They stopped me telling my story to the other patients, despite them all wanting to here it.

So here it is…


I first came to Blackheath (80-82 Blackheath Hill, United Kingdom
London, SE10 8AD. ) about 12 weeks ago (25/04/2012)

I’d been in a residential unit before, I’ve stayed at the royal hospital for Nero disability. I was there for 9 months and never once thought about leaving or had reason to complain. This however is not the case for Blackheath.

They have been unhelpful and lazy since day one.

On the first night they took off the sling wrong and lost my medication.

For the first there day I had no medication (because they had lost it) this lead to some very painful withdrawal.

They made another six mistakes with my medication.

They also keep calling me Jason, not Daniel!

About week three is was ready for bed, about 9 o’clock. I press the nurse call button, after about five minutes(nothing new here). I went in search of the rehab assistant, only to fine her show off,feet up on a chair watching TV. She was the only rehab assistant on the floor, and the TV was so loud she could not hear the bell.

All of this I’ve put on my blog and Facebook They told me Friday (28/07/2012) They where thinking of seeing me!

This shows what an unprofessional attitude they have.

I am not the only person hear who thinks there methods need to be fixed! I’ve called in Lewisham PCT safeguarding, CQC and my social worked all of whom I’ve complained to about the standard of care at Blackheath.

My parents have met one other family, and even they (the other family) said the place is like a prision.

As of Thursday afternoon (02/08/2012) I’m am going to be discharge, this not only affects my rehab but also sends a message complain and we will kick you out.
Their are other families that want to complain, but having seen how I’ve been treated will not, for fear of bing victimised.

They have told me that i’ve upset the staff, I’ve been rude and that someone has talked to me about the hoist. However I spoken to a few of the rehab assistances and not one of them thinks this.

This is my last real hope of walking again and they have now taken that away from me!

You can cll me on 0772xxxxxxx

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