Our ref: NTDA/WF/494

Dear Mr McMorrow,

Thank you for your correspondence of 4 August about your employment at X NHS Trust. I have been asked to reply and I apologise for the delay in doing so.

It may be helpful if I explain that the NHS Trust Development Authority (NHS TDA) is the organisation with responsibility for providing governance and accountability for NHS trusts in England, the delivery of the Foundation Trust pipeline and the appointment of chairs and non-executive directors for NHS trusts and NHS charities. As such, the NHS TDA is not the appropriate organisation to deal with your enquiry.

Your letter has been considered by the HR department in the NHS TDA and as your concerns are about an ongoing employment issue and are not about patient safety concerns, we have not treated it as ‘whistleblowing’. Unfortunately, as the concerns you raise relate to your employment at the Trust, you will need to continue liaising directly with the Trust. It is not the role of the NHS TDA to investigate such issues as this is the role of the employment tribunal system.

I am sorry I cannot be of more help.

So my 13 page document the hi-lights serious concerns about the trust.
There has been a lot about staff well being and how good staff improve patient outcomes.
The document shows that they (work) don’t follow the law so how on earth can you trust them with people health.



If anyone has numbers on good staff vs. good outcomes I’d love to see it.

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