While I’m not sure any MP can be described as ‘human’ this is an outrage we can not let happen.

Conservatives promise to scrap Human Rights Act after next election

The Conservative party is prepared to withdraw from the European convention on human rights (ECHR) after the next election, the home secretary Theresa May has said, as she detailed a fresh drive to curb the appeal rights of 70,000 people who face deportation every year.

The right to appeal is fundamental part of the justice system! When things go wrong an appeal offers a chance to put things right.

“Some judges chose to ignore parliament so I am sending a very clear message to those judges,” said May. “Parliament wants the law on people’s side, the public wants the law on the people’s side and the Conservatives in government will put the law on the people’s side once and for all.”

Yes we want laws on our side, so far we’ve had, Bedroom Tax, Cuts to DLA (Disability Living Allowance), Cuts to domestic violence support and the sale of our NHS.

The right to appeal has been abuse by IDS (Iain Duncan Smith)
Defeated again over work schemes: Iain Duncan Smith loses his case in court

I have no figures on DWP Appeals if you do leave a comment.

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