Legal Aid

They are bureaucratic and ultimately unhelpful organization.

The cowboys

They caused this nightmare and are true idiots. They won’t take responsibility for it.

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

is a very bad model. The aim is to help with legal fees so justice can be available to everyone. However you apply for legal aid, Lawyers do work on your case. If you are assessed by the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

as not being eligible you become liable for the Costs of your lawyer. If like me you’re assessed but have to contribute and had not been informed properly of this, you are still liable. said …
It is, therefore, my decision that the firm’s handling of Mr McMorrow’s Legal Aid has been poor
Yet the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

found nothing wrong. The invoice was for work done between and . So On I fire your firm as I have lost faith in your ability. You issue me a bill acknowledgment 147 days later on and finaly submit to the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

On . 250 days from submitting to myself

Comments likke the above enrage me!

The USB Key with the audio recordings of my phone calls came. With a letter! I was supprised as the Letter that was posted with the USB Key contained a password
The posted the "password" to the usb key with the usb key. 
Like locking your front door and leaving the key in the lock.


Unencrypted files with an “encrypted” zip File

Subbmitted Legal Aid Agency (LAA) Complaint-2020-02-04
I am again asked to explain what I feel is missing. I am unaware of the data The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) holds on me. I have request my entier-case file The files below are only noted as The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) have referred to them.

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

expect me to know the data they hold on me!


Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

disclose and addational 3 files.



finaly relase the inverstgation report, into the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

handling or my SARs. My feeling on The


are not something I am shy of expressing.

Phoned the

The Legal Ombudsman

to check they had my complaint. As I was given no notification. I was told it could be 12 weeks! before it get allocated.

Submitted my second complaint to

The Legal Ombudsman

Gave up waiting for

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

have made a Formal Complaint to

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Submitted my formal complaint, with a valid reason to expedite.

– Can you advise what files you believe are missing?

I currently have an outstanding debt so if I got to the

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

this debt need to be paused You have given me notes about phone calls. When I asked for communication. The notes are not even transcripts but a summary. They also fail as they use acronyms that are not explained. A breach. You provided me “7 Solicitor’s claim.pdf” this appears to be only part of civ claim 1 As I am using my SAR to make a complaint against my lawyer for a bill Claim1 is important. This complaint is for the Legal Ombudsman and Solicitors Regulation Authority. I am happy to inform them you won’t cooperate. You refer in my complaint response to “substantive amendment” But no substantive amendment was disclosed in my SAR response of 12th August 2019 so having it and not disclosing is a breach of GDPR.. Mr McMorrow
Can you advise what files you believe are missing

Phoned the MOJ about the poor service for Legal Aid Agency

Our complaints process has now been exhausted.

Dear Mr. McMorrow, Our complaints process has now been exhausted. If you are dissatisifed with this response and wish to pursue the matter further then you have the right to make a complaint to the

Parliamentary and Health Service (PHSO)

through your local Member of Parliament. The Ombudsman is a free service; it makes final decisions on complaints that have not been capable of being resolved by a government department or Agency. By law, the Ombudsman service can only look at complaints about UK government departments and agencies if they have been referred by an MP. There is further information available on the

Parliamentary and Health Service (PHSO)

website It is important that you take the matter to the MP as soon as you receive our final response to your complaint, as there are time limits for the Ombudsman service to look into complaints. If you don’t know who your local MP is, go to for more information, or contact the House of Commons Information Office on
Our complaints process has now been exhausted

1.6: Revocation of the certificate

When a certificate is revoked the client must be given 21 days to consider the bill and make any representations, as they have a financial interest in the costs. Therefore, if the certificate was revoked either less than 21 days before or any time after the bill has been submitted (to us for assessed bills or to the court for bills where they are the assessing body), the claim will be rejected unless there is documentation confirming the client has seen a copy of the bill and has no objections. This will be a priority reject unless there is another valid reject reason.

