on my Washing Machine broke :(

Not all was lost I had INSURANCE – With Currys Whatever Happens. (A TOTAL waste of money)

So after far too much effort to get call logged, In witch I gave them the fault code. They booked a visit.

on day of visit I got a voicemail from the engineer – He can’t park. Will be another day.
Now there is a HUGE Currys car-park next door and I could have let him park downstairs. However he never asked.

On re-visit (he parked in Currys) he took a look did a few things, and said he needed a part.
This indicates to me the fault code is a total waste of time.

I’ve worked in IT since I was 17. With all GOOD suppliers you give them the fault code and they identify the issue. This is cheaper than sending an engineer to diagnose the problem and another to fix it.

On re-re-visit (he parked in Currys) today 9 days after reporting the issue. The engineer came to fix it, he had the part was here maybe a hour. He said it was all fixed – I had no reason to doubt this.

My carer came at 1300 (as I can’t load the machine on my own) and we put in my trousers (am currently in shorts) AND it failed! “No Water Supply”

I’m a disabled young man who is quite dependant on his washing machine. I’ve got bed sheets soaked in urine that will probably need to be thrown away.
Currys maintain

@knowhowtohelp: @danielmcmorrow HI Daniel, currently we would not issue a refund as we are repairing the unit as per the T&C’S of the agreement >Ollie.

While this is fantastic it’s not helpful!

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