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So my feelings on this man are no secret. He’s just short of the hatred I have for IDS.
Jeremy Hunt gives NHS consultants ultimatum on weekend working

He accused doctor of being overpaid and lazy

Quote from above artical I’m not sure if he was confusing consultants with MPs…

The picture above shows unelected members of the House of Lords, hard at work debating the effects of George Osborne’s ’emergency’ budget on families and the

Now lets take a brief look at the ultimatum.

My basic understanding

Mr Hunt want consultants to work weekends. To make weekend “care” safer

This is a fantastic effort but like all or Mr Hunts plans is full of holes and will make things worse.
Mr Hunt should really know a hospital is more than the consultants whos going to fetch the patient? what happens at 3am if access to x-rays fails? who assists the consultants?

If consultant X has been working all weekend. He’s really in need of sleep. But has a full “list” of routine patients to see? Dose he cancel or work?
If he works there is a chance he could miss something. If he cancels Mrs Smith whos been waiting weeks for an appointment is left high a dry.

Mr Hunts not know for his wonderful leadership skills, in fact his role has more in common with a court jester then a “leader” of the crown jewel of the British welfare system.

Conflict of interest fears as Hunt appoints NHS adviser with big private healthcare interests


So Mr Hunts is constantly wiping the egg off his face as the Twitter hashtag #ImInWorkJeremy is making him seen as the fool he is.

@cpeedell: Hunt’s lies about NHS consultants’ working practices are being brilliantly exposed by the trending #ImInWorkJeremy hashtag

@AllyMintoft: Already worked 60 hours this week and now #ImInWorkJeremy with my consultant. #longlivethenhs @Jeremy_Hunt



Im guessing right now Mr Hunt is wishing for thr ground to open up! Mr Cameron is no doute planning another u turn while trying to defend Mr Hunt david-cameron-mp-resignation-or-removal-of-jeremy-hunt-mp-as-secretary-of-state-for-health. He needs a cell next to IDS!

The power of social media! This letter from a junior doctor is a total knock out.
janis.burns the letter

As someone save by the hard work of all the NHS employes. I can only from the bottom of my heart thank you. This .gov my have abandoned you the people never will.


So you would like to feel our MPs lead by example, set a high standard. The reality however is they are jumped up, hypocritical bunch of tits.

Jeremy Hunt fails to make any weekend visits to hospitals over 12 months 
Now I’m 99% sure if I miss 3 appointments I’m discharged and need to be referred again by my GP!

NHS to reveal cost of missed appointments to patients

“If we’re going to square the circle and have a fantastic NHS, despite all those pressures, then we have to take personal responsibility for the way that we use NHS resources,” he said.


Jeremy Hunt says Labour has abandoned NHS patients by supporting the junior doctors’ strike

So first we had The BMA, Then the Junior Doctors and now Labour… It’s as if the man in charge of the NHS has no clue what he’s


Hunt: Trusts to start publishing avoidable mortality rates this month

NHS hospitals in England will start to publish estimates of their annual avoidable death rates later this month, Jeremy Hunt has told a major patient safety summit.

Another fantastic idea from Mr NoBrains. The idea a ‘death’ could be seen as avoidable is abused. Not to begin on the legal can of worms that this will open.
The big question…Who defines avoidable


The Ninja News Video
We see Eamonn Holmes for Sky News interview Mr Hunt. Who proves he’s incapable of telling the truth.

Mr Hunt used the 2015 manifestoas a political reason behind the “7 day” NHS

Also as health minister I’m slightly worried he says…

You can’t chose what day of the week your ill

As far as I understand it emergency care is 24x7x365 A&E units are open each and every day.
And until the Tories started “fixing” things where full equipped to handle any emergency.

He also believes 75 meeting in 3 years, is an acceptable effort.

Im not going to pull apart the manifesto because it will increase my rage levels key claims conservatives manifesto launch

Telegraph’s Junior Doctor Isn’t
The telegraph managed to find One Junior Dr who supported Mr Hunts contract, one small problem, he’s not a junior Dr.

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