For assessed bills the date the Claim1/1A certification is signed should be used to determine whether the provider would have had the opportunity to send the client the bill and allow 21 days to pass. For taxed bills, the financial interest certification at the back of the bill will need to be completed to determine whether the client has been sent a copy of the bill. This will not apply where the client already had a financial interest by virtue of the statutory charge applying or contributions paid, as the client should already have been provided with the bill

Revocation of the certificate

An Extremaly early respons to my Stage Two Complaint. This was not due till

I got an SMS asking me to contact LCS. They have recieved my stage two formal complaint and ICS should be suspended.

First letter about this debt.

Stage two Formal Complaint.

The below extracts from the response that highlight the incompetence for the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

As you are aware, your emergency cover was date limited to the period and The date limit was imposed because your solicitors did not submit a substantive amendment when required to do so. Following a ‘reinstate certificate request’, submitted by the solicitor on , we reopened the certificate and the required substantive amendment was provided.
A final bill was then submitted by your solicitor . Please note, there is no time limitation for providers to submit a final bill. The work they successfully claimed for was undertaken between the dates of your emergency cover only. We did not pay the solicitor for any work outside of these dates.
Following the payment of the final bill, we then referred this matter to our debt recovery unit (as explained in your original offer letter). At that stage, you were informed that your solicitor’s claim had been paid and you would have to set up a payment plan to address the liability.
With reference to your Subject Access Request: You have asked why you were not provided with copies of your telephone calls after you were informed that all calls to the agency are recorded? Copies of your calls were not requested in your SAR correspondence so were not provided in response.
See comment above.

We’ve not sent the response, it’s with the complaints team.

We sent the response, we just don’t know-how.

– Response from Costs Draft Person Ms E Harper

Thank you for your letter (undated). The work undertaken was clearly set out in the bill sent to you on 18th July 2018. Any query regarding the bill should have been raised within 21 days of it being sent to you as clearly set out in the letter sent, however we received no objections. When you did not accept the offer of Legal Aid work relating to your matter, work was discontinued. We trust this answers your query. Any questions relating to the payment of money due should be directed to the

Legal Aid Agency (LLA)

as our involvement in this matter has now concluded.
Costs Draft Person

Stage One Formal Complaint.

SAR Response of 13 files

Submitted a SAR Request.


They are bureaucratic and ultimately unhelpful organization.
I'm convinced the PHSO is run by self-serving tits who could not find there way out of a wet paper bag with a map!

Dear Mr McMorrow

I understand that you have requested a copy of our complaints policy via our Twitter page. I enclose a copy of this policy.
I also understand that you would like to raise a service complaint, in addition to your review. Please can you provide the details of your complaint and I will arrange for these to be addressed by a manager.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

The policy states…

When someone is unhappy with the decision we have made on their case, or the service they have experienced, we expect them to initially raise their concerns with the original case owner, or if a service complaint, their manager. This is because the person who handled the case is normally best placed to resolve any concerns and answer questions about it.

This is extremely misguided. When a Caseworker makes several stupid errors with a case or case decision they lose the trust of the person making the complaint, making them discuss these concerns with the caseworker is insensitive.

I want to make a complaint about my Caseworker. I don’t really wish to discuss the complaint with my Caseworker as I feel she is an idiot. Completely void of an inquisitive mind, ability to use basic logic, or basic investigatory skils.

Dear Mr McMorrow

I have discussed your complaint with my manager and my colleague Adrian, who spoke to you this morning. We have decided that we can consider your letter provided as a review request. I have arranged for this to be considered by a manager who has not had any input on your case to date. They will be in contact with you directly if they require any further information to consider your request.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

– Part 2

Dear Mr McMorrow

Please see attached review form, if you write your concerns in the form and send it back to me by email I will arrange for a manager to review your case. Details on how we complete our reviews can be found on the form itself.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

During the very condescending explanation of the review process on no mention of a form is made.
I’m disabled I type one-figured. It took me weeks to write PHSO-Complaint-Response-With-Comments, cross-referencing dates, etc. I am not now filling out a form.

