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On I reported a problem with my hoist to my OT.
The back wheel is getting stiff it is not going in the direction it’s pushed/pulled often bangs into walls.

I was agreed with my OT that mediequip would come look see if it could be repaired or replace it. As it’s a non-standard item my OT believed if it needs to be replaced she would need to go to the panel

I said I would be happy to try a standard hoist, it’s been 5 years since I tried one if it’s adequate a special hoist would not be required.

Mediquip came out a WEEK later to take photos because they did not know what it was!

Mediquip then texted my mother they would be here to fix it. They never turned up so I called them. An appointment was made and confirmed by SMS for Friday 28th July 2017 at 4 pm as no one had attended I called them, was told firstly an engineer had come but got no response. Then they said It can’t be fixed.

I called IAT as mediequip need an order for a replacement! My OT on leave, as such IAT said they can’t help as giving me a hoist without as assessment this could be a risk.
He said someone would call me Monday. No one called!
Tuesday 1st August I called IAT again the lady said the manager would call me, today 12:30 no one has called!

My intention is to complete the complaint process and should the response be unsatisfactory I’ll go to the LGO.


A manager left me a voicemail. They are trying to get the manufacturer (I believe this is mediequip who are the supplier not manufacture) to See if it can be repaired!
I’ve been told by mediequip it can’t be repaired, hence why the appointment on was not kepted.
The hoist is also 5+ years old! It’s never been serviced.

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