I’m an experienced motivated individual who loves a good challenge.
    I’ve been working in IT for thirteen years, both public and private sectors, and I’ve been accused of caring too much.

    In December 2010 I got meningitis this has left me unable to walk and therefor disabled.
    However I can still work, I have all my knowable and use a computer almost all day.

    I’m protected under the Equality Act 2010 as a disabled person.

    I’ve recently been involved in a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) NHS Hospital build that has been a great learning experiance both technically and personally.

    My ideal job would be one where new things happen daily, I can’t abide the repetitive nature of day-to-day support.

    I know ( not a complete list)
    FreeBSD 7, 8 and 9
    Ubuntu & Linux
    Apache 2+ (here)
    Sh Scripting
    PHP 5 (here)
    – Zend Framework 1 & 2
    – Smarty
    TCP/IP , Routing Protocols ( BGP OSPF) , DNS
    Cisco VSS (here)

    Daniel B. McMorrow