Am I cursed with stupid carers that lie or is part of the job?

    So after a rather refrained email yesterday and a insulting phone call this morning I sent this…

    1. & 2. Meals/Heinz-Beanz-with-Pork-Sausages
    3. Tin says 3 minutes carer put on for two.
    Ringing me up at 9:21 saying you don’t have a carer is really not my problem your contracted to provide my care I expect the people you provide not to openly lie to me.
    If they do I feel I’m perfectly justified in asking them to to come again. 
    I’m in the process of sourcing a new care company until then I’m afraid I’m stuck with you.

    It would appear a carer has become available at 17:30


    So carer could not understand why my dinner was not cook. maybe had something todo with her not reading the ‘oven’ instruction but the ‘grill’