The LGO are another cog whose ultimate job is to confuse and bemuse. They provide as little info as possible usually in a bizarre manner as to confuse. They quote law but they interpret it how they like and you can’t challenge them.

Thank you for submitting your complaint.
If you have not heard from us within the next 10 working days, please call us on 0300 061 0614 quoting your name and postcode, and an advisor will be happy to help.
Please do not reply to this email
Your Reference is 37825 submitted on

email from J.Beck@coinweb.lgo.org.uk To dmcmorrow@mage-net.net

Our ref: 20 014 081
(Please quote our reference when contacting us and, if using email, please put the number in the email subject line)
Dear Mr McMorrow
Complaint about London Borough of Haringey
Thank you for the information you provided.
Why we are writing to you
I have assessed your complaint to see whether we can and should investigate it.
I have decided we should consider it further and have passed it to our Investigation Team.
Catherine West MP has asked for an update on your complaint so I have sent her a copy of this email.

Technically I have never give the LGO permission to share my information with anyone.

email from N.Nys@coinweb.lgo.org.uk To dmcmorrow@mage-net.net

Your ref:
Our ref: 20 014 081
(Please use this reference number when contacting us. If using email, please put the number in the email subject line)

Complaint about London Borough of Haringey
Please see the attached letters.
Yours sincerely

Nathalie Nys Investigator

Complaint by Mr D McMorrow of 110a Sylvan Avenue, London, N22 5HY

In the above link,

Ms Nys


“Please send me the information and any comments on the complaint by

an extra 20 working days. 110 days from submitting the complaint.

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To N.Nys@coinweb.lgo.org.uk

When was our phone conversation?
Mr McMorrow

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To N.Nys@coinweb.lgo.org.uk

I can see .
So 12 working days later you ask for evidence and give them till the end of August.
During this delays I’m still at risk from the fault. I am not happy!
Mr McMorrow

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To N.Nys@coinweb.lgo.org.uk

Hello Is an update available?

email from N.Nys@coinweb.lgo.org.uk To dmcmorrow@mage-net.net

Please note that I am on leave until .

12 working days

I will respond to your email when I return. If your query is urgent, please contact
our team coordinator, Ms Sandhu on J.Sandhu@coinweb.lgo.org.uk .

Nathalie Nys Investigator

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To J.Sandhu@coinweb.lgo.org.uk

Where is my case ?

email from J.Sandhu@coinweb.lgo.org.uk To dmcmorrow@mage-net.net

I am currently on leave. I will return to work on
If the matter is urgent please email
A.Thackray@coinweb.lgo.org.uk or contact her on 0330 403 4749

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To A.Thackray@coinweb.lgo.org.uk

I want an update I am being passed from pillar to post!

email from A.Thackray@coinweb.lgo.org.uk To dmcmorrow@mage-net.net

Your ref:
Our ref: 20 014 081
(Please use this reference number when contacting us. If using email, please put the number in the email subject line)
Dear Mr McMorrow
Complaint about London Borough of Haringey
Further to your recent emails, you will be aware that Ms Nys is away from the office until
She will contact you with an update as soon as can after her return.
Yours sincerely

Angela Thackray Team Coordinator
I asked for an UPDATE.
Mr Nys is away she said to contact Ms Sandhu.
Ms Sandhu is also away she said to conctact Mrs Thackray>
Mrs Thackray tells me Ms Nys is away!

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To A.Thackray@coinweb.lgo.org.uk

I’m afraid that is unacceptable.
You can’t have a caseworker on Annual Leave for 3 weeks and not have her case load progressed.
I came to the LGO back in March
Mr McMorrow

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To A.Thackray@coinweb.lgo.org.uk;J.Sandhu@coinweb.lgo.org.uk

No comments?

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To A.Thackray@coinweb.lgo.org.uk


email from E.Lerwill@coinweb.lgo.org.uk To dmcmorrow@mage-net.net

06 September 2021
Your ref:
Our ref: 20 014 081
(Please use this reference number when contacting us. If using email, please put the number in the email subject line)
Dear Mr McMorrow
Complaint about London Borough of Haringey
I am

Nathalie Nys

line manager, and have been made aware of your recent emails.
A copy of our internal complaints details can be found here:
Complaints about our service – Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman
You can email details of your complaint direct to me,
and I will respond to you under our compaints process.
Yours sincerely

Evan Lerwill Assistant Ombudsman

0330 403 4755

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To A.Thackray@coinweb.lgo.org.uk;catherine.west.mp@parliament.uk

