Haringey OT/Adult Social Care

I’ve been saying for awhile now Haringey Adult Social Care are going to kill someone.
They are rude, inhumane and unaware or just don’t care about the harm they are doing.
They refuse to listen to the service users, and have a god-complex in dealing with people.
The LGO (who are useless) provide a yearly overview of the council and give a statistical view of their performance.

In at a Adults & Health Scrutiny Panel
I accused Haringey Council of having removed the humanity from Aid & Adaptations process and
Haringey Council in General. I further stated Haringey Council had no understanding of my need for Equipment.
That they just see an Inventory Item, not a lifeline.

This case involves NRS

My Disability equipment (Hoist) broke on .
@haringeycouncil, LG & SC Ombudsman, and

Catherine West ( MP / catherine.west.mp@parliament.uk)
Lucia das Neves (Woodside Councillor & Cabinet Member for Health, Social Care, and Wellbeing)
Lotte Collett (Woodside Councillor)


I have expressed my concerns about Haringey Council to Catherine West on multiply occasions
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea commissioned @NRSHealthcare to deal with such equipment I’ve had 5 different excuses why it’s not been fixed.
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea don’t appear to have a process for dealing with complaints.
On my complaint against NRS Was accepted
as LBH/14268323.
This was made on so the acknowledgment was LATE.
A Response was due by . as per the complaint policy.
On I received an email from Kirsten Webb using the Corporate.Feedback@haringey.gov.uk

[Side Note = Haringey Council are a PUBLIC Body ‘Corporate.Feedback’ is delusional]

Saying they needed more time and response would be received .

This is completely unacceptable

This case involves my wetroom.

A standard wet room the floor slopes towards the drain to aid the water run-off.
This ‘slope’ has a secondary problematic effect. It’s such as my Hoist and Shower Chair a not stable.

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