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They are bureaucratic and ultimately unhelpful organization.
I'm convinced the PHSO is run by self-serving tits who could not find there way out of a wet paper bag with a map!

Dear Mr McMorrow

I understand that you have requested a copy of our complaints policy via our Twitter page. I enclose a copy of this policy.
I also understand that you would like to raise a service complaint, in addition to your review. Please can you provide the details of your complaint and I will arrange for these to be addressed by a manager.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

The policy states…

When someone is unhappy with the decision we have made on their case, or the service they have experienced, we expect them to initially raise their concerns with the original case owner, or if a service complaint, their manager. This is because the person who handled the case is normally best placed to resolve any concerns and answer questions about it.

This is extremely misguided. When a Caseworker makes several stupid errors with a case or case decision they lose the trust of the person making the complaint, making them discuss these concerns with the caseworker is insensitive.

I want to make a complaint about my Caseworker. I don’t really wish to discuss the complaint with my Caseworker as I feel she is an idiot. Completely void of an inquisitive mind, ability to use basic logic, or basic investigatory skils.

Dear Mr McMorrow

I have discussed your complaint with my manager and my colleague Adrian, who spoke to you this morning. We have decided that we can consider your letter provided as a review request. I have arranged for this to be considered by a manager who has not had any input on your case to date. They will be in contact with you directly if they require any further information to consider your request.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

– Part 2

Dear Mr McMorrow

Please see attached review form, if you write your concerns in the form and send it back to me by email I will arrange for a manager to review your case. Details on how we complete our reviews can be found on the form itself.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

During the very condescending explanation of the review process on no mention of a form is made.
I’m disabled I type one-figured. It took me weeks to write PHSO-Complaint-Response-With-Comments, cross-referencing dates, etc. I am not now filling out a form.

Attached is my response

Please note the questions I asked of the legal ombudsman have not been answered.
This demonstrates how poor their service is and highlights why I need an understanding of the complaint.
It is also my wish for this to be reviewed by a thing party.

Mr McMorrow

– Part 2

I requested a review you said we need to discuss it and see if my concerns can be resolved. The reason for this email chain, is to demonstrate how slow the legal ombudsman are in relation to comments you made about them.
Once I have the answers I’ll submit my objections to the report. I understand I have a month from when it was published to respond.

If I have not had a response from the legal ombudsman in the next week, I shall send my objections without their comments.

Mr McMorrow

Dear Mr McMorrow

If you have any questions about how the Legal Ombudsman conducts its process and its power under
the Scheme Rules, it can respond to these questions. However, if you want to complain to the Legal
Ombudsman about our decision, then it cannot respond to this.

If the Legal Ombudsman provides any evidence about its scheme which challenges our findings, then you can request a review.
If the Legal Ombudsman does provide evidence which challenges our findings, then you can get in touch with me to
request a review. As we do not know what the Legal Ombudsman will say in response to your question,
I would recommend waiting for the Legal Ombudsman to respond to you before requesting a review.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

– Part 6

If I have some Information from the LAA and unsure of its relevance how am I to complain to the Legal Ombudsman?

The LLA provided me an itemized invoice but used abbreviations my solicitor had said pituclars, for example, were not filed unless I understand the bill from the LAA I don’t have a comprehensive complaint.

Mr McMorrow

– Part 5

Dear Mr McMorrow
The letter does not suggest that you were going to the Legal Ombudsman to make a claim against the LAA.
It says that if they did investigate your complaint, it could seek all the relevant information from the LAA
it needed for its investigation.
We cannot and should not comment on how successful a complaint with the Legal Ombudsman.

Kind regards
Ms Holly Greaves (she/her)Caseworker

– Part 4

I’ll highlight the errors but the
Document page 3 paragraph 2 the legal ombudsman would investigate my solicitor, not the LAA.
and also unless I understand stand the LAA document and the relation to my complaint I can’t
make a complaint to the legal ombudsman.

Mr McMorrow

– Part 3

Dear Mr McMorrow

The first stage of our review process is for the complainant to raise the matters with the caseworker who worked on their case first. If the caseworker cannot resolve matters, the complainant should request a review and a manager who is not involved in the case will then consider the review request.
The dates were taken from the documents you provided. Are there any dates in particular which you feel are incorrect? How do you feel this impacts on our overall decision?

We did not make any assumptions about your pursuit of the complaint with the Legal Ombudsman.
You told the ICO and ourselves the reason you wanted the information in the Subject Access Review (SAR)
was due to your pursuit of this. the information about the Legal Ombudsman\u2019s process was taken from their website and their legislation. They work in a similar way to ourselves, in that they can request any relevant information which would help their investigations.

Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

My Complaint makes no refrance to to the date 25th Feburay 2018

– Part 2

I hope you are aware of several factual errors in this response?
I suggest an urgent review. Of my case and the decision.
Mr McMorrow

Dear Mr McMorrow
Please find enclosed a copy of our decision letter following our consideration of your complaint about the Legal Aid Agency and the Information Commissioner\u2019s Office. I have also sent a copy of this letter to your MP.
If you have any questions, I am available on the details below. If you would like a physical copy of our decision letter, I will keep a note of your request and we will send one to you when our office re-opens after the coronavirus measures reduce.
Kind regards

Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

Descision Letter
Can you hurt yourself, laughing?
The Decision has more factual errors than I can count.

– Part 2

My complaint to the LLA about this 176 page document has never been answered. It failes the ICO
rules on being readable as it never explains the context of each document.

Attached is the relavent document. Page 68 at the very bottom has

This raises concerns in that Tyrer Roxburgh told the


“we attend his home”

Tyrer Roxburgh

have never been to my flat. The


made no effort to verify this claim.

Dear Mr McMorrow

I have received an email from the


, in response to my question about whether they have provided you with the substantial amendments you said were not in the LAA file. It said that this was included in the documents it provided to you on 19 February, specifically page 68 of 176.
It says that the substantive amendments were not provided as a separate document, but were added as an
amendment on the LAA\u2019s computer system.
Please can you check through the documents and see if you have received this information?
Kind regards
Ms. Holly Greaves (she/her) Caseworker

Your complaint about Legal Aid Agency
Case ref: C2104401
Thank you for your email and the final response to your complaint.
I have sent a new case request, which will generate a new case ref number.
You will be updated with this and informed of the next stage shortly.
Yours sincerely

Your complaint about Legal Aid Agency  Case ref: C2104401

Sent my MP (

Catherine West


Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Complaints to the PHSO have to be refered to them by a DESIGNATED PERSON

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