So another fantastic idea from a man that clearly lives on cloud 9.


He has said

He acknowledged that there were practical difficulties in introducing a charge, but insisted that people should be made to take responsibility for their actions.

So by that logic Mr Cameron should be held to account for his NHS ‘reforms’

I don’t see why we, as taxpayers, should be funding that.

Same could be said about the 10% pay-raise for pointless MPs. I personally contacted my local MP and got no response.

If we charge drunks where will it stop. Do we charge someone in an accident if they were speeding ? Or people who smoke?

When do you charge if the “drunk” is unconscious he can’t agree to pay. If you save his life he could argue that he wanted to die. His drinking maybe a sign of mental health problems.

This is a very silly idea that will cause confusion and will end up with a pointless death.

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