Get your limited edition ‘Labour break it, the Conservatives fix it’ fridge magnet – contribute £ 10 or more to our campaign today. It’s always the same when it comes to the economy: Labour break it, the Conservatives fix it.
In 2010, Labour left an economy that was on its knees. But we’ve halved the deficit as a share of national income, new businesses are opening, jobs are being created, a
nd wages are rising faster than prices.
Britain is going in the right direction again – and we can’t let Ed Miliband and Labour put that at risk.
Reserve your fridge magnet today by donating £ 10 or more, and the money you give will help our campaign to win the next election and secure a better future for Britain.

So The Conservatives are trying to hide the fact they have no policies with silly pointless gimmicks.

The idea Conservatives fix it is a LIE, its unfounded double speak.

A 5 Minute video thats depressing


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