As far as we could tell, he who had presided over the dismantling, in law, of God’s first building block of society by introducing same-sex ‘marriage’, had ‘got away with it’ and suffered no consequences.

Because same-sex-marriage is by far the biggest problem he (David Cameron) created.

Let’s ignore the increase in Homelessness.
A welfare reform that has resulted in the death OR humiliation of vulnerable claimants. And the dismantling of OUR NHS. A total disregard for public opinion. And a referendum that’s been a train wreck of lies. 

Long as the GAYS can’t marry it’s ok! 


Amy Childs wades into election debate to blast benefit ‘spongers’ – including her own aunt

Firstly a point that need to be clarified. I have absolutely know idea who Amy Childs is. I have no knowledge of her background, job or education. I would also argue she has no knowledge of me or any of the difficulties faced by the so called ‘spongers’

Secondly her comment where said in a political context so lets examine this…

Im a “sponger’ aka I’m disabled and in receipt of Benefits.
(ESA,DLA,Council Tax & Housing Benefit)
I had a 3 year fight for my job and was mentally abused for 3 years! subjected to constant ridicule and constantly being told I was unfit (for my job – they would not even let me try)

I tired to claimed for my breakfast on expenses. (1)
Iain Duncan Smith claimed £39 breakfast on expenses (that’d leave him £14 for the rest of the week)

I claimed for my heating, gas, electric and council tax on expenses. (2)
Stephen Crabb
340 MPs get their energy bills paid on EXPENSES to heat second homes – with one claiming £5,822

I claimed for heating my stables on expenses. (3)
Millionaire Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi claimed for electricity bills at his STABLES

I claimed for a bulldog clip on expenses. (4)
David Cameron claims SEVEN PENCE for bulldog clip on expenses

I stole 90K and only had to make a < 30second apology (5)
Maria Miller’s 30-second expenses apology in House of Commons

I forgot to declare extra income and have to say sorry. (6)
Tory MP Geoffrey Cox Apologises For Failing To Declare ‘Forgotten’ £400,000 Of Income

In the above article she states

The 24-year-old said she’s fed up with the benefits system for encouraging scrounging and claims too much tax goes to those who can work, but don’t want to.

I also going to assume she never had the misfortune of dealing with Access To Work (I talk about AtW Here), the government’s flagship scheme to assist disabled people into work.
The article also comments on her success at running a few businesses.

…after launching a string of lucrative businesses…

I wonder if she’s ever hired from Job Center.
Or if her businesses are Two Tick or Disability Confident accredited.

ESA Cuts

Before you read this please understand I’m not legally trained, I have no professional legal know how… These are my limited understanding.

Tories block plan to look at the impact of their disability benefit cuts
In the above article it’s explained…

The House of Lords had previously blocked a Government plan to cut Employment and Support Allowance – and said ministers should first conduct an impact assessment into what the cuts’ effects would be.

…and then…

But on Wednesday Tory MPs overruled the peers, voting to push ahead with the cuts without looking at what their effect might be.

Before I discuss the cuts a side note…The Minister for Disabled People – Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Disabled People We’d like to think Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Disabled People would have an insight into the effects of disability or at least be on the side of disabled people as a parliamentary advocate. Wełl he’s a tit – Bad Luck.

I have more to say on Minister for Disabled People – Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Disabled People here


The Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) is a part of Equality Act 2010.
On page 3 of the above document it say…

The Equality Duty is a duty on public bodies and others carrying out public functions.
It ensures that public bodies consider the needs of all individuals in their day to day work – in shaping policy, in delivering services, and in relation to their own employees.The new Equality Duty supports good decision making
– it encourages public bodies to understand how different people will be affected by their activities so that policies and services are appropriate and accessible to all and meet different people’s needs. By understanding the effect of their activities on different people, and how inclusive public services can support and open up people’s opportunities, public bodies are better placed to deliver policies and services that are efficient and effective. The Equality Duty therefore helps public bodies to deliver the Government’s overall objectives for public services.
The Equality Duty is set out in section 149 of the Act.

It could be argued that by not doing a Impact Assessment, the government are failing to adhere to PSED.
And they are choosing not to do an Impact Assessment.


