Another funny email from the conservatives.

So much is at stake at the next election – and the choice has never been clearer.

Rather than addressing the big challenges facing our country, Labour have spent the last week fighting amongst themselves – with senior Labour figures:

Admitting they “lack an overall vision” and that “a Labour government would not have a sense of direction” (Lord Soley, former Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party)
Calling for a return to Labour’s “democratic socialist” roots (Jon Trickett MP) and debating outdated political theories rather than the things that matter to hardworking people
There’s no leadership – only weakness.

I do agree. If it was me I’d have Mr Cameron crying every day.
IDS, Maria Miller & Mark Harper would all be in jail, at very least never allowed to hold a position in public office again.

No long-term plan – just short-term gimmicks.

We have to stop Labour getting into power and putting everything we’ve achieved at risk. Please join Team2015 today and volunteer to play your part in this vital election campaign.

While we’re reducing the deficit, creating more jobs and cutting income tax to make hardworking people more secure, Labour haven’t got a clue about the challenges facing Britain.

Any comment on reducing the deficit is a balled face lie.
Part 1 Debt Reduction Lie.html & Part 2

By “Creating More Job” he’s talking about the explosion in zero-hour contracts – that offer no safety at all. Zero-hours contracts: no security at work and no security at home

By “haven’t got a clue about the challenges facing Britain.”
Under this government child poverty had increased, the number of in-work family’s relaying on food banks has increased. Rent has increased but wages have not. Utility bills have increased. NHS waiting times have increased.

The choice is clear. A better future with the Conservatives – or a return to reckless spending, higher taxes and a stalled economy with Labour.

Join Team2015 today, and help secure a better future for Britain:

Thank you,

I would urge anyone thinking of voting Conservative please re-thing once they destroy this country it was be impossible to rebuild.

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