Attached is my response

Please note the questions I asked of the legal ombudsman have not been answered.
This demonstrates how poor their service is and highlights why I need an understanding of the complaint.
It is also my wish for this to be reviewed by a thing party.

Mr McMorrow

– Part 2

I requested a review you said we need to discuss it and see if my concerns can be resolved. The reason for this email chain, is to demonstrate how slow the legal ombudsman are in relation to comments you made about them.
Once I have the answers I’ll submit my objections to the report. I understand I have a month from when it was published to respond.

If I have not had a response from the legal ombudsman in the next week, I shall send my objections without their comments.

Mr McMorrow

Dear Mr McMorrow

If you have any questions about how the Legal Ombudsman conducts its process and its power under
the Scheme Rules, it can respond to these questions. However, if you want to complain to the Legal
Ombudsman about our decision, then it cannot respond to this.

If the Legal Ombudsman provides any evidence about its scheme which challenges our findings, then you can request a review.
If the Legal Ombudsman does provide evidence which challenges our findings, then you can get in touch with me to
request a review. As we do not know what the Legal Ombudsman will say in response to your question,
I would recommend waiting for the Legal Ombudsman to respond to you before requesting a review.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

– Part 6

If I have some Information from the LAA and unsure of its relevance how am I to complain to the Legal Ombudsman?

The LLA provided me an itemized invoice but used abbreviations my solicitor had said pituclars, for example, were not filed unless I understand the bill from the LAA I don’t have a comprehensive complaint.

Mr McMorrow

– Part 5

Dear Mr McMorrow
The letter does not suggest that you were going to the Legal Ombudsman to make a claim against the LAA.
It says that if they did investigate your complaint, it could seek all the relevant information from the LAA
it needed for its investigation.
We cannot and should not comment on how successful a complaint with the Legal Ombudsman.

Kind regards
Ms Holly Greaves (she/her)Caseworker

– Part 4

I’ll highlight the errors but the
Document page 3 paragraph 2 the legal ombudsman would investigate my solicitor, not the LAA.
and also unless I understand stand the LAA document and the relation to my complaint I can’t
make a complaint to the legal ombudsman.

Mr McMorrow

– Part 3

Dear Mr McMorrow

The first stage of our review process is for the complainant to raise the matters with the caseworker who worked on their case first. If the caseworker cannot resolve matters, the complainant should request a review and a manager who is not involved in the case will then consider the review request.
The dates were taken from the documents you provided. Are there any dates in particular which you feel are incorrect? How do you feel this impacts on our overall decision?

We did not make any assumptions about your pursuit of the complaint with the Legal Ombudsman.
You told the ICO and ourselves the reason you wanted the information in the Subject Access Review (SAR)
was due to your pursuit of this. the information about the Legal Ombudsman\u2019s process was taken from their website and their legislation. They work in a similar way to ourselves, in that they can request any relevant information which would help their investigations.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

My Complaint makes no refrance to to the date 25th Feburay 2018

– Part 2

I hope you are aware of several factual errors in this response?
I suggest an urgent review. Of my case and the decision.
Mr McMorrow

Dear Mr McMorrow
Please find enclosed a copy of our decision letter following our consideration of your complaint about the Legal Aid Agency and the Information Commissioner\u2019s Office. I have also sent a copy of this letter to your MP.
If you have any questions, I am available on the details below. If you would like a physical copy of our decision letter, I will keep a note of your request and we will send one to you when our office re-opens after the coronavirus measures reduce.
Kind regards

Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

Descision Letter
Can you hurt yourself, laughing?
The Decision has more factual errors than I can count.

– Part 2

My complaint to the LLA about this 176 page document has never been answered. It failes the ICO
rules on being readable as it never explains the context of each document.

