Myleene Klass ‘does a Paxman’ as she lays into Ed Miliband over mansion tax plan

My respect for Myleene Klass just flat lined, and has passed away.

Using the defence

My mum was a nurse in the NHS for years

This is like saying

I’m not racist…but…

I’m on benefits. No other income. I have a spare room.
I’m subject to the Bedroom Tax.
I’ve been trying to move for 2 years, with no luck. There is a lack of disabled flats. So is it fair I should pay Bedroom Tax?

I’ve been trying to got back to work since 2012.



Ministers argue that the bedroom tax, which the DWP calls the spare room subsidy, will encourage people to move to smaller properties, saving around £480m a year from the government’s housing benefit bill.

Myleene Klass is this the kind of world you want to live in?

Bedroom tax: David Cameron slammed after rape victim panic room aid rejected

The Department for Work and Pensions said the challenge lacked credibility because discretionary housing payments have been made available through local councils to people facing exceptional circumstances.

I applied for this “discretionary” housing payment months ago. So far nothing.

I’m sure if someone attacked or made death threats against Mr Cameron the police would be at the door in minutes.

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