Please provide me with the internal complaints procedure
Mr McMorrow

email from dmcmorrow@mage-net.net To E.Lerwill@coinweb.lgo.org.uk

My complaint is my caseworker is away for an extended period.
Her last update was she was again giving the Council along time to supply supporting
documents This additional time expired in August I’m after an update.
A caseworker can’t go on extended leave without having their case load managed by someone.
This effectively is giving the council yet more time I came to you in good faith and so far its
been a headache.
A judicial review of your process should be done as a matter of urgency.
Mr McMorrow

email from E.Lerwill@coinweb.lgo.org.uk To dmcmorrow@mage-net.net

Dear Mr McMorrow
Due to other commitmentsand priorities, I am unable to respondto emails as quickly as
you would like. I am to respond to all my emails within five working days.
In response to your query, there is no appeal against my decision not to reallocate your
complaint – it would not be an efficientuse of time and resource, as the new investigator
would have to familiarise themselves with the case.
Our staff our entitled to take leave, and it would not possible for them to finish all their
cases before taking leave, because of the time and complexity involved in investigative work.
Ms Nys will assume the investigation on her return.

This is my final email on the matter, and we will not respond to further email from you about this issue.

Thank you for your understanding.
Yours sincerely

Evan Lerwill Assistant Ombudsman

Move – Bromley to Haringey

I called Bromley Social Care (First Response), I was moving from Bromley to Wood Green.
As a disabled man I have a lot of equipment from Bromley. A bed (with air mattress), Hoist & Shower chair and Care Package that provids me with 4 calls a day 365 days a year.

I was informed it was not their responsibility…

I made a formal complaint via phone.

This was a major mistake.

This complaint was confirmed by letter Complaint 2016-07-28
As you can see the crux of my complaint has been understood.

You state you will be moving to Wood Green but say that you have equipment that needs to be moved to your new address. Your complaint is that the council has no procedure in place for service users who move

The not responsibility comment was confirmed in email…

and we expect the new borough to work the same.

Good morning,


The advice that was given to you over the telephone yesterday from my colleague obtained from our OT team is that our process is to assess once somebody moves into the borough, and we expect the new borough to work the same.

You expect but don’t know.

We suggest speaking to your GP for a referral to their borough, or indeed if you already have arranged a new GP in the new borough, to ask them to refer you for assessment.
With regards to Housing Benefit & Council Tax benefits you will need to reapply in your new borough.
Kind regards

Susan Initial Contact Worker – First Response

A response to my complaint was received.

You will notice it totally avoids the question that was confirmed on .
It ignores the obvious lack of a procedure and appropriate training as the answer given by Susan on and supported by OTs was totally wrong.

It however, agrees to assist in the move.

From the until (my move date) Bromley made more and more mistakes.

I was informed by Haringey that they were still not aware of me and my needs.
I again spoke with Bromley Social Services and was assured

Monica Blake

who was dealing with my move would call me back in 5 minutes.
At (10 minutes after

Monica Blake

was due to call) I called again and made another complaint with

Mario Giannini

He was very apologetic about the lack of action and appeared to understand the urgent requirement and was going to raise the issue with someone one other than

Monica Blake


This never happened, no one from Bromley has called me to Discuss the delays and lack of support from Bromley.

Monica Blake

spoke with my mother (Mrs Pauline McMorrow) it transpired Haringey where informed on Of My care needs.
Effectively giving a Haringey Council three working day (due to being a Bank Holiday)

XXXXXX Care are the care provider picked by Bromley to look after me in Haringey

I’ve seen an email to XXXXXX Care dated providing them with the wrong address.
Again this would appear to have been rushed. As such XXXXXX care had very little time to prepare for my care needs. I had given Bromley over a month to arrange my care and equipment.
Bromley have blamed this wrong address on information they got from my mother.

I have never giving Bromley permission to speak with my mother

I made a second stage two formal complaint. In my email I requested an acknowledgement of my complaint.
Bromley Complaint 2 – Move – 8th September 2016
A SAR request for all my records including communication between Bromley and Haringey.
A FOI request for the move procedure.

@danielmcmorrow Hi there’s one stage for adult social care complaints with local authorities.
Link to Tweet

This would suggest my second complaint of was not needed and the non-response of would allow me to approach to LGO.

A Graham, Walton emailed me

I am very sorry that we have not provided a response. However, I can find no trace of your request having been received by our coordinators. Could you please let me know how and where it was sent, so that I can establish what may have gone wrong and take any action needed to correct this.

