I recently made A Freedom of Information requests to the NHS as listed here


    Yesterday () I got the results (I warn you they are shocking)!

    A) how many people are employed by the NHS as a whole including Dr,GPs, and support/office staff?

    Answer: 1,350377 (a lot)

    download the file NHS Staff – 2001-2011, Overview: Workforce census bulletin [.pdf]

    B) how many of the above staff are physically disabled?

    Answer: This is a little more complex. ESR does not distinguish between disability so this information is not available. However they do have data on Disabled staff.

    Disabled Medical Staff: 632 or 1%
    Disabled Non-Medical Staff: 23858 or 2%

    download the file Monthly HCHS Workforce, April 2012 – Equality and diversity tables [.xlsx]

    The other questions they could not answer!

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