Haringey have ‘Maximisation’ in an actual Job Title, I’m unsure what can be accomplished.
At some point Haringey underwent a ‘Corporate’ makeover. I suspect this was encouraged by a excel spreadsheet.
The ‘Corporate’ feel unfortunately put profit ahead on service.


Research from the Evening Standard has shown that Haringey had 27 complaints to the ombudsman upheld last year – the highest number of any council in London. It included one case involving a family threatened with homelessness, where the ombudsman said officers “were unaware of current law or your own procedures, or had chosen to disregard them.”
Commenting, Cllr Luke Cawley-Harrison, Leader of the Opposition, said: “Many residents in Haringey will not be surprised2 to see their borough is the worst in London for complaints against their council. These statistics reflect the numerous cases we have raised with us by residents that have been failed by their council rather than supported. Haringey needs to urgently review how it has found itself in this position, and a wholesale change of how the council treats residents needs to take place because it is simply not good enough.”

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