On night I was left. With a confident feeling, after a very helpful gentalman from Ao ( was super friendly and professional!

I was buying my mother a cooker after Argos having sent weeks giving the her run-a-round -The young man from ao setup a 3 way call between me,my mum and himself so we all understood what was happpining. I was very impressed (as a disabled man I buy ALOT online) 

On morning I thought I should tweet ao about the impressive service. Thankfully I forgot.

Because (Day of delivery) my mum was told the order was cancelled

Apparently as the billing address and delivery address are not the same it failed security.

A. They had taken the money from my account, so presumably my bank think the transaction is ok. It’s a large amount so I understand having extra security but would these not be better placed before the money is taken? If it was a scam you’ve now taken my money, this caused me to go overdrawn and I got fined by my bank. 

B. Why when we placed the order , where we not told. They had both addresses at the start so why not inform us at the start?
As a geek I know writing a computer program to do this is trivial.

I currently waiting for a manager to call me back (by 12:30)
His excuse is the system cancelled the order. They have know way of knowing if it was the dirrences in addresses that stop the other. In other words and oder can be cancelled for any reason.


I can’t stand pointless letter, it’s a waste of my time. Foxtons hav recntly sent me TWO such letters.

The First

Trying to get me to sell my home. This would be a little less annoying if I acutely owned my home! And a property company not checking I’m a homeowner seamen a silly mistake.

The Second

To me as landlord trying to get me to advertise my property.

To Foxtons, send me any more pointless letter and I’ll send an invoice for my time! 


On 12 Apr 2014, at 17:42 I left an honest open review of Blackheath at

Today. It had still not been published so I ask why…

On 15 Apr 2014, at 17:34,
NHS Choices Service Desk
Dear Daniel,

Thank you for contacting the NHS Choices Service Desk.

The comment is not showing on NHS Choices at the moment as it has been reported to us by a user of the site for breaking our Comments Policy on Clinical Negligence:

comments policy

When this happens, we remove the comment from the website temporarily whilst we look into the issues raised about the comment. The comment will either be republished or rejected. If we do take the latter option, we will email you with our reasons for doing so.

Kind Regards,
The NHS Choices Service Desk

My response…


Surely a “review” is an unbiased view of the services offered? If you remove an honest open review how can you remain impartial and expect people to trust your reviews?

Daniel McMorrow.

Am I right? Or am I being silly?


why don’t people understand how important my job is to me. It’s the only thing I have left prior to my illness.

My so called friends no longer visit,some have not seen me at all. I can’t even get into my favorite pub, even if I could I could not stay as they have no toilet.

One day I was a normal young man, went to work, go to the pub, go and see a film then three month later i wake up in ICU and it’s all changed.

I now can’t do anything for myself, I can’t even go to the toilet on my own, I need help. Do you have any idea how humiliating and degrading that is having to rely on a stranger for the basic things.

The shock on peoples faces as you go round waitrose or the way they jump  out of your way.

good place to park

So we had a cool night out and just on our way back to the hospital when….



Not only is it n a red route but that is the only drop pavement around!


I have left Matthew Drake 4 messages a message for his boss
and still I have had no response.

With regard to why the adaptations to my property have been cancelled.

The level of service I’m getting from L&Q is unacceptable
If Matthew Drake dose not call me by 5 o’clock today. My phone number is 077xxxxxxxx.

I’ll have now other choice but to report this to the housing ombudsman.

I’ve also put a copy of this letter on my website and Facebook.


Is it me or are people unable to follow simple everyday rules?
Rules that make life for everyone just that little bit less tedious…

These rules are at best forgotten or worse ignored. For example…

  • Walk down the left hand side of the escalator.
  • Let people off the train first.