MP who votes fot ESA cut


Campaign: Force disability charities to sever links with MPs who voted for #ESACut


MP reports ‘vicious’ threat to police after vote to cut disability benefits

It would be wrong to publish a MPs vote on a very public subject as Disabilit Benefits, just like cutting rates of big business at the expense of the disabled.
Firstly it’s worth noting MPs are elected to represent the views of their constituents.   Mr Cameron is on record advocating “transparency”
Secondly our views (and him) are protected in the Human Rights Act as free speech.
Thirdly (most important) You could argue this is “wasting police time” no law was broken at best he could have reported the Tweet or Facebook Post.


Harrogate MP defends voting for £30-a-week disability benefit cut

Andrew Jones MP has argued that his decision to vote in favour of a £30-a-week cut to disability benefits will help claimants get back into work.

If you’re in WRAG & experience of Access to Work (AtW) please contact me! (All comments will be totally anonymous)

When I asked Access to Work for help I was constandly told I’m not ellagable as I get ESA the offical rules however state…

not be getting Employment Support Allowance/Incapacity Benefit
and/or NI credits only (or will cease to claim whilst in work) unless the
customer is about to start a Work Trial. This includes Severe
Disablement Allowance and Income Support (where paid as a result
of incapacity for work). Unless the customer is in the Permitted Work
Higher Level, Permitted Work (PCA exempt) or Supported Permitted
Work and…
Page 5 Atw Staff Guide

The important part is or will cease to claim whilst in work

So the Flagship scheme to assist Disabled People into work is ruled out if you get ESA
So Andrew Jones what help are you referring to?


Parkinson’s sufferers ‘able to work’, says the new Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb

People with brain tumours, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease and a number of other conditions are “able to work”, new work and pensions secretary Stephen Crabb has said.

You would think as an MP you would be very cautious  of your written comments, even with “The Right to be Foggton” the Internet can be very unforgiving! 

Writing bold, unsubstantiated statements on your Facebook wall is all kinds of stupid!


disability cuts and admit they “forgot” human impact of changes

I am absolutely clear that a compassionate and fair welfare system should not just be about numbers. Behind every statistic is a human being – and perhaps sometimes in Government we forget that.

Total utter rubbish! The Lords recommend an Impact Assessment and they ignored them. This is a party trying to look as if they care by admitting a “mistake”
As far as I’m aware Impact Assessment have been requested for all major cuts.

Priti Patel

Priti Patel says cutting some disabled people’s benefits by £30 a week is justified I don’t like insulting anyone but she’s a witch!

Claimants in that group may have a “limited capability” to work but this does not mean they cannot work at all and so they should be helped out of the “benefits trap”, Ms Patel said.

Access To Work (AtW)

Access to Work


Date uploaded: October 02, 2014
Access to Work is a scheme “managed” by Jobcentre Plus. Its has a simple aim “assist disabled people into work”
this aim is the layered in hundreds of layers of Bureaucracy

A Fantastic example of this is eligibilit
Eligibility should be “Are you disabled?”

Minister for Disabled People

Justine Tomlinson


Justin Tomlinson Profile Picture

As a disabled “young” man I like to state this man does not in anyway represent me.
So in Parliament we’ve had… Esther McVey, Mike Penning, Mark Harper and now Justin Tomlinson

  • Voted very strongly against raising welfare benefits at least in line with price
  • Voted strongly for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (“bedroom tax”)
  • Voted very strongly against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability

So he clearly understands the difficulties faced by disabled people.
Other voting record…A selection of Justin Tomlinson’s votes

Fit Note

While an employer can IGNORE this the whole system has been built on quicksand.
I was found fit twice once by by GP and once by a occupational therapist found by my employer.

Until employers see the person not the disability nothing will change.

Equality Act & Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)

The equality act states “reasonable adjustments” must be made to accommodate an individual’s disability.
“Reasonable” is never defined, so an employer can say the changes are unreasonable.
My former employer (A Hospital) said there was no need to invoke “reasonable adjustments” as I was unfit to work. Having the “adjustment” may have made it practical but as the did not produce a list they could not assess me against them.
My former employer (A Hospital) produced a risk assessment of the ‘area’ I’d be expected to work in. The only thing this assessment proved is the failed to accommodate any disability.

