DWP has repeatedly missed deadlines, but has begun insisting that if and when it finally produces a late comment – even if produced hours after stories have been sent out to subscribers and have been published – DNS should update its website to show the government’s response


    So the DWP who are responsible for a number of benefit related death, will no longer answer questions FROM ONE OF THE BEST DISABLE NEWS SOURCES


    If the BBC or Other news service published an article would the DWP expect them to announce and update or defence from DWP

    Department for Work and Pensions

    Freedom of Information request – News About DWP

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    Based on.

    Under Freedom of Information I ask…

    a. How many news articles both online and print have the DWP been
    notified about?
    a.1 Where you informed of a publish date, or cut of date for
    b. How many responses to above articles did DWP submit?
    c. How many responses were outside the dates given in A and A.1?
    d. Would the DWP apply the same policy of ignoring questions to any
    other news service for example the BBC or Sky News?
    e. Where is the official DWP policy on News services?

    Yours faithfully,
    Daniel McMorrow

    For compilation I have add the DWP response to my FOI Request. FOI 1621 Response.PDF
    The full What Do They Know https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/news_about_dwp#incoming-659289

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