Over the last few years my interest in Low Power, Tiny Computers like, PI, Pi Zero W, Uno R3 and most of the ESP2688 and ESP32 Family.

    I like the Adafruit Feather ESP2688 it’s tiny, has WiFi and battery charging built-in.

    I widely use these in the house to do stuff. Lately I built an
    Adafruit Feather ESP2688 AWS IoT Temperature Monitor. Yes this is over kill
    but was fun and I don’t care. Most of my self-built Home Automation has MQTT / AWS IoT links.

    Lately I wanted to see these MTQQ Messages. Yes I can used my laptop but this is not very impressive!

    In came E-PAPER! It’s a extremely low power display.
    The people over at Waveshare are answered my wish” With the ESP2688 Driver Board…

    The board has WiFi. No Battery Option but I can work with this.
    They work with Waveshare e-Paper. So I got a broad and a 1.54″ BW e-Paper display.

    PRO TIP: Ignore the Waveshare code example. It’s a full application and requiters knowledge of HTTP and Web severs. It’s Ok to test the display but after 3 days I could not for the life of me figure out how it worked. Look at the example that come with GxEPD2_Example/GxEPD2_Example.inO Took me an hour to understand

    Two points. I HATE using code libraries other people wrote.

    if code was written against a lib say version 1.2.1 version 1.2.2 may not work.

    My Temperature Monitor used Adafruit_MQTT_Library, arduinoWebSockets, aws-mqtt-websockets, aws-sdk-arduino-esp8266 ANDpubsubclient

    But It won’t work!

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