Attached is the relavent document. Page 68 at the very bottom has

This raises concerns in that Tyrer Roxburgh told the


“we attend his home”

Tyrer Roxburgh

have never been to my flat. The


made no effort to verify this claim.

Dear Mr McMorrow

I have received an email from the


, in response to my question about whether they have provided you with the substantial amendments you said were not in the LAA file. It said that this was included in the documents it provided to you on 19 February, specifically page 68 of 176.
It says that the substantive amendments were not provided as a separate document, but were added as an
amendment on the LAA\u2019s computer system.
Please can you check through the documents and see if you have received this information?
Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

Your complaint about Legal Aid Agency
Case ref: C2104401
Thank you for your email and the final response to your complaint.
I have sent a new case request, which will generate a new case ref number.
You will be updated with this and informed of the next stage shortly.
Yours sincerely

Your complaint about Legal Aid Agency  Case ref: C2104401

Sent my MP (

Catherine West


Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Complaints to the PHSO have to be refered to them by a DESIGNATED PERSON

Royal Mail

– Part 2

I’m making a Subject Access Request for all data the Royal Mail has on me.

On I made a FoI request to

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

On They responded with
Advice given to Home delivery companies regarding Covid 19
The most impotant part…

This guidance does not supersede any legal obligations relating to health and safety,
employment or equalities, and it is important that businesses or employers continues to comply
with their existing obligations including those relating to individuals with protected
characteristics. It contains non-statutory guidance to take into account when complying with
these existing obligations.
Businesses or employers need to consider whether they need to put in place any particular
measures or adjustments to take account of their duties under the equalities legislation.

You’ve conducted an investigation into an issue that been apparent since 2016, in 24 hours?
Forgive me for finding this bizarre.
While I appreciate that the pandemic has made delivery difficult and your efforts in reducing infections
I have photos from my door bell showing not a single royal mail employee wearing a mask. I have several
people who are also happy to provide statements that royal mail employees have handed them items.
Your policy isn’t inline with the Equality Act 2010. I’ve not actually been outside my flat in over a year.
People that provide me care all arrive in PPE.
as I’ve stated several times my doors can both be unlocked remotely. I’m at a minimum 4 meters from
my door and the chair.
In regards to the “new” route excuse a. He’s didn’t follow dilvery Instructions and b.
The original Adjustment put in place by the Wood Green Depot manager in 2019
As I find your investigation inadequate I’m continuing my legal process for disability discrimination
and failure to make Reasonable Adjustments
Mr McMorrow

Dear Mr McMorrow
Thank you for your patience whilst I investigated your complaint. Again, please accept my sincere
apologies for the inconvenience caused.
I have reviewed the previous responses provided to you from our Escalation team and the Postal Review Panel
and I am confident that they are correct. I have spoken to the Delivery Office Manager who has confirmed there is a local agreement in place for our Officers to knock on your door and then leave any parcels for you on the hair situated inside your property. Following his investigation in to the reason for the recent failure to do this,
it has become apparent the Officer on duty that day was new to the round and was unfortunately unaware of the agreement. Your regular Officer is now currently away on a long term absence and so the Manager has ensured that all Officers who cover the round are aware of the agreement. He will also monitor this to make sure this is happening.
I should explain however that the health and safety of our customers and employees is of paramount importance. During the pandemic we must guarantee that all deliveries can take place whilst maintaining the 2 meter social distancing guidelines. Our Officers have been instructed to perform risk assessments on each delivery and if the distancing cannot be achieved the officers will advise the Delivery Office Manager and alternative arrangements will have to be made.
In light of the above I am confident that we are acting in line with our obligations under the Equality Act to provide a reasonable adjustment.

