Legal Appeal

In the last years there have been a number of legal challenges or appeals to decisions that have not been liked.
he DWP have made it an art form, and worse the appeal has never work.

The DWP tried to keep secret the names of the employers who used free labour under workfare. dwp-forced-reveal-vast-list
The DWP tried to keep the number of claimants that died after being found fit to work quite after the ICO said it should publish these figures.
The DWP is currently taking The Bedroom Tax case to court. Tories’ Bedroom Tax appeal costs £100,000 as they argue it should apply to disabled teen’s carers

I don’t for a second believe this figure.

Now the NHS England are set to appeal a decision on PrEP HIV campaigners win NHS drug battle

Anger after NHS warns PrEP HIV drug could put other treatments at risk
As I said on Facebook the waste of money in the appeal is putting other treatments at risk. NHS England need to address this now, before being bitch slapped with it in court. 

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