So I’ve been using this rather poor excuse for a website for a while now!

It quite clearly says 23 matches. But when you click on that I get…2!

On 19th May 2014 I sent…


When I login I’m told I have ’34’ matches. When I try and view these I can’t. If I remove (untick) the disabled filter. The ’34’ matches show up.
As a disabled person I need a disabled flat, a flat that is not adapted for my needs is not a match.

These flats are not removed or acceptable for my needs and therefor is not a match. Please explain ?

Daniel McMorrow

After almost a month I got a response (5th June 2014)

Hello Daniel

I am very Hello Daniel

I am very sorry that you did not receive a response to the below. I am now managing the tenants email address but have only been for the last 3 weeks.. so I will investigate the below and find out why you didn’t receive a response

Regarding your matches, it may be worth speaking with your landlord to see whether there are actually any disabled flats posted in the area you have selected, as no results on HomeSwapper may indicate that there currently aren’t any available

Also, some matches are generated automatically by the system as suggestions; we are sorry if not all of these are applicable to you. We are currently undergoing a large upgrade to the system which will address and rectify this problem. In the meantime we are sorry for the inconvenience and wish you the best of luck with your searching

Best regards

Now I’m a geek if you can’t do an upgrade in 5 months something is wrong.


After several more matches that are not matches and never getting a response to my emails (despite the apology above) I sent…(27th October 2014)


Again. You have sent me a match that is not suitable. Please close my account and provide me with contact details of a senior manager. This is very distressing for me as I can not accept a non-disabled property and you sending me matches is very up setting.


My strong advice if you are told to use this website refuse! It will only be a source of stress!

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  1. Daniel,
    We’re sorry that the matches you are getting do not align with your requirements. We’re checking that the algorithm is working correctly, in–line with your details. Early in the new year, HomeSwapper will be having the promised re-launch, an entire re-write (featuring new and improved functionality) built on new, state of the art, infrastructure. We hope that you can bear with us while we finish this major project – we’re confident you’ll like the results.

    The HomeSwapper team.

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