Having no morals must be a prerequisite for being a Torie.
This was originally a post about morals (or the lack of them) however today’s Facebook post of…
Brutality of the Bedroom Tax exposed in disgraceful images of disabled Merseyside man driven from home

WARNING: The images in the above artical are horrific.

I’m subject to Bedroom Tax, however I’ve been trying to move for 3 years, I’ve been offer a house. No assessment of my needs has been done.

‘Bedroom tax’ – one year on, is it working? Short answer NO – but the DWP new that!

The Prime Minister voiced his opposition to introducing means testing for winter fuel payments, free bus passes and free ­television licences.

He said: “It wouldn’t be fair to target pensioners.”
“It’s right to protect pensioners and give people dignity and security in old age, as this Government has done.”

From Pensioners to keep benefits: Tories promise to provide ‘dignity and security’ for elderly

We then have Iain Duncan Smith targets poor pensioners with plans to scrap free bus passes and winter fuel allowance

“One minute Downing Street are ruling it out and the next Iain Duncan Smith is ruling it in. It is time for the Government to come clean over what exactly they are going to do with pensioner benefits.”

I’m not sure they have a plan or know what they are doing! It would appear election promises are a feature “Hit List”

This unprovoked attack on pensioners come the week after the DWP was exposed for fake benefit claims published on leaflets.

Iain Duncan Smith faces calls to quit over fake quotes scandal as petition attracts more than 19,000 names
The Pertition is > 42,000 Demand Iain Duncan Smith resign over lying to public in DWP sanctions leaflets


Lies, damned lies and Iain Duncan Smith


Aspects of Iain Duncan Smith’s CV

It would seam lying is second nature to IDS. These lies would (or should) make his entire political career a lie at best fraud.


Publish the statistics showing how many people have died after their benefits were stopped
I’m not sure of the delay what are the afraid of ?


We can get one million claimants off disability benefit and into work, says Iain Duncan Smith

The Work and Pensions Secretary will vow to tackle a ‘sicknote culture’
Say too many sick and disabled people don’t work when it is possible
Will tell people who are on disability benefit ‘Work is good for your health’

If I i ever had the misfortune to meet IDS I feer I might be arested!
I hade a “fit note” it was ignored by my employer! I used the “Work is good for your health” again ignored.
I asked EVERYONE for help and was ignored.


Iain Duncan Smith Says Fake Benefit Quotes ‘Nothing To Do With’ Him
So the head of the DWP has no idea what’s going in his own department. Nice to know where getting value for money.

House of Commons

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (Mr Iain Duncan Smith): I thank the hon. Lady for her question and for her campaigning in this area. I would like to take this opportunity to offer her my condolences, having not spoken to her before.

I am currently reviewing all policy on welfare. The outcome will be announced when the work is complete, but as the Under-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, my hon. Friend the Member for North Swindon (Justin Tomlinson), said, it is our intention to protect the most vulnerable, including the disabled. I believe our reforms demonstrate our strong record of supporting disabled people. We introduced the personal independence payment to ensure more support is going to those who need it. More than 700,000 of those who were, once upon a time, stuck on incapacity benefits under Labour are now preparing or looking for work. Spending on disability benefits increased in real terms, and, as my hon. Friend has said, disability employment increased by 238,000 in the previous Parliament.

I’m confused whats “reviewing” – ok lets give him the benefit of doute, the leafles could have been produuced AFTER his review…


Says it all really…


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