On 12 Apr 2014, at 17:42 I left an honest open review of Blackheath at

Today. It had still not been published so I ask why…

On 15 Apr 2014, at 17:34,
NHS Choices Service Desk
Dear Daniel,

Thank you for contacting the NHS Choices Service Desk.

The comment is not showing on NHS Choices at the moment as it has been reported to us by a user of the site for breaking our Comments Policy on Clinical Negligence:

comments policy

When this happens, we remove the comment from the website temporarily whilst we look into the issues raised about the comment. The comment will either be republished or rejected. If we do take the latter option, we will email you with our reasons for doing so.

Kind Regards,
The NHS Choices Service Desk

My response…


Surely a “review” is an unbiased view of the services offered? If you remove an honest open review how can you remain impartial and expect people to trust your reviews?

Daniel McMorrow.

Am I right? Or am I being silly?

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One thought on “review”

  1. Dear Daniel,

    A review is the patient’s perspective on a service (we are happy to publish them whether biased or unbiased).
    That said, all reviewers are asked to ensure that the content they are submitting falls within the rules.

    At this stage, our moderation team have not rejected your review, it is under review.
    It may be they edit out the offending part, ask you to resubmit or reject the complaint against your review.
    We would therefore advise a pause until they make a decision

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