TwoTick two tick

A PR Stunt by JobCentre Plus its unmanaged and completely pointless.
The scheme has no way to compare to business with Two Tick.
Once awarded there is no mechanism for it to be removed, allowing a business to portray disability awareness.

Disability Confident

Another PR Stunt by DWP
It was embarrassingly revealed that only 400 business had signed up dwp exposes ids lies about success of disability confident campaign

Employment Tribunal

It Would be lovely to believe noting ever goes wrong, but back in reality an Employment Tribunal (ET) offered a small window of hope. An independent body would examine the dispute and make a finial statement.
This now has been removed as a FEE has been introduced for making an ET Claim & The Hearing.
Employment tribunal fees

Type of case Claim fee Hearing fee
Unpaid wages £160 £230
Redundancy pay £160 £230
Breach of contract £160 £230
Unfair dismissal £250 £950
Equal pay £250 £950
Discrimination £250 £950
Whistleblowing £250 £950
Groups or multiple claimants See the fees list See the fees list
All other fees See the fees list See the fees list

Priti Patel

For completeness…
Priti Patel

The Tories’ new DWP minister wants to bring back capital punishment


David Cameron

I don’t like name calling but David Cameron is an arse, and is clearly undergoing some kind of mental breakdown no doubt brought on by his endless lies.

NHS established
The NHS is born on July 5 1948 out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth.

When health secretary Aneurin Bevan opens Park Hospital in Manchester it is the climax of a hugely ambitious plan to bring good healthcare to all. For the first time hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists are brought together under one umbrella organisation that is free for all at the point of delivery. The central principles are clear: the health service will be available to all and financed entirely from taxation, which means that people pay into it according to their means.

Aneurin Bevan

Let’s be clear Mr Cameron is privatising OUR NHS

The legislation also fulfils the definition of privatisation proposed by Minister of State for Policy, Oliver Letwin, MP, as laid out in his book, “Privatising the World”:

“It typically takes one of three forms: contracting out of government, deregulation of activities previously dominated by the public sector, and sales of public assets to existent private sector companies…these are important and powerful tools, each of which is particularly suited to the privatisation of a particular aspect of the public sector: contracting out for public services, deregulation for statutory monopolies, and trade sales for companies in poor financial condition

The legislation the above refers to is the Health & Social Care Act
The biggest change in the Act, is….

It removed from the Secretary of Health responsibility for the health of citizens, which the post had carried since the inception of the NHS in 1948.

Perhaps most infamously, the Conservatives repeatedly promised before the general election that there would be no more “top-down reorganisations” of the NHS (Andrew Lansley, Conservative Party press release, ). In a speech at the Royal College of Pathologists on , Cameron said: “With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.

Mr Cameron also also keeps good company…

Maria Miller
She stole £90k+.
Iain Duncan Smith Who’s welfare ‘reforms’ have resulted in a number of deaths.
Keep Talking Iain Your Idiot Ideas will run your party right out of office/
The list is endless – google it.

Side Note. I’m a disabled man (can’t walk) I’ve been trying to go back to work since 2012 – with no success.

Esther Mcvey Who has been caught lying so many times we no longer believe anything she says.
Esther Mcvey on Foodbanks

Mark Harper Employed an illegal immigrant to clean.

He’s now Minister for Disabled People. As a disabled young-ish man he’s in need of his P45!

Mark Simmonds Greedy little s**t

Lost my calm there, sorry.

David Cameron has used his first speech as Prime Minister at the Conservative Party Conference to call on the country to “pull together”.

The Conservatives’ slogan “We’re all in this together” is “not a cry for help, but a call to arms”, he said.

So if you “play by the rules” Like Mr Barlow, who ‘hid’ money to avoid paying tax. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-27364089

So after a FILLED attempt to close Lewisham A&E Health Secretary changed the law!

They are now downgrading (not closing) several A&E Departments. By ‘downgrading’ read closing. The idea is to limit what these A&E Units are equipped to treat, so a heart attack is no longer treatable at these A&E units.
This clearly will impact on getting timely care for a time seventies illness.

