I do not hide the fact I think the CQC are a bunch of self serving pointless paper pushers. I can’t however decide if they are better or worse than PHSO.

Today’s changes mean providers have to be open about mistakes when they happen new-regulations-and-responsibilities-cqc

April will bring significant changes to how we regulate the 49,500 health and adult social care providers and services across the country, which are dedicated to making sure people receive the best care possible at all times.

What they mean is

we don’t really care these powers are a publicity stunt, to make it look like we care

We end up with We failed elderly because we were too scared care home owners would sue us, watchdog admits

@CareQualityComm how would a ‘mistake’ be classified if you or PHSO don’t investigate ?

Its a valid question? In my ‘mistake’ the CQC did nothing so because I call it a ‘mistake’ is that enough? Without investigation the CQC can’t remain impartial and say its not.
I have also asserted it was done as “revenge” for complaints I made. Again without investigation the CQC can’t remain impartial and say its not.


So the CQC are having a difficult time defining “mistake”

@CareQualityComm @danielmcmorrow Hi – here’s a definition of Patient Safety Incidents. http://www.npsa.nhs.uk/nrls/reporting/what-is-a-patient-safety-incident/

Firstly that a definition of Patient Safety Incidents not a mistake.

Lets rephrase the question…

@CareQualityComm that was not the question. How do you define mistake without an investigation ?


Mr Daniel McMorrow

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Dear Care Quality Commission / FIO Officer

I’ve asked on twitter and been ignored so under Freedom Of Information, Under the Act you have 20 working days to respond to this request. You can respond in writing to above address or via email dmcmorrow@mage-net.net

I ask…
“How do you define mistake without an investigation ?”

Your ‘new’ power http://www.cqc.org.uk/news/stories/new-regulations-responsibilities-cqc use the term “mistake”
Simply put a provide has no formal method of defining a mistake. So they cant be required to open about it.

In my case a Dr wrote to my employer without my consent. I maintain this was revenge for complaints made while under their care.
You did not investigate therefor can’t remain impartial and say otherwise. Would this be classed as a mistake?

To be clear I’m not asking about serious untoward incident (SUI) But the definition of “mistake” without investigation.

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