I truly believe Haringey should drop all pretense caring.
All the issue I’ve had, have stemmed from them failing to care or act correctly.

I applied for a DFG, that took 2 years to get, has not be done right and never signed off.

Each time I call IAT, I speak with a different person who ultimately tells me something different to the last person.
The last person tells me “Sorry. We don’t do that”

I end up making a complaint out of frustration. That gets a limp apology, but nothing gets done.

If Haringey Just stopped employing muppets and just have a pre-recorded message saying
“Sorry. We don’t do that”
They could save a fortune.

I wanted Environmental Service to Inspect me Toilet under HHSRS
On I got the standard
I am sorry but we are unable to assist you.

Two weeks ago I ask Haringey to sort Respite care, during the repair of my toilet ( Weeks) I can’t reside at my address. The response I got was a jumble of excuses ultimately because I have to explain what I need to different people.
Key Information was not recorded and so not acted on.

Complaint – – 1

Dear Mr McMorrow
Your complaint the lack of response to you request for respite care.
Thank you for your phone call received on 02 October 2018
Your complaint has been logged under the NHS and Local Authority Statutory Complaints Procedure at Local Resolution. The reference number is: LBH/7928618.
We have asked an appropriate officer to arrange an investigation of your complaint and send a full reply to you by 16 October 2018.

Yours sincerely
Claire Gunn
Feedback Review Officer

Complaint – – John Everson
Mr Everson is Acting Director of Adult Social Services

Good morning Mr McMorrow
Thank you for your e-mail to John, your comments are noted.
Kind regards

Twitter –

Hello, we have been advised that this has been logged by the Feedback and Information Governance (FIG) team, a response is due by the 16th October. An acknowledgement was sent this morning letting you know. Thanks

Lets look at this. I had been given notice of my Landlord intent to being repair works on the repair works a expected to take 3 weeks. (It’s taken a year to get the date)
I moved my Birthday part from (as I would not have been home) to

If the complaint is resolve fully (pigs will fly) by and I’m move out I’ll miss my own party!

My Landlord spent a month, had three different disabled holiday experts call me.
Yet the best was In Norfolk, but I’d have to arrange my own care.

I pay Haringey for my current care. Haringey are fully aware of my need, they provide me my physical equipment so I asked them.

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