The above is a recipe for death ! The biggest problem with this should be…

Whatever you think of these proposals, Imperial does not want to know. There will be no public consultation on the plans for Charing Cross and St Mary’s. Nor do they care about adequately informing you. Public information on the closure of Hammersmith and Central Middlesex A&E has not started, six weeks before closure, but £300,000 has been paid to PR consultants, including £55,000 to M&C Saatchi.

So the democratic system no longer applies to YOUR health care.
It’s local people who will be put at risk, NOT Mr Cameron or Mr Hunt. I’m not a political or economist. If anything I’m a pragmatist, I fully agree with the idea…

You can’t please all of the people…

People have a right to decide what happens to their local services, taking away this right (for whatever reason) is wrong.

@CandHSoH http://saveourhospitals.blogspot.co.uk/

I will update this post, if you want to be informed subscribe.


U-Turns !


@hammersmithandy: Devastating news for local #NHS as A&E closures and Charing Cross demolition get go ahead. #saveourhospitals http://www.andyslaughter.co.uk/devastating_news_for_local_health_service_as_a_e_closures_and_charing_cross_demolition_get_go_ahead


If I could not see this, I would not believe it. http://tompride.wordpress.com/2014/01/10/dwp-blames-cancer-patient-for-her-illness/


Says it all really.



KEVIN MEAGHER, The author of the above article is having a mental break down or it’s an audition for a new career in comedy

I am however a BIG fan of debunking lies…so lets have a quick look


The BEST Lie

In a speech at the Royal College of Pathologists on In a speech at the Royal College of Pathologists on
Cameron said: “With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.

Their has been an endless stream of high profile people getting aways with crimes I refer to maria miller, mark harper &Gary Barlow


A timeline of David Cameron’s broken promise on Sunday shopping


Iain Duncan Smith quits over planned disability benefit changes
This made my day. In his apparent resignation letter he blamed…

they are not defensible in the way they were placed within a Budget that benefits higher earning taxpayers. They should have instead been part of a wider process to engage others in finding the best way to better focus resources on those most in need.
In full: Iain Duncan Smith resignation letter

The PMs response to the letter is an insult.

As a government, we have done a huge amount to get people into work, reduce unemployment and promote social justice
PM’s letter in reply to Duncan Smith

Now I had job, I loved my job. I became disabled and was not allowed back.I asked my Local MP for help. I asked The Minister for Disabled People – Got nothing. Ok not true got a fantastic letter saying ministers are busy.


Twitter rant by MP


The real reasons behind Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation have detonated a landmine in UK politics


Stephen Crabb: New DWP Secretary criticised for links to ‘gay cure’ group
So I nothing of this MP whos somehow got the top job at the DWP. I’m sure Priti Patel is over the moon. 

Having read his They ‘WORK’ for You profile I feel safe knowing he’ll soon be as loved as IDS.


I understand PMs have a very low moral inner voice, however the Tory voice is stuck on mute. The recent Twitter display by Nadine Books over IDS  registration, was an utter disgrace she basically admits to “selling” her vote. Her constituents voted for her to represent them not the interests of fellow MPs.
Her voting record.

They ‘WORK’ for You
tells a diffrent story, shes looking for scapegoat and IDS was their.

In the film City of Ember (2008) – The mayor of Ember (Bill Murray) has a secret bunker full of food. While I find it hard to picture Mr Cameron doing this it would not surprise me.

This “man” (used as profanity is not acceptable of Facebook) can’t tell the truth. He’s incapable, it’s quite amusing people still expect it. He’s lied on NHS, Tax Credit Cuts. He supports MP and VIPs who Openly Break the law aka Miller, Barlow and Harper.
He’s a parasite he’s not fit for anything how he’s the PM is the ninth wonder of the world.

Was a “comment” made on Facebook after reading David Cameron EU migrant benefits figures blasted by UK Statistics Authority watchdog
This comment did raised an interesting question..
or Do people expect David Cameron to tell the truth?

Let’s examine the history. I’m going to attempt to do this in a detached way, presenting facts not opinions.