Kind regards
Simon Kellys
Royal Mail – Chairman and Chief Executive Office Manager

Dear Mr McMorrow
Further to your contact via our Social Media channel, your complaint has been passed to me as the Manager
of Royal Mails Chairman & Chief Executive Office team for review and response.
As such, may I say how very sorry I am to learn that you have again had cause to contact us regarding our
failure to leave items on your chair. It is very disappointing to hear we have let you down.
I will review in full the previous complaints you have made with our Escalated Customer Resolution Team and
the Postal Review Panel. I will also make investigations with my colleagues in our Operational team to
understand and rectify the failure.
I will be back in contact upon completion of my investigation.
Kind regards
Simon Kelly

Royal Mail – Chairman and Chief Executive Office Manager
Address: Royal Mail Group Ltd, 100 Victoria Embankment, LONDON, EC4Y 0HQ

Received A letter dated 

Dear Mr McMorrow

Thank you for your further email to the Postal Review Panel, received on , regarding your complaint with Royal Mail. Please once again accept my apologies for any problems this matter has caused.

Is it me or is that line fimlar!

Royal Mail would look to deliver all items of mail. This would always be done within its delivery procedures.
However, following your complaint, a sutyle=”color: green;font-weight: bolder;”>itable adjustment has been agreed with your local delivery office to ensure that all your items are delivered to you. I have had it confirmed that this has been agreed and put into place.

Agree implies I've accepted the proposed adjustment. As I have not seen it it has not been accepted.

With regards to your e-mails, | have outlined the issues with these and explained the problems in my previous correspondence. | have nothing further to add to this.

Nothing has been explained

For reference, the address for Royal Mail’s legal department is Legal Services; Royal Mail
HQ; 100 Victoria Embankment; London; EC4Y OHQ.

As all of my communication has been  via email, a postal address seams rude.

This is the Postal Review Panel’s final decision on behalf of Royal Mail and should you remain dissatisfied with this response, it is recommended that you seek independent advice.

Oh I've already done so, and have approached a Law Firm

Yours sincerely

Robert knowles, Postal Review Panel

Classified: RMG — [Confidential] has
Statement of Arrangements DUSP 1.8.4

I would think Delivery of Mail was a major part of Royal Mails job. Yet the above "agreement" has nothing of this.

email to

on I asked

then asked…

With rearguard to your letter date (received ) You’ve got as much
chance of me altering my website as i have as winning the London Marathon.
I scan each letter and compile each into my Content Management System / AI to track and manage each comment / statement made. This is how i identified each apology at the bottom of each letter is identical, and probably a template AND MEANINGLESS
Not a single question I’ve asked has been answered
POSTRS don’t deal with discrimination cases so I’ve approached two Law firms.
Mr D. McMorrow

Received A letter dated 

Dear Mr McMorrow
Thank you for your e-mails to the Postal Review Panel. Please once again accept my apologies for any problems this matter has caused.

I do appreciate the points raised in your emails and complaint regarding the delivery of your mail and the process which was in place prior to the Coronavirus pandemic.

You appreciate but have side-stepped them. Quite badly I might add

I must stress that this was a local agreement and adjustment which went against Royal Mail’s delivery procedures. Although this was put in place, the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures meant that this could not continue. I have also explained this to your local MP,Catherine West.

So the Local Agreement that was put in place that stopped my legal action was against Royal Mail’s delivery procedures.
The " Royal Mail’s delivery procedures" should comply with Equality Act 2010 

However,I have liaised with both your local Delivery Office Manager and Royal Mail’s Compliance Manager, and I believe a solution has been found and agreed.

Nothing has been agreed by Myself.

With regards to secure email, I can only reiterate that Royal Mail’s internal system can use encryption when sending messages to certain domains. Again, I would not be able to make any changes to this as it was put in place to comply with GDPR regulations. Although | have
noted that you have sent multiple e-mails to the Postal Review Panel, as you stated that you could not receive emails sent to you, I responded to these by letter.

