time to prepare for my care needs. I had given Bromley over a month to arrange my care and equipment.
Bromley have blamed this wrong address on information they got from my mother.

I have never giving Bromley permission to speak with my mother

I made a second stage two formal complaint. In my email I requested an acknowledgement of my complaint.
Bromley Complaint 2 – Move – 8th September 2016
A SAR request for all my records including communication between Bromley and Haringey.
A FOI request for the move procedure.

@danielmcmorrow Hi there’s one stage for adult social care complaints with local authorities.
Link to Tweet

This would suggest my second complaint of was not needed and the non-response of would allow me to approach to LGO.

A Graham, Walton emailed me

I am very sorry that we have not provided a response. However, I can find no trace of your request having been received by our coordinators. Could you please let me know how and where it was sent, so that I can establish what may have gone wrong and take any action needed to correct this.

It was not until ICO – Decision – 2017-01-09

The DPA & FOI Acts breaches have been reported to the ICO

LGO – Bromley – 2017-02-10 – Final Decision
It states…

The Council says it does not have a policy for moving adults from one area to another, but says it will add this to the list of tasks to be completed by its Editorial Board which meets quarterly.

It also states…

After receiving my draft decision statement, Mr X was aggrieved that the Council had continued to charge him a contribution for the six weeks for which it funded his care. He said it only charged him because it had delayed in transferring his case to the new council.As Mr X received the care for which he was charged a contribution, however,he did not suffer any injustice as a result of the charge

Now the Care Act, That the LGO quote in the Final Decision says…
continuity-of-care-and-support-when-adult-moves the relevant suctions are under Continuity of care and support when adult moves parts 37 & 38

38. (1) If, on the day of the intended move as mentioned in section 37(1)(b), (2)(b) or (3)(b), the second authority has yet to carry out the assessment or assessments under section 37(6), or has done so but has yet to take the other steps required under this Part in the adult’s case, it must—
(a)meet the adult’s needs for care and support, and the needs for support of any carer who is continuing as the adult’s carer, which the first authority has been meeting, and
(b)where the first authority has been keeping a care account in the adult’s case, itself keep that account on the same basis as the first authority has been keeping it.

Too me the above suggests it should have been Haringey (the second authority) that paid not Bromley (the first authority)

As A result we have LGO – Bromley – Decision Review –

LGO – Bromley – Decision Review 1.3 -<13th February 2017

LGO Letter 2017-03-10 so we have LGO – Bromley – Decision Review – 1.2 – 10th March 2017

Given the errors made by both LGO and Bromley I made the very kind offer of… Bromley – Decision Payment – 2 – 2017-03-22

I made the offer on So after 65 days (45 working days) after the offer was made, Bromley said no.
We now have…

I got Bromley – 2017-05-31 – Response-to-Complaint As you can see My request of said evidence of permission In Bromley’s response their was no evidence of permission. So We have Bromley – SAR 2 – 1st June 2017

In The LGO LGO – Bromley – 2017-02-10 – Final Decision it states…

Mr X complained to the Ombudsman about the length of time the Council had taken to transfer his care to the new council. He said the social worker had only given the new council three days notice of his transfer. He said the care agency had missed the first call because it had been given the wrong address, but the Council had tried to say it was his mother who had given the agency that address.

On the District Nursing staff told the social worker that they could not order Mr X’s new equipment until he registered with a GP in the new council area, as they worked to individual GPs. When Mr X’s mother telephoned the new council (as advised by the social worker) to check arrangements, the member of staff at the new council said they did not have details of Mr X.

So the Social Worker ​recommend mother contact my new council. From the wording of the document I understand Social Worker​ works for Bromley.
In ​my SARs ​shows Bromley ​employees Monica Blake,​ Tameka Morrison ​and Jo Fielder ​spoke
with my mother Pauline McMorrow ​now either you did speak with her or the SARs ​is fictitious

Either Bromley broke The Data Protection with regards to talking with my mother or the broke it with forged SARs disclosure.

Dear Mr McMorrow,
Thank you for your request received yesterday under the Freedom of
Information Act for information relating to an Editorial Board.
I am not aware of this body. Please contact me if you have any further
information that might explain what it is and I will endeavor to provide
the information that you require if we hold it.
Graham Walton

This would suggest Bromley lied to the LGO when they said.

The Council says it does not have a policy for moving adults from one area to another, but says it will add this to the list of tasks to be completed by its Editorial Board which meets quarterly.

I made a the above FOI request using www.whatdotheyknow.com. FOI Requests Have a 20 (working) day limit. Bromley yet again failed to respond.

Dear Bromley Borough Council,
Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Bromley Borough Council’s handling of my FOI request ‘Editorial Board’.
I have once again referred this to the ICO.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/editorial_board

Yours faithfully,
Daniel McMorrow

I’m more and more convinced Bromley is run my failed used car salesmen. The ineptitude and stupidity is amazing.

Today I received Dom 2017-05-08 till 2017-06-04
I’ve lost count of the number of time I’ve told Bromley I won’t be paying.

I keep getting invoices from Bromley. It’s embarrassing.
However it reminded me to contact The LGO *again*
I pointed out Response – 7th October 2016

It clearly says

An interim care package of six week was arranged and funded by LBB to ensure as smooth a transition as possible

My main objection apart from Bromley saying they would or Care Act Parts 37 & 38 being totally different. Is the amount
£62.45 x 6 (weeks) £374.70
When I move to Haringey they assessed my cage as £54.73 x 6 (weeks) £328.38


So I’ve been using this rather poor excuse for a website for a while now!

It quite clearly says 23 matches. But when you click on that I get…2!

On 19th May 2014 I sent…


When I login I’m told I have ’34’ matches. When I try and view these I can’t. If I remove (untick) the disabled filter. The ’34’ matches show up.
As a disabled person I need a disabled flat, a flat that is not adapted for my needs is not a match.

These flats are not removed or acceptable for my needs and therefor is not a match. Please explain ?

Daniel McMorrow

After almost a month I got a response (5th June 2014)

Hello Daniel

I am very Hello Daniel

I am very sorry that you did not receive a response to the below. I am now managing the tenants email address but have only been for the last 3 weeks.. so I will investigate the below and find out why you didn’t receive a response

Regarding your matches, it may be worth speaking with your landlord to see whether there are actually any disabled flats posted in the area you have selected, as no results on HomeSwapper may indicate that there currently aren’t any available

Also, some matches are generated automatically by the system as suggestions; we are sorry if not all of these are applicable to you. We are currently undergoing a large upgrade to the system which will address and rectify this problem. In the meantime we are sorry for the inconvenience and wish you the best of luck with your searching

Best regards

Now I’m a geek if you can’t do an upgrade in 5 months something is wrong.


After several more matches that are not matches and never getting a response to my emails (despite the apology above) I sent…(27th October 2014)


Again. You have sent me a match that is not suitable. Please close my account and provide me with contact details of a senior manager. This is very distressing for me as I can not accept a non-disabled property and you sending me matches is very up setting.


My strong advice if you are told to use this website refuse! It will only be a source of stress!