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http://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/news/419751/WhatsApp-iMessage-and-Snapchat-could-soon-be-BANNEDThis title of this artical is missleading. It’s NOT the applications that will be banned but the encryption they employ. 

Can the government ban encryption?

It has that magic phrase…

Whenever the terrorist threat is increased, as it has been since the tragic events in Paris last week, so too are the calls from politicians to increase the powers of the people they employ to protect the public from such threats.

Geek warning!

You are (I would guess) unaware of encryption. Computers all over the Internet use encryption to transfer “sensitive” data around. 

The bit of encryption you would be most aware of is when visiting a “secure” website like online banking.

When you access you online account you probably do this via http… When you do the login in bit your browser automaticity transfers you to https://

That little “s” signifies a few things. Firstly it confirms the identity of you banking website. When sending “sensitive” data you want to be sure who your sending it to.
Secondly communication between you and the banking website is encrypted 

It almost impossible to break that encryption and recover the plain text. However if there was no encryption then “stealing” this data would be quite simple. 

Encryption is at the heart of most systems, your wireless network at home, your chip-pin credit card.

It’s and unworkable idea to even thing about this, to announce public shows what utter incompetence is currently is office. 

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