I love talking tech with non-tech people. 18 Years of IT and I'm still surprised. 
I'd be remiss If i did not point out the last line of email sent   Here
Let also examine the anxiety caused. 
I email you.
You write a response letter.
My original email is never acknowledged. I feel I'm being ignored and my issue is not being taken seriously.
I received a non-response letter four days after it was written. 
I've subsequently pulled my hair out as something as simple as putting my item on a chair has become a mission to Mars.
GDPR is only relevant it sensitive data, not email conversations.
Emails sent via the "secure message" system are received. The website is unusable on my Phone, Normal email is. 
On my PC "secure messages" can't be 'exported' from the system.
Several important emails have been deleted, as these have not been 'exported' can't be presented as evidence.

Further to this, I would kindly request that all correspondence from Royal Mail and the Postal Review Panel marked as confidential, be removed from the public domain as soon as possible.

You've as much chance of me removing them from my website as I have in winning the London Marathon!
Now the confusion! I received a Response form "The Postal Review Panel" on 23rd July Letter 2020-07-23
My understanding to Royal Mail's complaints policy is the "Postal Review Panel" are the last stage. My further discussions with them where superfluous. So why was information on POSTRS only just given?

I sent

Complaints Handling Process

I said…

How is this not a “finial response”. it clearly states “I have thoroughly reviewed your complaint and I am now able to respond.”

The supporting evidence I uploaded to CEDR was
Letter 2020-07-23

Heather Roffey from CEDR said…

Dear Customer, Thank you for your case update. We can see you have uploaded a letter from the Postal Review Panel but unfortunately this is not the “Postal Review Panel final response” letter. As seen in the scheme rules and your application to use the scheme POSTRS does require this information prior to accepting a case. Please can you advise if you have a received a Postal Review Panel final response, and if so please upload this to your case file. Additionally should you experience any issues with uploading this document or the above information please feel free to contact a member of the team on 0207 520 3766. Kind Regards POSTRS

Received A letter dated 

Date: 10 August 2020
Dear Mr McMorrow

Thank you for your further e-mail to the Postal Review Panel, received on 6 August 2020, regarding your complaint with Royal Mail. Please once again accept my apologies for any problems this matter has caused.

I have noted your original complaint was regarding the delivery of items and this was resolved locally and a reasonable adjustment put into-place, to allow-maitto-be delivered to you.

I never agreed the issue had been resolved. The Adjustments have never been explained so I've not had the opportunity to see if they work for me.

With regards to encrypted e-mails, this is sometimes done by Royal Mail’s servers when sending an e-mail to some domains and recipients. Unfortunately, | have no control over this.

You've ( as In Royal Mail ) have broken email, you've introduced barriers in communicating with you.

Should you wish to take this matter further, | would advise that you take independent advice.
For reference, the address of Royal Mail’s legal department is Legal Services; Royal Mail HQ; 100 Victoria Embankment; London; EC4Y OHQ.

Given all my message have been email providing postal address seams silly.

Please let me apologise once again. | would like to give you my assurance that Royal Mail are not complacent about the quality of their service and are constantly striving to ensure that you receive the level of service you have every right to expect.

I don't believe a word of the above.

Yours sincerely
Robert Knowles
Postal Review Panel

Classified: RMG — [Confidential]
Postal Review Panel” is part of Royal Mail Group ple. Registered in England and Wales. Registered number 4138203.
Registered office at 100 Victoria embankment, LONDON, EC4Y OHO.

Royal Mail – Complaint – 2020-08-10

8 unanswered emails to

Dear Daniel McMorrow
We confirm that a new application has been received. CEDR is currently reviewing it and has 15 working days to confirm whether or not the dispute is within our scope.
You will be notified via email of any developments or you can track the progress of your dispute online. Please feel free to contact us at any stage should you require any further information.
Case Info :
Case Ref. No : POST001770
Customer name : Daniel McMorrow
Company name : Royal Mail
Date dispute referred : 07 August 2020
Current status of case : Reviewing

Received A letter dated 

Dear Mr McMorrow

Thank you for your email. I am sorry I am unable to respond by email as all Royal Mail emails are sent in the same secure format,

So Royal Mail re-invented email and made it useless.
This also contradicted what others have said.

