TUC have written a report about Disability & Employment…
Having spent 3 years fighting for my job here’s my take…

Access To Work

Having had the misfortune of talking with these people I can honestly say they don’t have a clue.
It was recommended to me to get a taxi or use Public Transport!
The also had an undocumented requirement of a start date.
That lead to a catch 22. As my former employer wanted the involvement of AtW before giving a start date.
AtW would do nothing without start date.

Fit Note

While an employer can IGNORE this the whole system has been built on quicksand.
I was found fit twice once by by GP and once by a occupational therapist found by my employer.

Until employers see the person not the disability nothing will change.

Equality Act & PSED

There are official ‘checks’ so until a complaint is made nothing is done.
My former employer (A Hospital) produced a risk assessment of the ‘area’ iid be expected to work in. The only thing this assessment proved is the failed to accommodate any disability.

TwoTick two tick

A PR Stunt by JobCentre Plus its unmanaged and completely pointless.
The scheme has no way to compare to business with Two Tick.
Once awarded there is no mechanism for it to be removed, allowing a business to portray disability awareness.

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