It was not until ICO – Decision – 2017-01-09

The DPA & FOI Acts breaches have been reported to the ICO

LGO – Bromley – 2017-02-10 – Final Decision
It states…

The Council says it does not have a policy for moving adults from one area to another, but says it will add this to the list of tasks to be completed by its Editorial Board which meets quarterly.

It also states…

After receiving my draft decision statement, Mr X was aggrieved that the Council had continued to charge him a contribution for the six weeks for which it funded his care. He said it only charged him because it had delayed in transferring his case to the new council.As Mr X received the care for which he was charged a contribution, however,he did not suffer any injustice as a result of the charge

Now the Care Act, That the LGO quote in the Final Decision says…
continuity-of-care-and-support-when-adult-moves the relevant suctions are under Continuity of care and support when adult moves parts 37 & 38

38. (1) If, on the day of the intended move as mentioned in section 37(1)(b), (2)(b) or (3)(b), the second authority has yet to carry out the assessment or assessments under section 37(6), or has done so but has yet to take the other steps required under this Part in the adult’s case, it must—
(a)meet the adult’s needs for care and support, and the needs for support of any carer who is continuing as the adult’s carer, which the first authority has been meeting, and
(b)where the first authority has been keeping a care account in the adult’s case, itself keep that account on the same basis as the first authority has been keeping it.

Too me the above suggests it should have been Haringey (the second authority) that paid not Bromley (the first authority)

As A result we have LGO – Bromley – Decision Review –

LGO – Bromley – Decision Review 1.3 -<13th February 2017

LGO Letter 2017-03-10 so we have LGO – Bromley – Decision Review – 1.2 – 10th March 2017

Given the errors made by both LGO and Bromley I made the very kind offer of… Bromley – Decision Payment – 2 – 2017-03-22

I made the offer on So after 65 days (45 working days) after the offer was made, Bromley said no.
We now have…

I got Bromley – 2017-05-31 – Response-to-Complaint As you can see My request of said evidence of permission In Bromley’s response their was no evidence of permission. So We have Bromley – SAR 2 – 1st June 2017

In The LGO LGO – Bromley – 2017-02-10 – Final Decision it states…

Mr X complained to the Ombudsman about the length of time the Council had taken to transfer his care to the new council. He said the social worker had only given the new council three days notice of his transfer. He said the care agency had missed the first call because it had been given the wrong address, but the Council had tried to say it was his mother who had given the agency that address.

On the District Nursing staff told the social worker that they could not order Mr X’s new equipment until he registered with a GP in the new council area, as they worked to individual GPs. When Mr X’s mother telephoned the new council (as advised by the social worker) to check arrangements, the member of staff at the new council said they did not have details of Mr X.

So the Social Worker ​recommend mother contact my new council. From the wording of the document I understand Social Worker​ works for Bromley.
In ​my SARs ​shows Bromley ​employees Monica Blake,​ Tameka Morrison ​and Jo Fielder ​spoke
with my mother Pauline McMorrow ​now either you did speak with her or the SARs ​is fictitious

Either Bromley broke The Data Protection with regards to talking with my mother or the broke it with forged SARs disclosure.

Dear Mr McMorrow,
Thank you for your request received yesterday under the Freedom of
Information Act for information relating to an Editorial Board.
I am not aware of this body. Please contact me if you have any further
information that might explain what it is and I will endeavor to provide
the information that you require if we hold it.
Graham Walton

This would suggest Bromley lied to the LGO when they said.

The Council says it does not have a policy for moving adults from one area to another, but says it will add this to the list of tasks to be completed by its Editorial Board which meets quarterly.

I made a the above FOI request using www.whatdotheyknow.com. FOI Requests Have a 20 (working) day limit. Bromley yet again failed to respond.

Dear Bromley Borough Council,
Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Bromley Borough Council’s handling of my FOI request ‘Editorial Board’.
I have once again referred this to the ICO.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/editorial_board

Yours faithfully,
Daniel McMorrow

I’m more and more convinced Bromley is run my failed used car salesmen. The ineptitude and stupidity is amazing.

Today I received Dom 2017-05-08 till 2017-06-04
I’ve lost count of the number of time I’ve told Bromley I won’t be paying.