Please accept my apologies that my colleague Rob Knowles referred to an email this was a mistake. However, you have said your concerns have doubled, but not explained why or the concerns you now have.

My original complaint outlined my First set of concerns. These have not been addressed, so outlining more concerns would be pointless waste of my time.

I have been led to believe Royal Mail are making reasonable adjustments to delivery your packages.

The Adjustments where put in place in 2019. You removed them without discussion. Now new Adjustment have been explained or agreed

Rob is currently out of the office, but if you outline your concerns, he will of course address these.

So Rob is the only one who can deal with my complaint?.

Yours sincerely
Lorna Pinder
Royal Mail Group Ltd, registered in England and Wales, number 4138203, registered office: 100 Victoria Embankment, LONDON, EC4Y OHQ.

I just sat down to write a complaint against Royal Mail.
I raise the issue that “secure messages” remain within Royal Mail control…

I use email on my phone for simplicity, from my Phone I can Save or Print messages.
The “secure message” system removes this ability, the website Mimecast is not optimised for mobile phones. As raise with Nicola Barnham on Fri, 26 Jun 2020 14:16:49 my unanswered point about the inability for the message to be printed. It also poses a regulatory issue as messages remain under the control of Royal Main and potential could be changed or deleted.

As I foresaw several emails I wanted to reference to have been deleted
This action removes oversight of POSTRS and Ofcom. It also makes legal action impossible as I can’t provide evidence as to what was said.

How exactly do you intend to explain ignoring me?

I have a complaint with your response to my claim of disability discrimination. You’ve avoided the claim in the response.
You’ve ignored my tweets and failed to assist me in this process.

Mr McMorrow

UNANSWERED Not even an acknowledgment. 

Royal Mail – Complaint – 2020-07-29

Received A letter dated 
I'm assuming this letter is the email referred to in letter of 25th July.

Dear Mr McMorrow

Thank you for your e-mail to the Postal Review Panel, received on 13 July 2020, regarding your complaint with Royal Mail. Please accept my apologies for any problems this matter has caused. I have thoroughly reviewed your complaint and I am now able to respond.

I do appreciate your frustration and I can confirm that Royal Mail should put in place a reasonable adjustment, as defined under the Equality Act, in order to facilitate delivery of your mail.

The Equality Act 2010 is not optional. You are bound by UK Law to make Reasonable Adjustments.

However, I am sure you understand that these are unprecedented times and I do apologise that the current problems caused by the Coronavirus pandemic have exasperated this issue for you.

This fails to explain why you would not follow the alternative adjustment, i.e. The Chair.

Upon receipt of your complaint, I raised this matter directly with the manager, Abderrazaq Chamnaoui, at your local Delivery Office to investigate. Abderrazaq has confirmed to me that a process has been put in place in order to resolve this issue and that items can now be delivered to you.

The adjustments where in place in 2019. You changed these, and had not said what the new adjustments are.

With regards to receiving secure e-mail, I am unsure as to why this happens occasionally, although I believe it is something to do with the receiving server or e-mail provider.

I have also considered the handling of your complaint and | can see that e-mails went without reply. I have therefore arranged for a cheque to the value of £50.00 to be sent out to you.
This will follow in the post.

Classified: RMG — [Confidential]
Postal Review Panel
is part of Royal Mail Group ple. Registered in England and Wales. Registered number 4138203. Registered office at 100 Victoria embankment, LONDON, EC4Y OHQ

Royal Mail – Complaint – 2020-07-27

Received A letter dated 
Along with the letter was a £50.00 Cheque.
No conversation or explanation was given.

