pity noun
the feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the sufferings and misfortunes of others.
“her voice was full of pity”
synonyms: compassion, commiseration, condolence, sorrow, regret, sadness, distress, sympathy, fellow feeling, understanding, feeling, emotion; More
antonyms: indifference, cruelty
a cause for regret or disappointment.
“it’s a pity you didn’t contact us first”
synonyms: shame, crying shame, cause for regret/disappointment, source of regret, sad thing, unfortunate thing, bad luck, misfortune; More
verb: pity; 3rd person present: pities; past tense: pitied; past participle: pitied; gerund or present participle: pitying
feel sorrow for the misfortunes of.
“I could see from their faces that they pitied me”
synonyms: feel sorry for, feel pity for, feel for, feel sympathy for, sympathize with, be sympathetic towards, empathize with, commiserate with, have compassion for, be compassionate towards, take pity on, be moved by, bleed for, have one’s heart go out to, condole with, weep for, grieve for
“I could see from their faces that they pitied me”

Middle English (also in the sense ‘clemency, mildness’): from Old French pite ‘compassion’, from Latin pietas ‘piety’; compare with piety.

Disabled people, of all ages do not need pity we need understanding and encouragement in everything we do.

As a disabled young man I could quite easily go into a dark room and cry at the hand life has dealt me, OR I can get on with life.

Stephen Sutton said…

Cancer dose not have me…


Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham said…

I’m on a wheelchair not in it…


I admire these guys I don’t for a second pity them. And I don’t think anyone should..

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