Perhaps most infamously, the Conservatives repeatedly promised before the general election (I believe this to be General Election 2010) that there would be no more “top-down reorganisations” of the NHS (Andrew Lansley, Conservative Party press release, ). In a speech at the Royal College of Pathologists on
, Cameron said: “With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.

Child Tax Credits

Pensioner Benefits

No means testing for pensioner benefits – David Cameron
David Cameron’s facing “hypocrisy” clams after…

David Cameron Slams His Own Cuts In Bitterly Ironic Letter To Oxford Council
POLITICS David Cameron Lobbied Against Police Cuts In His Oxfordshire Constituency; Faces Fresh ‘Hypocrisy’ Charges


Jeremy Corbyn calls for investigation into David Cameron’s family over Panama papers link


Having no morals must be a prerequisite for being a Torie.
This was originally a post about morals (or the lack of them) however today’s Facebook post of…
Brutality of the Bedroom Tax exposed in disgraceful images of disabled Merseyside man driven from home

WARNING: The images in the above artical are horrific.

I’m subject to Bedroom Tax, however I’ve been trying to move for 3 years, I’ve been offer a house. No assessment of my needs has been done.

‘Bedroom tax’ – one year on, is it working? Short answer NO – but the DWP new that!

The Prime Minister voiced his opposition to introducing means testing for winter fuel payments, free bus passes and free ­television licences.

He said: “It wouldn’t be fair to target pensioners.”
“It’s right to protect pensioners and give people dignity and security in old age, as this Government has done.”

From Pensioners to keep benefits: Tories promise to provide ‘dignity and security’ for elderly

We then have Iain Duncan Smith targets poor pensioners with plans to scrap free bus passes and winter fuel allowance

“One minute Downing Street are ruling it out and the next Iain Duncan Smith is ruling it in. It is time for the Government to come clean over what exactly they are going to do with pensioner benefits.”

I’m not sure they have a plan or know what they are doing! It would appear election promises are a feature “Hit List”

This unprovoked attack on pensioners come the week after the DWP was exposed for fake benefit claims published on leaflets.

Iain Duncan Smith faces calls to quit over fake quotes scandal as petition attracts more than 19,000 names
The Pertition is > 42,000 Demand Iain Duncan Smith resign over lying to public in DWP sanctions leaflets


Lies, damned lies and Iain Duncan Smith


Aspects of Iain Duncan Smith’s CV

It would seam lying is second nature to IDS. These lies would (or should) make his entire political career a lie at best fraud.


Publish the statistics showing how many people have died after their benefits were stopped
I’m not sure of the delay what are the afraid of ?


We can get one million claimants off disability benefit and into work, says Iain Duncan Smith

The Work and Pensions Secretary will vow to tackle a ‘sicknote culture’
Say too many sick and disabled people don’t work when it is possible
Will tell people who are on disability benefit ‘Work is good for your health’

If I i ever had the misfortune to meet IDS I feer I might be arested!
I hade a “fit note” it was ignored by my employer! I used the “Work is good for your health” again ignored.
I asked EVERYONE for help and was ignored. http://www.mage-net.net/2014/10/15/dowhatwesaynotwhatwedo/


Iain Duncan Smith Says Fake Benefit Quotes ‘Nothing To Do With’ Him
So the head of the DWP has no idea what’s going in his own department. Nice to know where getting value for money.

House of Commons

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (Mr Iain Duncan Smith): I thank the hon. Lady for her question and for her campaigning in this area. I would like to take this opportunity to offer her my condolences, having not spoken to her before.

I am currently reviewing all policy on welfare. The outcome will be announced when the work is complete, but as the Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, my hon. Friend the Member for North Swindon (Justin Tomlinson), said, it is our intention to protect the most vulnerable, including the disabled. I believe our reforms demonstrate our strong record of supporting disabled people. We introduced the personal independence payment to ensure more support is going to those who need it. More than 700,000 of those who were, once upon a time, stuck on incapacity benefits under Labour are now preparing or looking for work. Spending on disability benefits increased in real terms, and, as my hon. Friend has said, disability employment increased by 238,000 in the previous Parliament.

