Personal Independence Payments cut set to strip up to £150 a week from half a million disabled people
So we’ve had ESA and now PIP

We consulted widely to find the best approach. And this new change will ensure that PIP is faire

Labour’s Shadow Disabilities Minister Debbie Abrahams claimed the changes were another blow just a week after Tory MPs forced through cuts to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).
She [Debbie Abrahams] said: “The Tories are yet again ignoring the views of disabled people, carers and experts in the field.”

So even if you “consulted widely” it’s be suggested you would simply ignore the results, useless they agree with you.

Don’t believe the government would ignore the recommendations of a consultation….

What is the point of government consultations? I pose the question at the end of a week in which ministers responded to three official consultations on three controversial proposals – and appeared to ignore the results from them all.
Consulting… and ignoring

Now to Justin Tomlinson. Hes a jumped up, self important windbag. His voting record is not only an insult to everyone. The idea this tit is disabled peoples advocate in parliament is an insult.
I discusess here

To the 8% who think the disabled get a good deal. Your welcome to come stay with me, watch as I’m unable to do simple things for myself. Your welcome to try and convince me not being able to leave my flat is a good thing. Study my many requests and files written by me to try and save my job. 

I’m unable to go out on my own as I can not get back up the wheelchair ramp.

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