I keep getting invoices from Bromley. It’s embarrassing.
However it reminded me to contact The LGO *again*
I pointed out Response – 7th October 2016

It clearly says

An interim care package of six week was arranged and funded by LBB to ensure as smooth a transition as possible

My main objection apart from Bromley saying they would or Care Act Parts 37 & 38 being totally different. Is the amount
£62.45 x 6 (weeks) £374.70
When I move to Haringey they assessed my cage as £54.73 x 6 (weeks) £328.38

Care Cost

So once again I’m left confused and puzzled by the stupidity of the government.

I rely on care for quite basic functions, i.e. Shower, Toileting and Cooking. I get 4 single handed visits a day. I accept I should contribute towards the cost of this care. However Liberata (The company who manage the money side of care) have increased my contribution from £17.70/week to £62.55/week

While this is a lot, the logic behind the increase is mad

I get
ESA (Employment and Support Allowance)
DLA (Disabillity Living Allowance) Higer Rate Care & Mobility.

Point 1
I only pay for my care as I get ESA
Point 2
From DLA – Care £27.20 & £11.00 are disreguarded. No explanation as to how these figures are reached is given.
Point 3
The apporatily named DLA Care is mostly ignored.

1. Overview
If you’re ill or disabled, Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) offers you:

  1. financial support if you’re unable to work
  2. personalised help so that you can work if you’re able to

You can apply for ESA if you’re employed, self-employed or unemployed.
You might be transferred to ESA if you’ve been claiming other benefits like Income Support or Incapacity Benefit.


1. Overview
Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a tax-free benefit for disabled people who need help with mobility or care costs.

DLA is ending for people who were born after 8 April 1948 and are 16 or over.

You can only make a new DLA claim if you’re under 16.

You’ll continue to get DLA until the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) writes to tell you about when it will end. The letter will invite you to apply for a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and tell you what to do next.

Use the PIP checker to find out how your DLA will be affected by PIP.

Your DLA will continue if you were born on or before 8 April 1948. You’re not then entitled to claim PIP.



So I applied for ESA weeks ago, at this point Bromley sent me a nice letter saying I could get Housing Benefit & Council Tax Benefit…
I applied…Bromley sent me a lovely 19! Page application booklet. After 2 hours of trying to fill this in with my mother on 9th June 2015 – we managed two and half pages.

On 16 June 2015 13:35:19 BST I sent Benefits@bromley.gov.uk a lovely email…

I just received my housing/council tax form – can I do this online or by phone. I can’t write – getting someone to help will delay my application more.
Daniel McMorrow

I got a response…

Thank you for your Housing Benefit query of which we confirm receipt.
Your query has been forwarded to a Customer Service Officer and will be worked on within the next 10 working days.
Please do not reply to this email as responses will go to an unmonitored mailbox. Please direct your queries to: – Benefits@bromley.gov.uk

I not sure of the logic behind waiting 10 days but.

On 13 July 2015 sent Benefits@bromley.gov.uk a lovely email… (Starting to lose my cool)

The delay in this response is leaving me at a finical risk. I would remind you thanking account of my disability is a requirement of equality act and Public Sector Equality Duty.
If this continues much longer I’ll be forced to make a formal complaint.

So after a total waste of time with Benefits@bromley.gov.uk, I turned to someone else.


This is beyond stupid. I claimed HB but due to how a settlement with work was reached I had to remove myself from this benefit. I’m now back in a position to claim HB again. However, Bromley Council have been so unhelpful in this it’s untrue!
I’ll be making a very public formal complaint and applying for
Discretionary housing payments (DHP) due to the delay caused by Bromley.
All I need is clarification that https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/housing-benefit-claim-form are accepted by Bromley. This should be a 30second enquiry it should not take over a month.

On , I got a letter from Bromley saying…

You were recently requested to supply further information with regard to your claim for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support

My claim has not been made!
After a 46 minute wait, I spoke to a fantastic lady at Bromley Benefits. Who firstly said there was no digital version of the form!
When I asked HCTB1 she change her response to

Bromley don’t accept that.

By not accommodating my disability Bromley have broken The Equality Act & Public Sector Equality Duty…

The annoying thing is HCTB1 was accepted as I have my first form completed HCTB1

My formal complaint Bromley Complaint


A 30 second phone call from Chris Loft – Answered my question!


Received a Response to my formal complaint. Letter 03-08-2015

In response to your initial enquiry, unfortunately, we are unable to accept a claim form which has been submitted online due to the requirement of a signature.

At what point did I say I wanted to submit it online?
Screenshot from 2015-08-10 10:24:36
The Download link is quite clear how to use the form!