In an ever increasing digital age more and more ‘cloud’ based services are popping up.
I’ve been a big fan of Google Contacts, Calendar & Webmaster Tools…

But what happens when things go wrong!
I would expect someone as big as Google to absolve themselves of all responsibility in their T&C’s

Today I tried to access my second google account, its external hosted, but used for Webmaster Tools, etc.
But Google wanted me to verify it’s you years ago I’d setup my Phone Number as Google advise. I did not turn on 2-Step-Auth as I’ve used this with AWS, and it drives me crazy.

No SMS from Google. Try Call, No Call. Try entering my number… 0772******9, 772******9 and +44772******9 no joy.
Try Ask Google for help getting back into your account

After pointless question. I enter my email and receive a 6 digit code. Enter the code and am denied access.

After a very pointless call with Google Customer Service. A few things became apparent, Google have taken a relatively simple process 2 step authentication and made it completely useless. They have over complicated it with new device because using a new device can trigger 2 step authentication!
Apparently it could be a problem with my phone provider.

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