Legal Aid

    They are bureaucratic and ultimately unhelpful organization.

    Legal Aid is a very bad model. The aim is to help with legal fees so justice can be available to everyone. However you apply for legal aid, Lawyers do work on your case. If you are assess by the Legal Aid Agency as not being eligible you become liable for the Costs of your lawyer.
    If like me your assess but have to contribute and had not been informed properly of this, you are still liable.

    The Legal Ombudsman said…

    This issue is that the firm never adequately explained that he would make a contribution in accordance with the Legal Aid Agency guidance. The letters warning about the contribution were sent after the retainer ended


    It is, therefore, my decision that the firm’s handling of Mr McMorrow’s Legal Aid has been poor

    Yet the Legal Aid Agency found nothing wrong.
    The invoice was for work done between and .

    Submitted a SARs Request.
    Subject Access Request

    3. Communication between myself and the Legal Aid Agency.

    SARs Response.

    Submitted a formal complaint.

    We sent the response, we just don’t know-how.

    We’ve not sent the response, it’s with the complaints team.

    The below extracts from the response that highlight the incompetence for the Legal Aid Agency.

    As you are aware, your emergency cover was date limited to the period 27th October – 3rd November 2017. The date limit was imposed because your solicitors did not submit a substantive amendment when required to do so. Following a ‘reinstate certificate request’, submitted by the solicitor on , we reopened the certificate and the required substantive amendment was provided.

    A final bill was then submitted by your solicitor . Please note, there is no time limitation for providers to submit a final bill. The work they successfully claimed for was undertaken between the dates of your emergency cover only. We did not pay the solicitor for any work outside of these dates.

    Following the payment of the final bill, we then referred this matter to our debt recovery unit (as explained in your original offer letter). At that stage, you were informed that your solicitor’s claim had been paid and you would have to set up a payment plan to address the liability.

    So solicitor bills 3 years after the fact, and you expect me to pay?

    With reference to your Subject Access Request:
    You have asked why you were not provided with copies of your telephone calls after you were informed that all calls to the agency are recorded? Copies of your calls were not requested in your SARS correspondence so were not provided in response.

    See comment above.

    Stage two complaint logged with the Legal Aid Agency.

    First letter about this debt.

    I got an SMS asking me to contact LCS. They have recieved my stage two formal complaint and ICS should be suspended.

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