As a disabled (young) man Home Automation open up a world. I can ‘ask’ lights to come on, have wireless monitoring to alert family if there is a problem.

I’m a geek so find Home Automation a simple task. I’ve used Smartthings,Philips Hue, Z-Wave, Amazon (Echo/Dot/Show) have even built my own based on ESP2886 WiFi.

I have had the misfortune of using Energenie/MI Home. And it’s really, really bad.

I brought Two “Smart Plugs” as part of a Pi kit. One of the plugs went bang! This is usually enough to make me return it.
I had no planned use for them so mark it as a learning experience.

Energenie do a light switch that’s ‘smart’ as I can’t Automate the bathroom, the type of bulb. Automating the switch is the next logical step.
I purchased a “kit” from Amazon.

It came, setup was relatively easy. Put the code from the back of the hub into MiHome website.

I decided to use the plug I have to Automate a Radiator Fan
I setup two timers for the fan. 8am and 5pm. When the heating comes on. Yet the plug only responds a few time. Their is no “log” or status in the iOS app.
I turned the fan off a few minutes ago via the iOS App, now won’t come back on! I can’t log in to the MiHome website as it can’t find my account!

I don’t have time to waste fixing system the don’t work.


Just spent 5 minute trying to turn off the plug via the iOS app. Gave up turned off the socket.

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