Dear Mr McMorrow
Further to your correspondence with the Postal Review Panel, please find enclosed the
payment referred to in the email you were recently sent.
Should you wish to contact the Postal Review Panel about this matter, they can be
contacted by email at or by post at FREEPOST Postal Review
In closing please accept our apologies for any problems caused.

Yours sincerely
Royal Mail on behalf of the Postal Review Panel
Enclosed: Cheque for £50.00 payable to D McMorrow

Firstly the secure email you use is a insult.
Secondly, we’ve been here many times before. The manager who the postman called this morning said to him it was policy to leave items on doorstep. This policy allows discrimination by its very existence as disabled people use your service you are bound by the Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable Adjustments for disabled people to use your service.
Are you still a public body, because the PSED is also going to be fun.
I have asked for a dead lock letter as you’ve have years to fix this and have failed.
Mr McMorrow

email to

If you continue sending me secure message when not needed I’m going to abandon my complaint with you and continue my claim for disability discrimination in the courts.
I am unable to use your secure mail service as simply as email.
Not in the handful of messages I’ve had required secure messages system
Please don’t send letters, just normal emails.
Mr McMorrow

Royal Mail – Complaint – 2020-06-29

I have no idea why this is dated 29th.

– Final Response

Dear Daniel
Thank you for your further emails and I am sorry if you are not happy with my responses. The reason I responded to your Ofcom comment, this is what was sent to us by them showing a date of December 2017 but advising your complaint is ongoing with my final response sent to you on the 26th June.
I am unable to comment why you did not receive a reply from Twitter but apologise this did not happen. Royal Mail of course do not think ignoring customers is acceptable.
I apologise that there is nothing further I can do to help and that I am unable to give you a more positive response on this occasion. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that, if you are still unhappy with the outcome, you can ask to have your case reviewed by the Postal Review Panel, who are a body that sit outside of Royal Mail and who will conduct an unbiased review of your complaint. They can be contacted by writing to FREEPOST Postal Review Panel or by email to

Kindest Regards
Nicola Barnham
Royal Mail – Chairman and Chief Executive Office

Dear Daniel
I did send my final reply by email on the 26th June. If you have not received it I can send it again or this time by letter, please advise me.

Kindest Regards
Nicola Barnham
Royal Mail – Chairman and Chief Executive Office

Dear Mr McMorrow
Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry you were unhappy with the way your mail was delivered and can fully understand your concern.
We’ve provided guidance to our people to help prevent the spread of any infection in line with preventative guidance from Public Health Authorities. We’ve also made a series of
temporary adjustments to our parcel handling procedures including:

* Not handing over our hand-held devices to customers to capture signatures, instead we’ll be logging the name of the person accepting the item.

* When delivering parcels, we’ll step aside to a safe distance while you retrieve your item. This will ensure your item is delivered securely rather than being left outside.

* Revising our ways of working to ensure, wherever possible, colleagues stay two metres apart.

* Only one person in our delivery vehicles at any one time.
* Leaving a ‘Something for You’ card, advising of other ways to get your item.

* Delivering unaddressed door to door advertising mailings to customers, who have not opted out of receiving them, and are receiving addressed letters or parcels at the same time. For more information on unaddressed mail and how to stop receiving it, visit
This outcome has been reached in line with Royal Mail’s Terms and Conditions of posting. Full details of these can be found by
visiting If you feel we have acted outside of these terms and conditions, you can write to us
at Escalated Customer Resolution Team, Royal Mail, PO Box 466, Plymouth, PL9 7HJ

Classified: RMG — [Confidential]
Royal Mail Group Ltd, registered in England and Wales, number 4138203, registered office: 100 Victoria Embankment, LONDON, EC4Y OHO.

The postman argued with me. He could see I’m in a wheelchair would not put it on the chair I put for this purpose.

The delivery manager needs to come to see me again and I want a written apology from the postman.

Covid-19 is not an excuse to ignore the needs of the disabled.

Mr McMorrow