I’m confused whats “reviewing” – ok lets give him the benefit of doute, the leafles could have been produuced AFTER his review…


Says it all really…


Mr Hunt

So my feelings on this man are no secret. He’s just short of the hatred I have for IDS.
Jeremy Hunt gives NHS consultants ultimatum on weekend working

He accused doctor of being overpaid and lazy

Quote from above artical I’m not sure if he was confusing consultants with MPs…

The picture above shows unelected members of the House of Lords, hard at work debating the effects of George Osborne’s ’emergency’ budget on families and the

Now lets take a brief look at the ultimatum.

My basic understanding

Mr Hunt want consultants to work weekends. To make weekend “care” safer

This is a fantastic effort but like all or Mr Hunts plans is full of holes and will make things worse.
Mr Hunt should really know a hospital is more than the consultants whos going to fetch the patient? what happens at 3am if access to x-rays fails? who assists the consultants?

If consultant X has been working all weekend. He’s really in need of sleep. But has a full “list” of routine patients to see? Dose he cancel or work?
If he works there is a chance he could miss something. If he cancels Mrs Smith whos been waiting weeks for an appointment is left high a dry.

Mr Hunts not know for his wonderful leadership skills, in fact his role has more in common with a court jester then a “leader” of the crown jewel of the British welfare system.

Conflict of interest fears as Hunt appoints NHS adviser with big private healthcare interests


So Mr Hunts is constantly wiping the egg off his face as the Twitter hashtag #ImInWorkJeremy is making him seen as the fool he is.

@cpeedell: Hunt’s lies about NHS consultants’ working practices are being brilliantly exposed by the trending #ImInWorkJeremy hashtag

@AllyMintoft: Already worked 60 hours this week and now #ImInWorkJeremy with my consultant. #longlivethenhs @Jeremy_Hunt http://t.co/WAiAUZ0Qb4



Im guessing right now Mr Hunt is wishing for thr ground to open up! Mr Cameron is no doute planning another u turn while trying to defend Mr Hunt david-cameron-mp-resignation-or-removal-of-jeremy-hunt-mp-as-secretary-of-state-for-health. He needs a cell next to IDS!

The power of social media! This letter from a junior doctor is a total knock out.
janis.burns the letter

As someone save by the hard work of all the NHS employes. I can only from the bottom of my heart thank you. This .gov my have abandoned you the people never will.


So you would like to feel our MPs lead by example, set a high standard. The reality however is they are jumped up, hypocritical bunch of tits.

Jeremy Hunt fails to make any weekend visits to hospitals over 12 months 
Now I’m 99% sure if I miss 3 appointments I’m discharged and need to be referred again by my GP!

NHS to reveal cost of missed appointments to patients

“If we’re going to square the circle and have a fantastic NHS, despite all those pressures, then we have to take personal responsibility for the way that we use NHS resources,” he said.


Jeremy Hunt says Labour has abandoned NHS patients by supporting the junior doctors’ strike

So first we had The BMA, Then the Junior Doctors and now Labour… It’s as if the man in charge of the NHS has no clue what he’s


Hunt: Trusts to start publishing avoidable mortality rates this month

NHS hospitals in England will start to publish estimates of their annual avoidable death rates later this month, Jeremy Hunt has told a major patient safety summit.

Another fantastic idea from Mr NoBrains. The idea a ‘death’ could be seen as avoidable is abused. Not to begin on the legal can of worms that this will open.
The big question…Who defines avoidable


The Ninja News Video
We see Eamonn Holmes for Sky News interview Mr Hunt. Who proves he’s incapable of telling the truth.

Mr Hunt used the 2015 manifestoas a political reason behind the “7 day” NHS

Also as health minister I’m slightly worried he says…

You can’t chose what day of the week your ill

As far as I understand it emergency care is 24x7x365 A&E units are open each and every day.
And until the Tories started “fixing” things where full equipped to handle any emergency.

He also believes 75 meeting in 3 years, is an acceptable effort.

Im not going to pull apart the manifesto because it will increase my rage levels key claims conservatives manifesto launch

Telegraph’s Junior Doctor Isn’t
The telegraph managed to find One Junior Dr who supported Mr Hunts contract, one small problem, he’s not a junior Dr.


