Just a quick message. I see that my wok have contacted you re:the last MDT Report.
I would just like to ask that you copy me in on any response you give them.

Now my second reason for the email.

Did anyone read my discharge MDT ? It’s got more mistakes in it than I can count!

The most disturbing of which is on page 4 and reads…”Bleeding has been reported from the site of the supra pubic catheter but no abnormality was found”

Now while I had a supra pubic catheter while I was in ICU! this was taken out long before I got to Blackheath.

While these mistake prove what all ready know about Blackheath they can be seen by others that might get the wrong idea about my health.

I would also like to point out the mistake on page 10. It reads…”Mr McMorrow is able to maintain his static standing balance with the use of a standing hoist or standing frame for approximately 30 minutes”

While this would be fantastic it untrue. The most I can stand for is 6 minutes I know this because we timed it.

I would like these and the other mistakes corrected and the MDT reissued, to all that got a copy.

Daniel McMorrow

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