I’ve come to the realization PHP sucks! I’ve been a web host for 10 odd years. A Hobby PHP programmer for years!

    PHP is insecure hunk of junk. The error reporting has got worse over the years.
    Due to my physical limits i often make simple mistakes. Forget a “)” on line 12. PHP helpfully tells me the error is on line 24!

    PHP Error

    Line 41

    class DomainController extends CustomerController implements DomainTableAwareInterface, MySQLAwareInterface, UserAwareInterface

    PHP Error….

    php -l application/module/Customer/src/Customer/Controller/DomainController.php
    No syntax errors detected in application/module/Customer/src/Customer/Controller/DomainController.php
    php -l application/module/Application/src/Application/Interfaces/UserAwareInterface.php 
    No syntax errors detected in application/module/Application/src/Application/Interfaces/UserAwareInterface.php

    Both Development and Production boxes are PHP 7.0.22
    If I remove UserAwareInterface from the class implements line another error as the objects UserAwareInterface was injecting don’t exist.

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    Daniel McMorrow

    37 Year old disabled geek,