So today I had a horrid realisation they the tits aka Tories believe what they are doing is fair.  

Today I presented a Budget that delivers security for working people and delivers on the promises upon which we were elected:

Growing the economy and getting the national finances under control with the national debt falling. We have a balanced plan to finish the job on the deficit and run a surplus – so our country lives within its means and we’re better prepared for whatever storms lie ahead.

Supporting working people with lower taxes. From next year you will be able to earn £11,000 before paying any income tax at all, boosting the typical taxpayers’ wages by £80 in total. We will also raise the 40p rate to £43,000, lifting 130,000 people out of this higher tax rate. This is the first major step to delivering our election commitments.

Yes because your frist job as you leave school is £43,0000 a year ? 

Cutting tax on business by reducing Corporation Tax to 18 per cent. We’ve already taken this rate to the lowest in the G20 and aligned it for large and small businesses, but we cannot afford to stand still so will cut it further to send out the message that Britain is open for business.

Higher pay with a new National Living Wage. We will introduce a new National Living Wage for all working people aged 25 and over. It will start next April at £7.20 an hour and we expect it to reach over £9 by 2020. It will mean two and a half million people get a direct pay rise. Those currently on the minimum wage will see their pay rise by over a third this Parliament, a cash increase for a full time worker of over £5,000. We’re also increasing the Employment Allowance by 50 per cent so a firm will be able to employ 4 people full time on the new National Living Wage and pay no national insurance at all.

Yes all uneducated get the best job (They are called MPs)
Budget 2015: Maintenance grants for poorer students ‘to be scrapped’ in next round of cuts
There was no clear plan where these jobs are, but thats ok.

Taking the family home out of inheritance tax. Today there are more families pulled into the inheritance tax net than ever before. Our new residential allowance will mean you can pass up to £1 million on to your children inheritance tax free.

Strengthening the nation’s defences. We will meet the NATO pledge to spend 2 per cent of our national income on defence – not just this year, but every year of this decade.

Killed by benefits cuts: Starving soldier died ‘as result of Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reform

Putting welfare spending on a sustainable footing. Britain is home to 1 per cent of the world’s population; generates 4 per cent of the world’s economy; and yet pays out 7 per cent of all the welfare spending. This is not sustainable – so we have set out a package to save £12 billion from welfare so we better protect spending on public services.

Tackling tax avoidance, evasion and aggressive tax planning. The package of measures put together finds the further £5 billion we promised at the election. We’re also tackling fundamental unfairness in the non-dom regime by abolishing the permanent non-dom tax status.

Gary Barlow apologises over tax avoidance before quickly announcing new Take That album

Gary Barlow tax avoidance: David Cameron defends Take That singer against calls he should give back OBE

Improving the productivity of our economy. We will soon set out our comprehensive Plan for Productivity, but today I’ve announced a new Roads Fund. From the end of this decade, every single penny raised in Vehicle Excise Duty in England will go into that Fund to pay for the sustained investment our roads so badly need. This, alongside other measures to cut taxes for business, including an increased permanent Annual Investment Allowance at £200,000, will support business to invest and create more jobs.

This Budget keeps us moving from a low wage, high tax, high welfare economy to a higher wage, lower tax and lower welfare society. It puts security first. The economic security of a country that lives within its means. The financial security of lower taxes and a new National Living Wage. The national security of a country that defends itself and its values. It is a big Budget for a country with big ambition.


These very useless calculators have been written, however they don’t take into account benefits. Or basic costs of life aka Rent or Utility bills (Gas,Electricity) 
My only income is from my benefits.

UPDATE – Part 1

Benefits freeze will hit 13m families, says the IFS

UPDATE – Part 2


Minister for Disable People

  1. I don’t normally lower myself to juvenile name calling, but how this tit ever got the job of Minister For Disabled People is more proof that Mr Cameron is having a mental break down – no doubt caused by his endless lies.

