Do What We Say Not What We Do

So I’ve asked a lot of people to help, Minister for Disabled People, Local MP, NHS Employers, Chief Exec (of my trust), Chairman (of my trust) ,GMC, CQC, ICO & The NHS Equality and Diversity Council (EDC)

Minister for Disabled People

Mike Penning MP & Mark Harper MP Both Conservative (Make of that what you will)

As a disabled young man I can say with complete conviction both of these men need their p45’s

I emailed him (Mike Penning) Now given I started my email with…

Firstly let me apologise for contacting you like this but I’m feeling very isolated and somewhat ignored.

You would expect a helpful, sympathetic response Janice Speaight responded with…

Many thanks for your email which has been passed to the DWP for response.

I’ve tried to get help from DWP, but it’s like trying to get blood out a stone.

On I got a response to my letter to the Minister for Disabled People. (Mark Harper)

Thank you for your further correspondence of 29 July to the Minister for Disabled People regarding Access to Work. Government Ministers receive a large volume of correspondence and they are unable to reply personally on every occasion. We have been asked to respond and apologise for the delay.

On I submitted a FIO Request.
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GMC | General Medical Council

Given Confidentiality_disclosing_info_insurance_2009
You may think the GMC would take action against Dr Luff & Blackheath for writing to my employer without my consent. You would be wrong..

ICO | Information Commissioner Office

Despite admitting Dr Luff & Blackheath broke the law by writing to my employer without my consent – they did nothing.

CQC | Care Quality Commission

Took 2 years to tell me was not in their remit. Can’€™t look at individual cases.

Local MP | Bob Neill

Conservative (Make of that what you will) Bob Neill MP

I emailed Bob Neill on on 27th November 2012 13:10:16 I got a response from Vanessa Michna using Bob Neill’s email address.

In my email, I talk of making a formal complaint, the CQC & ICO.
This indicates (to me) I’€™ve got a little common sense. Vanessa Michna response was patronising. And I have no idea if Bob Neill saw my email.

The NHS Equality and Diversity Council

Email EDC on 14 October 2014 09:16 – no response
So not only do they not care. The website The NHS Equality and Diversity Council has outdated info…

The first NHS Values Summit was held in Leeds on 28th November 2012

edc statement declaration

Everyone who signed the above document is a lier and cheat. The sole reason the EDC exists is to make it look like they care.

@mark_mrdj: @DiversityJnl @NHS_EDC a thought! Does your business continuity plan address the needs of disabled employees?

This document is about the US and has no legal standing in the UK. I means if you’€™re going to publish an article at least make in relevant!


I would love for Mr Cameron or IDS to tell me to work. My response may involve being held back by the police.

…Iain Duncan Smith is said to be “very keen” to debate this. “The PM shares the work and pensions secretary’s view that we should be doing more to encourage people to take personal responsibility,” the spokeswoman added.

For three years I fought to return to work. I was told minister where too busy. After three years of being told i’m unfit for work, maybe i believe them?

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