I was just reading for something to do. When I came across this…

15. Certain Secretaries of State have an additional duty. Every three years from 1 December 2008, they must publish a report on:
• progress to wards disability equality in their policy sector ;and
• proposals for co-ordination of future work by relevant public
authorities within their policy sector.
16. This duty applies to the First Secretary of State (the Deputy Prime Minister) and to the Secretaries of State for:
• Constitutional Affairs;
• Culture,Media and Sport;
• Education and Skills;
• Environment,Food and Rural Affairs;
• Health;
• the Home Department (the Home Secretary); • Trade and Industry;
• Transport;and
• Work and Pensions.
The duty also applies to the National Assembly for Wales. Scottish Ministers have similar responsibilities under the regulations applying to Scottish public authorities.

Dose any have any ideas where I can get these reports?

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