So in Parliament we’ve had… Esther McVey, Mike Penning, Mark Harper and now Justin Tomlinson

  • Voted very strongly against raising welfare benefits at least in line with price
  • Voted strongly for reducing housing benefit for social tenants deemed to have excess bedrooms (“bedroom tax”)
  • Voted very strongly against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability

So he clearly understands the difficulties faced by disabled people.
Other voting record…A selection of Justin Tomlinson’s votes

As a disabled “young” man I like to state this man does not in anyway represent me.


I wrote to both Mike Penning & Mark Harper (here) as Minister For Disabled People and got a lovely letter back saying the Minister was too busy.

Bedroom Tax

I’m subject to this “tax” and it purpose is valid. Free up larger social housing where under occupied.
I’m sure no one could argue this is unacceptable. However i’ve been trying to move for over three (3) years – with no success.
I’ve been offered places with stairs. Due to being in a wheelchair stairs are unacceptable.
I was talking with a friend (not sure who or why) but a better “tax” would be if you turned down an acceptable property this would then be a “fine” for not moving, rather than a blanket tax.



His first artical with no content at all. There a re no views or explanations on the welfare cuts. He’s simply repeats the Torie line of “Making work pay”There was nothing on the claim “The welfare cuts have hit disabled people harder”disabled-people-the-hardest-hit-in-welfare-reform

He invites artical ideas from readers…

This is my first article for Able Magazine and I want to use this platform to talk about the real issues that affect disabled people. If any readers have a specific topic that they want to hear about then please feel free to contact the Magazine – or me directly via Twitter – with your suggestion. You can find my profile @MinisterDisPpl

My few ideas… Bedroom Tax, Access to Work, Disability Confident, Two Tick, Why someone with his voting record (see above) would make a bad Minister for Disabled People or the BIG one why referring to non-disabled people as “normal” makes you a brain dead tit… And totally unfit for public office.


So Debbie Abrahams appointed as shadow minister for disabled people
This is a good appoitment and I look forward to the carnage.


I’ve said before (and I’ll say again) as a disabled “young” man this tit does represent me in any way.
Having said that the BBC news to clarify where the 14,000 figure came from because either the DWP are doing stuff without regard for the consequences or he lied.


So I searched ablemagazine.co.uk and found 1 Article so saying…

…I want to use this platform to talk about the real issues that affect disabled people.

he meant what exactly….


I discovered the name change for The Minister for Disabled People to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Disabled People
I’m not sure removing Minister from his title was the best move. It now sounds very clinical. My big issue its its got legal motivation behind it…


I have no words!


Justin Tomlinson - Minister for Disabled People

Samantha Cameron

So as David is busy looking for a new job, we’ve be left with Samantha Cameron. An unelected “official” who should not represent on any platform especially one defending her husband (as one could eaisly question her motives)
Samantha Cameron said…

Like me, they’re proud of what the Conservatives have achieved since 2010 – and are giving everything to secure another five years so we can finish the job.

Let’s expand that…for fun.
So under The Conservatives we’ve had…

      An increase in Zero Hour Contracts
      Privatisation of OUR NHS

    The chairman of the authority, Andrew Dilnot, issued the rebuke after upholding a complaint by Labour about statements by the Prime Minister and other senior Tories.
    Labour demanded that Mr Cameron correct his “misleading boasts” about protecting NHS resources.

      Lies and Confusion on National Debt

    George Osborne Debt
    George Osborne Deb

      A decrease in basic living standards
      MPs getting away with stealing public money

    This follows Mrs Miller’s 32-second apology to the House of Commons on Thursday for her “legalistic” attitude towards the inquiries of the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, Kathryn Hudson.
    Basingstoke MP Maria Miller under pressure to quit or resign

      MPS getting away with alleged criminal acts – no more can be said as no trial was held as they were unfit!

    The news about the Operation Elveden cases came as Saunders faced the prospect of an unprecedented judicial review of her decision to overrule a recommendation to prosecute Lord Janner, the Labour peer accused of abusing children, because he has Alzheimer’s disease.
    Alison Saunders on Janner

      VIPs getting away with fraud…

    Prime Minister David Cameron has refused to criticise Gary Barlow over alleged use of a tax avoidance scheme.
    Labour is calling on the Take That star to hand back the OBE he received in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.
    David Cameron on Barlow